Work began on the restoration of Ivangorod

By the fall of 2014 it will open a modern visitor center.   Recreating Ivangorod fortress complex is in a large scale project "Development of a unique ensemble of frontier fortresses of Narva and Ivangorod as a single cultural and tourist facility" funded program of cross-border cooperation "Estonia-Latvia-Russia" within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument of 2007-2013. Its implementation will allow for the development of tourist infrastructure of the border region of Narva-Ivangorod.    The total funding for the project is around 6.9 million euros, of which Ivangorodskaya complex will get 3.4 million euros. Co-financing

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St. Petersburg has bought 105 new cars emergency

In St. Petersburg, the official transfer of new cars in St. Petersburg ambulance service. Total urban targeted investment program for the "emergency" purchased 105 vehicles Ford Transit domestic production.

New cars are equipped with GLONASS recorders, air conditioners, all the necessary medical equipment. Cars will be sent in 26 substations city ambulance station and 43 emergency rooms in the area.


St. Petersburg MAS ‘depot accident and emergency, "a 550-th specialized vehicles.

According to the action plan for the development of the material-technical base of the ambulance service for 2007-2011. and 2012-2015,.,

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7 million fry released in the Belaya River (Irkutsk region).

The first meters in their independent living fry will be held here on these channels. Of 6 ponds for three weeks in the White River, and then in the Bratsk reservoir gets 7,000,000 fry. Peled grown in the village SOSNOVKA Usolsk district for three years. Nine months caviar is in the incubator until the larvae are then sent to a pond to grow up, because the grown-fry is much more likely to survive.

This summer, in large bodies of waterwill release another 20 million individuals of valuable fish species— First in the White River, and the fry

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GSS report for 2012

Some (but almost everything!) Noticed in the media report only the amount of GSS debt of $ 2 billion, making up an unhealthy sensation of the alleged bankruptcy soon.

However, the proposed studythe report itself, there are a lot of interesting things.

From the annual report for 2012 GSS


In 2012, construction work was carried out to complete the following tasks: 1) Development of design documentation for the life extension to 6000 flight 9000 flight hours. 2) Delivery, assembly, installation, carrying out acceptance tests in a simulator FFS DPAP JSC

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A law on aquaculture

June 27 senators supported the law on aquaculture. Law introduces law that set the rules for the provision and use of water bodies for aquaculture and determine the ownership of cultured aquatic animals.

  In addition, regulated species fishery. July 2, the head of stateVladimir Putinsigned the Federal Law № 148 "On aquaculture (fish farming) and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation."

Branch was waiting for the adoption of the law for many years. The law puts all the points above i, related to the concept of aquaculture and its affiliation

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Farmers have already collected 12 million tons of grain

July 10, 2013 13:18

Just before the end of this week at 50 percent of the total area designated for harvesting, the crop is harvested. In an interview with ChasUA said department head of general agriculture, use of chemicals and land reclamation of the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Anatoly Rudjuk.

He recalled that the economy started to harvest all regions of Ukraine and early grain and leguminous crops at the moment threshed on an area of almost 4.5 million hectares — is 41 percent of the

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Vladikavkaz has opened an updated Clinical Emergency Hospital

In the capital of North Ossetia, on July 11, the official opening of the hospital emergency room (KBSP). Treatment facility, equipped with the latest equipment, took the first patients.

In addition to funding from the federal budget, which is more than 350 million rubles in the next 2 years were spent update KBSP 50 million rubles from the city budget.

The main building KBSP with five offices — intensive care, therapy, trauma, surgery and burn center, are "not only in line with average standards, but also reached the European level." There is a comfortable house,

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In the Kuban harvested 5,000,000 tons of wheat

In the Krasnodar region threshed wheat from the square 991.5 thousand hectares (73% of the forecast), or 389.7 thousand ha in 2012, harvested 5 million tons (2.6 million tons more than in 2012) with a yield of 51.4 t / ha (in 2012 — 41.9 c / ha), the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

Crops generally threshed with area of 1.2 million hectares (75% of the forecast), or 494.5 thousand ha in 2012, 6.1 million tons of milled grain (3.2 million tons more than in 2012 ) with a yield

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In Krasnokamsk Perm region was opened after reconstruction meat

Krasnokamskiy meat processing plant was established in 1947. In 2010, the company actually stopped. In 2012, the meat was a part of the agricultural holding "KOMOS Group."

In the summer of 2012 after two years of inactivity at the factory started a program of reconstruction. In no time the company carried out work on the first stage: modernized workshop for production of chilled convenience foods, cooked, cooked and smoked, semi-smoked sausages and deli meats.

Production capacity can produce up to 20 tons per day.

In 2012-2013. a meat-packing plant invested about 120

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Barack Obama gave his post diplomats sponsors


The U.S. president has not forgotten those who helped him win the presidential race last year. Obama awards entrepreneurs who generously funded the activities of the election campaign, the highest offices of foreign embassies United States. Each post appointees cost approximately $ 1.8 million, according to The Guardian.

This week, the chief fundraiser in the U.S. government by Matthew Barzun was one of those who financed the campaign of Barack Obama and was appointed representative to the court of St. James, Jamaica. Barzun helped Barack Obama get more than $ 700 million, about $ 2.3 million

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