Missions to mine asteroids


In NASA’s 2013 budget it announced a proposal to capture an asteroid and drag it into a stable lunar orbit to be visited by future astronauts. It might sound far-fetched, but the technology behind it is relatively simple.

The plan is to launch a spacecraft powered by ion thrusters, which will then make its way to an asteroid beyond the Moon. Once reaching its target, the spacecraft would capture the asteroid in a large bag and, over a number of years, move it into a stable orbit around the Moon. This could then be visited and studied by astronauts

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Panoramic lift in the St Petersburg HOME Mertens

House of Mertens.

The five-storey house Mertens — the administrative center of the adjoining store. In 2007-2008, the building completely renovated and modernized in accordance with the modern standards of office buildings. The project included, in particular, modernization and renovation of the old lift.

The building stands on the Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of St. Petersburg. In 1871 he became the owner of the fur trader FL Mertens. In the 1850s, on Nevsky, 50 he had a small shop, the businessman later opened a shop in the arcade, also on Nevsky Prospect. At the beginning of the XX

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Forced to take risks

Kemerovo region is considered to be a mining boundary. Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass) — one of the largest coal deposits in the world. Coal is mined here in the 58 mines and 36 open pits.

Job miner dangerous primarily due to the accumulation of methane. Sometimes that happens in the mine several explosions — the first in the air rises, coal dust, and if the source of the fire has not disappeared, followed by a second, more powerful than the first. Often, the victims are even lifeguards.

In 2010, as a result of two explosions in the mine «Raspadskaya»

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Young journalists in Grodno have their school

Reporter: "One of those who coined Hrodna school young journalist — Vytautas mine. He oversaw all 10 years of school. My question is: for this time two children finished school, how many of them now really work in newspapers, on the radio? "Mine: "When the project started, the demand for journalists was much greater in Grodno newspaper came out then much more than presently. And these were the years when, for example, the newspaper "The Chase" Ninety percent of our graduates was staffed. We always put two goals before the project: preparation correspondents, the development of public activity of youth.

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JUzhkuzbassugol has commissioned a new lava at the mine Uskovskaya

New lava 50-25, with reserves of 1 million 850 thousand tons of coal at the mine introduced "Uskovskaya" Addiction "JUzhkuzbassugol" (part of the Eurasia).

The Regional Centre for Corporate Relations "Siberia" of Evraz said on Tuesday that the shearer site contains reserves of coking coal price GZh, which, as noted in the report, delivered to the metallurgical enterprises of Eurasia.

"The average load on the lava is about 200,000 tons," — said in a statement.

Mine "Uskovskaya" — a promising coal mining company. Currently Evraz sells the mine investment

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Miners have exceeded the target of coal production

UNN.In July, the mines of the State Enterprise "Makeevugol" exceeded the target of coal production by 5.3%. This isUNNAccording to the press service of the State Enterprise "Makeevugol."


Thus, in addition to the plan of the month miners' Makeevugol "was produced 10 thousand 135 tons.

In particular, at the mine. V.Bazhanova plan was carried out by 7% in the mine "Cold Beam" by 13.5%, and to / from them. Lenin by 5.9% in the mine "Kalinovskaja East" by 5.9% in the mine "Chaykino" by 8.9%, and to / from them. Kirov by

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Mine is Vorkuta, resumed the production of coal in two lavas

Vorkutaugol — one of the largest coal producers in Russia, part of Severstal, began practicing a new lava at the mine "Vorkuta" on the seam "Triple" with reserves of more than 800 tons. Since then, the mine resumes operation of coal mining two clearing faces.

Preparation of the new lava 932 th began in March of this year. Originally it was planned commissioning towards the end of the year.Since then, the mine "Vorkuta," led coal mining in the central unit, where they perfect lava in 1022 through the formation "Fourth." Meanwhile, the high-speed mode was passed assembly

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Photo essay: Uralkali

 Photo source:slon.ru

The journey begins. At a depth of over 400 meters from the mine shaft directly to the workings of miners delivers "Mole". It is a 24-seater vehicle designed and manufactured by the Nizhny Novgorod "Technoservice" based on a shortened chassis PAZ-3205. Engine — four-aspirated diesel Toyota-5L. The remaining parts of the domestic cars. In mines operating speed limit of 20 km / h and only by special permission — 40 km / h

 Photo source:slon.ru

Sami potash mines — insanely beautiful. And it's a great business. The whole world has less than a dozen significant potash

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Installation clearance UR-77 meteorite

Minefields. Very simple and very effective means of protecting their position from enemy attacks. Of course, they are not an absolute deterrent, but fighting them takes a lot of time and effort. The first way to create passages in minefields appeared shortly after the minutes and consisted of manual detection and neutralization of enemy "surprises." Effective, but long and risky. In addition, preparation of a good specialist business-sapper not fast and complex.

• Alternative living sappers — metal mine sweepers. But this kind of mine equipment will be extended only in times of widespread use of tanks. There have been

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URAL-3A was the star to Eurosatory 2012

The latest Russian car "Ural-3A" ("Typhoon") with enhanced mine protection has become one of the "stars" of the international salon of arms "Eurosatory 2012." This writes the official daily publication Salon magazine "Eurosatory Daily", produced by the publishing group "Jane."

On the interior division "Trucks — GAZ Group" and enters it Autoworks "Ural" for the first time abroad presented wheeled vehicle that the West is classified as a car with enhanced mine protection and remedies against ambush MRAP (mine-resistant ambust-protected vehicle ). Its design provides enhanced protection of passengers, cargo, major components and assemblies from the bullets of small arms

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