Asteroid Mining

Several companies have announced plans to harvest the resources of asteroids for use both on Earth and in space, but how would it be done and is it truly feasible?

Written by Jonathan O’Callaghan

For the last year or so asteroid mining has been one of the most talked about topics in space exploration. Not only have two start-up companies, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries (DSI), announced plans to begin the extraction of resources in the future, but NASA has also revealed its intention to begin the exploration of asteroids and return useful samples to Earth. The public have

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Figure a day or 1.5 million tons of oil

As stated in the negotiation process Alexander Lukashenko and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the contract will be signed on the joint venture on June 1.In Venezuela, Belarus hopes to bring in 2010 oil production to 5 million tons per year.In Last year own oil production amounted to 1.78 million tons of Belarus. In Russia bought 20 million tons.

Southern Mining for 9 months. increase the production of sinter by 13%


Southern Mining (YuGOK, Dnipropetrovsk region.) In January-September 2013 increased the production of sinter by 12.8% compared to the same period in 2012 — up to 1.746 million tons. According to a press release of the enterprise, during this period the company increased production of iron ore concentrate by 2.4% — up to 7.995 million tons.

At the same time, in September of this year YuGOK increased concentrate production volume by 11.5% compared with September of last year — up to 952.3 thousand tons of agglomerate — by 60%, to 208 thousand tons. South mine

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YuGOK get free access to the European market

January 15, 2013  

At the end of 2012, the Southern Mining has received official authorization of the European Chemicals Agency for the unimpeded delivery of products to the European Union, joining the regulations legislation REACH. As a single representative of the Southern Mining was selected Finnish company «REACHLaw Ltd», which was engaged in drawing up the dossier company to supply it for registration to the European Chemicals Agency. In preparation for the registration in the South GOK was conducted serious research. Obtaining a permit under REACH suggests that produced in the South GOK agglomerate is not

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Mine is Vorkuta, resumed the production of coal in two lavas

Vorkutaugol — one of the largest coal producers in Russia, part of Severstal, began practicing a new lava at the mine "Vorkuta" on the seam "Triple" with reserves of more than 800 tons. Since then, the mine resumes operation of coal mining two clearing faces.

Preparation of the new lava 932 th began in March of this year. Originally it was planned commissioning towards the end of the year.Since then, the mine "Vorkuta," led coal mining in the central unit, where they perfect lava in 1022 through the formation "Fourth." Meanwhile, the high-speed mode was passed assembly

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CTZ provided miners North bulldozed

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, a division of the corporation Uralvagonzavod, sent one of the mining companies of the Far North, two bulldozers with electromechanical transmission.


To break hard soils and mining machines operating organization required a high tractive class. From the technique proposed by Chinese and Russian manufacturers, northerners have chosen Chelyabinsk DEET. Their preference, they explain the fact that these units are reliable, unpretentious and include electromechanical transmission, providing the operator automatic traction control at any speed.

Miners are planning to use bulldozers, which have in the arsenal of special attachments, and

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Ukrainian roadheader will join the Technology Park of Belon

Company "Mining machines" (Ukraine) won the tender for the supply of the tunnel boring machine performance for "Belon" (MMK Group).

The tender involved eight companies from Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Germany and China. "Roadheader efficiency gains its place" under the sun "in the Russian market", — said Yuri Levankov, director of "Mining machines RUS". — "Since June harvester working in the mine" Cut Inskoy "in a very difficult geological conditions. Miners happy with how our technology and the level of service and support that is offered to them," Mining machines. "New generation combines innovative design efficiency differs

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TECHNOLOGY Mining machines breaks records in penetrations

Miners mine office "South Donbass number 1" (city Ugledar) within the labor watch on Day miner month managed to pass 707 meters of production method of high-speed penetration. Roadheader-record holder in the company is working from June 20 this year, just for the "South Donbass" employs five production efficiency "Mining machines".

  "We understand that today the most relevant to the mining industry are the issues of improving the performance of the equipment and to ensure safe working conditions for employees. That is why our company has been introducing new technologies and quick to respond to the

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Northern Mining updates Railway Engineering

February 11, 2013 Northern Mining Metinvest Group has commissioned a new electric with dump cars in the shop on removal of rock from the quarry Pershamaiski. This railway equipment purchased under the program to increase production and Northern Mining is a strategic program of development of enterprises of Metinvest Group. Investments amounted to more than 46 million USD.

Northern Mining updates Railway Engineering

New rolling stock is equipped with 11 dump cars. Power traction unit PEI-1AM is 7500 kW. This will remove an additional 70,000 cubic meters. meters of overburden dumps in the past month. Traction unit

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The most powerful Russian excavator began work

On Krasnobrodsky coal mine of the Criminal Code "KRU" put into trial operation excavator EKG-32P, manufactured by LLC "IZ-KARTEKS im.P.G.Korobkova", part of OMZ Group.


EKG-32P with a bucket capacity of 32 cubic meters and a working weight of 950 tons — the most powerful excavator of the "direct mechanical shovel," ever made in the Soviet Union and Russia.

This is the first excavator, released in Russia, which is equipped with the alternating current. It is released under the radical renewal of the product range on the basis of extensive modernization and renewal of production

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