Figure a day or 18 thousand babies a day die from hunger

These numbers are said Executive Director of the UN Global food programs from James Morris. By him, most kids are starving in India — least 100 million, and China — about 40 million.For recent years fraction of people who are starving in the world decreased from one-fifth to one second, but the absolute number of people suffering from hunger due to rising population, increasing annually by 5 million people.

Semyon Weinstock: Government decisions on the construction of the pipeline as it has no

As reported by the Interfax news agency, the new pipeline capacity could reach 50 million tons per year, and later be increased to 75 million.Interfax also quoted reaction Belarusian side. The Director General of "Gomeltransneft" Alexei Kastsyuchenki, increasing capacity of the Baltic Pipeline System unprofitable for Russia. He singled out, that the Belarusian The route is more motivated, profitable and environmentally harmless.

The January crude steel production in Ukraine has shown a slight increase

In the first month of the 2013th Ukrainian steelmakers smelted 2,845 tons of steel — 1% more than in January 2012, the

As reported in association "Metallurgprom" (Dnepropetrovsk), the total production of steel in Ukraine in January 2013 decreased by 1% compared to the same period last year — up to 2.524 million tons. At the same time, steel production increased by 1% — to 2,845 million tons, pig iron — also by 1%, to 2.497 million tons. Production of pipes in the reporting month decreased by 47% — up to 94 thousand tons of coke —

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Yamal increased its mining operations by 16 percent

Department of Natural Resources Regulation, forest relations and development of oil and gas complex of Yamal reported that the volume of mining operations in the area in 2012 reached 46 million cubic meters. m This is 16% more than in 2011 and 30% more than in 2010. 

As reported by "UralPolit.Ru" the press service of the regional government, in 2012 the county operated 528 licenses for subsoil use for exploration and production of common mineral resources (PGI). For the year to the county budget received 430 million rubles one-time payments for subsoil deposits of

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128 organizations in Belarus unseasonably pay wages

76 employers were fined 49.5 million rubles, warnings received another 38 tenants. Ruled verbovaniya to administrative responsibility 54 managers and other officials. For haste to pay the salaries of their fined 3.6 million rubles. In addition, January in the form of non-governmental organizations held 671 accessories parverka compliance presidential decree № 17 "On some issues of regulation of wage workers." According to the Department of Labor dyarzhinspektsyi, violation of the order of use Unified tariff workers identified six organizations. For failure to fulfill the requirements of the decree employers were fined a total sum of 9.6 million rubles.

UTair in the January-June passenger traffic increased by 15%

Moscow. July 10. Airports — Group "UTair" increased passenger traffic in January-July 2013 compared to the same period last year by 14.7% — up to 4 million 453 thousand 185 people, the company said.

Passenger traffic for the period increased by 18.3% — up to 8 billion 543 million 889.91 thousand passenger-kilometers. There has also been growth in the segment of international passenger traffic by 49.4%.

  "The growth in employment and the number of seats of passengers — a positive result of the company to improve efficiency and create a competitive product," — said

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Audio on February 7th

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talking to the press secretary of the unregistered youth organization "Young Front"Boris Gorki.• Survey — how do you feel about the article of the Criminal Code, which allows prosecution for his role in an unregistered organization, even if it bears no harm to society?• In Minsk banned concert which must was held on February 13 — the other day, a day or Valentine’s Day.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Blood"2nd part:• Report from the exhibition "Books of Belarus 2007".• Report from Fri receiving and keeping animals in Minsk.• Polish dogs remain without 1st of

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Southern Mining for 9 months. increase the production of sinter by 13%


Southern Mining (YuGOK, Dnipropetrovsk region.) In January-September 2013 increased the production of sinter by 12.8% compared to the same period in 2012 — up to 1.746 million tons. According to a press release of the enterprise, during this period the company increased production of iron ore concentrate by 2.4% — up to 7.995 million tons.

At the same time, in September of this year YuGOK increased concentrate production volume by 11.5% compared with September of last year — up to 952.3 thousand tons of agglomerate — by 60%, to 208 thousand tons. South mine

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Our homeland will build an oil pipeline bypassing Belarus

By him, question first an increase in throughput volume of the port terminal for 50 million tons of oil. Sovereign Weinstock says that the project "very, very" expensive, but if from the adjoining countries had no such risks, wasting huge amounts of money so it was not necessary. In 2006 through the Baltic pipeline system transports over 74 million tons of oil through Belarus area — 78.7 million tons, reports BelaPAN.

Jewelry industry used 26.9 tons of gold — 19.3% more than I half of 2012

The volume of gold used in the manufacture of products reached 26.9 tons. The increase to last year stopped short period of up to 20%, stood at 19.3%.

The positive dynamics for gold, which can be traced from 2011. For example, in 2012 the gold through jewelers passed by 13.5% more than in 2011.

The opposite trend is observed for silver, which jewelers used 1.3% less. Tons demand for this metal fell to 62.5 tonnes.

Assay Office also reported on the inspection and branding of products. If you sum up in one by

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