Control peoples minds as a method of war

Psychological methods of mind control — is emotional information warfare strategy used by knowledgeable people to achieve their goals. These methods are designed so as to change the vision to certain things, to make the sacrifice to do, according to the desires of another person, often to their own detriment.

Brainwashing — the most obvious and effective tactic of politicians, trade companies and advertising agencies. The repetition of the same things to a person, or a mass of people leads to the unconscious assignment of others thoughts and views. Restrict yourself from brainwashing is possible only through

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How to open the possibility of sleep: lucid dreams and Tibetan Yoga of Dreams


For centuries, people around the world talk about their experiences, "clear dreams," dreams in which they realize that they are asleep and dreaming. But thirty years ago, there is no scientific evidence that can be stored in the dream consciousness despite the fact that the mind is studied by science for a hundred years. Most psychologists were convinced that lucid dreams is fantastic.


There were philosophical grounds for such skepticism: the gap between conflicting notions of how to sleep

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Shadows of dark worlds. Battle Warrior with pekelnymi forces

Attention! For people who do not have the Heart of Love, this information can be harmful! "Fail truly a leader, unaware of the battle" (Agni Yoga)

The task and purpose of the Warrior — Protection and preservation of creation Roda — Creator in different worlds and realities, Protection of Divine Truth (Pocono) and Love. Spirit Warrior saves all of this, keeping the Creation in pristine purity of the introduction of parasitic viruses in the body of r o d a — universe. These viruses and cosmic entities in opposition Pocono themselves and come from different realities and

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The latest technology of mind control

How to program the brain

How to become a weapon of manipulation? Who controls the mind of the crowd? Can I manage to subdue the brain? What will be the formation of technological future? On these and other issues in the new issue of the "Program C" meet Igor Nejdanov, director of the Institute Psychotechnologies in 2003-2008.; Julia Surikov, an English teacher, Anatoly Feoktistov, physiologist Center for Psychological and educational rehabilitation and correction "Strogino", Alexander Obulevich, director WORDS run ( Ilya Peresedov, journalist.

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Rodnoverie. New turn in the development of the Slavic Faith

New turn in the development of the Slavic Faith, which developed after thousands of years of unsuccessful attempts to squeeze the spirit of Slavs brought with them new ideas and understanding of spiritual practice. Sorry, but we must recognize that these trends were less useful for spiritual self-discovery by people themselves and the world around them. They are not able to deduce the person and the family of the victim status of the Slavic state to master their own destiny. Any spirituality, if not display in the corporeal world, no more than barren imagination. CAUSE This is understandable, since

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Body — mind curdy

In the old Russian school self body believed curdy consciousness because of its ability to imprint and store knowledge (images). Let me explain to you an example. Recently I rule his spine and remembered how as a child fell from a mulberry straight back. Body remembered the wild pain I felt when she tried to get up. At the same time I remembered, I was approached by a brother, and I asked him not to tell his grandmother. The image of his brother and talk to him clearly emerged out of consciousness. But personal experience as if they were printed

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President of the Royal Society: We will never understand how to construct the universe

Secrets of the universe are beyond our understanding

To penetrate the secrets of the universe, the human brain is not enough — to such conclusion, Lord Rees, the leader of the British scientists In the UK, the Royal Society — is, in fact, the National Academy of Sciences. So its president astrophysicist Martin Rees (Martin John Rees), he also, in combination, the Astronomer Royal, in an interview with Daily Mail questioned the intellectual abilities of human civilization.

Like, we do not understand the laws of the universe. And do not ever find out, how did the universe and

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13 — year-old Jora, a resident of Samara, enlightened once enlightened by his parents. It all began with that first "covered" mother, who visited the satsang Caesar Teruel. And she is not listening to what he says, and happily played with the phone sitting in the back rows of the audience. In the evening, all of a sudden she started a spontaneous process ozoznaniya the morning gradually gone over to my dad.  


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Walking on water

January 26, 2012 8:49

Again he heard the clear command: "Go in the water"

Experiments that sometimes run over people extraterrestrial beings, often put the researchers in a deadlock. Whether it is such a test for our value, or maybe it's their investigation of our capabilities …

As tall as a basketball player, with fashionable stubble on his face, UFO researcher with experience and class biooperator, Sergei Savinov in the early 90's keen research of paranormal phenomena.

— Do you know the state of uncontrolled mind, like a dream? — Not so long ago, he started talking. —

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Where does the power of the human mind?

November 22, 2012 19:36

Indeed some aspects of the human mind are of interest in science, and sometimes surprising. Unexplained cases of disturbing scientific consciousness everywhere, beating out the usual logic of the study. But, of course, the science gets to his feet and tries to explain every possible scientific and practical ways various miracles, and again tying the inexhaustible truth to the realm of reason, logic and criticism. All transcendental, ie beyond, seen everywhere in the world.

One of the obvious and typical, in my opinion, the examples of the other world is the uncontrolled irrational mind. American

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