Time in Mind


We synchronize our daily activities using any number of diverse devices — ranging from the mechanical to the subatomic — and yet we rarely stop to think how it is that without such devices we still do a pretty good job of keeping time, knowing how long it will take to get back from the shops, or overtaking the car in front before hitting the oncoming traffic.

How do we do this? And why is it that

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Sense and Sensibility

On radio and television in different time transfer out one called «Events, facts, comments.» Someone important is the information component and seemed to repeat, after the event synonymous with the fact, is not it? Other major link comments seem, by definition, belong to individuals and, therefore, capable to cast doubt on any of the most indisputable facts. It will be two types of perception of the world — focus on the objective and the subjective feelings of the mind, meticulous realism and creative reverie. Speaking psychological terms, we all either rational or irrational.

We should not think that irrational people

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Creating spaces that are flexible and adaptable is a positive step towards sustainable living

We live in an age of sustainability where the desire to reduce our environmental footprint is felt both by corporations and individuals. There are many ways this can be achieved — through recycling, using less energy and fewer resources, using bikes and public transport instead of cars and buying organic foods and local produce.

Another perhaps less obvious way of having a long-term, positive impact on the planet is through the habitation of smaller spaces by corporations, families and individuals; occupying businesses and homes that are

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Composition on the mind shooting for the composite

In this installment of «Photography Secrets,» we’re going to take a look at how designers and creative photographers use the powerful tools in Photoshop to combine photographic elements into seamless composites. Whether you’re using graphic elements, stock images, or images that were specifically shot for the composite, you can create a unique image that would be nearly impossible to capture in one shot.

So what does it mean to shoot for the composite? Many traditionalists want to be sure that it’s right in the camera when capturing that next great shot. As a designer, I’m more interested in twisting reality

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M. Statkevich: Sukharenka not mind flashed

KGB chairman appointed the former head of the presidential security service Yuri Zhadobina.Zamest his presidential security chief Suzhby appointed Andrew Vtyurin who ran the management of personal protection of the structure. According to official sources, Stepan Sukharenko dismissed as chairman of the KGB in connection with his transfer to another job. As commented in Minsk these reshuffle?Statkevich said that this is due to the simple horror and disbelief:"At such a situation not under the influence of terror turning their attention professionalism — give people the coming who think they know how trust. Currently awaiting threat from Moscow. Apparently, those who

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National authorities thought — live and do not think

Undercover Kupala. Clues to its current ideology give new directions. That "explanation Kupala" today’s "major writer" and a fighter are independent newspapers for their honor and dignity Nikolai Cherginets. "… No longer ask, "Who goes there? "And immediately answer — it goes Belarusians. Since their most beautiful, dressed up and spotless streets, since their life is so arranged that they constantly strive forward " — Cherginets said during the official celebration of the anniversary of KupalaFetyshyzm "unblemished streets"We will not speculate whether the current pervasive dream Kupala monotonous tiles, instead of old-laid pavers. Just note how the argument "untainted street"

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What color will the idea of a snow-white?

Get in touch with members of the "White will" seriously: belovoltsy decide when and with whom to get in touch.From the website "State Resistance Front" Snow White will "that more or less active role in the street protests began in Last year. However, in some stocks do not fit the system.Spring belovoltsy the company said, during which showed "real essence" of the then united favorite Democratic Forces, presidential candidate Milinkevich. Flyers expressed Milinkevich with outstretched hand — Tipo he asks for help from the West.Summer of 2006 established "protest against lawlessness Gypsy" — "One law for all."In this wasand action

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You know, what is most striking to us, the Russian?

You know, what is most striking to us, the Russian? It's a fabulous ability to digest triggered us into the blood and muck to reduce poisoning of her poisons to a minimum. Here you look at the young man frikovsko-punk type or the so-called Gopnik in the doorway with a "jaguar" in hand, and you think, yes, sir, all sailed degradation triumphed. A run into him in a difficult life situation or heart-to-heart talk — honestly hearted man, with all of our senses and great anguish, no alienation or indifference. Or communicate officially with a business man, a kind

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IV Kireyevsky. On the nature of education in Europe

One of the biggest differences between a legitimate system of Russia and the West are indigenous concept of the right of property in land. Roman civil law, it can be said, the essence of everything is nothing, as the development of the absoluteness of the right. Western European social systems also come from varieties of combinations of these original rights, the basis of its unlimited and only in the relations of the public to some mutually conditional restrictions. You could say the whole building of Western public opinion is on the development of the personal property rights, and so

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Prophetic poem


Afterword by the author. This first part of the poem was first published in July 1999, and the first (not as a full version of it), there is now, at the address: www.spsl.nsc.ru And over the years have come to pass something that predicted by known methods was impossible: 1. Began actively to melt the ice in Antarctica (verse 71), as announced long before talking about this person in the scientific press. And we can just say that the ice completely disappear in the decades before scientists predict today. 2. There was a first shift the Earth's axis (verse

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