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A military judge found Bra­dley Manning, an American soldier, guilty of violating the Espionage Act for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified documents to Wild-Leaks in 2010, though not of «aiding the enemy». Mr Man­ning could be sentenced to 136 years behind bars for his role in the largest leak in American military history.

The Obama administration declassified a number of docu­ments connected with its electronic-surveillance programmes, in the «interest of increased transparency». The move was eclipsed by the Guardian, a British newspaper, which published secret docu­ments providing more detail about xKeyscore, a system which

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France wants to halve the amount purchased for the Air Force and Navy Rafale fighter and expects to create more of this type of fighter for export production to save bandwidth, Defense News reported on August 2.   In the midst of potential customers «Rafale» French officials called India, Qatar, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. The French Government, represented by Socialist prime Francois Hollande (Francois Hollande) tries to «rein in municipal expenditures,» but on the financing of nuclear deterrence no configuration is not expected, because they are seen as important fundamental component of national defense.   According to

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Maybe you prohibit smoking in public places?

In Belarus, 33% of the population smoke Every second man and every fifth woman. The highest fraction of those who smoke, in the midst of the unemployed (60%), workers, construction workers, transport workers (55%), business and agricultural workers. Less smoking housewives and the elderly.In Belarus in all institutions of education, culture, clinics, hospitals, administrative buildings, almost all restaurants, bars, cafes smoking is strictly prohibited. You can not smoke on the ground and schools and parks. September 12 Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov signed a decree which establishes liability for the use of tobacco in public places and said prohibiting smoking in

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Public power assist organizers of the march

Chairman of the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin said that September 30 has collected a few 10’s of thousands of signatures against the abolition of social benefits. Clear yet unidentified number.Organizers of the "Public march" told that rely on those people, are disillusioned with politics, Alexander Lukashenko, and to behold the opposition perspective.Says Anatoly Lebedko"Socialist campaign," Soc march "has merit main inventory puzzles. There must be connected: we are inviting you to discover and we arrive to you. We are inviting for a more active, who transgressed horror and went outside. But we must come to those who

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Citations a day or — October 1

"Minister Naumov, Minister Radzkou also chairman of the KGB Zhadobin we are grateful for the strong information support of our work, which they began in the country. This is some nervousness. They do not know how to respond, and their call for action. Their acts occur such makarom, that they are, in my opinion, do more damage and more power to help us. "Party Chairman Communists Belarusian Kalyakin — acts of the authorities recently "Public march""The situation is one hundred percent of these elections will not dare. Confrontation and struggle will continuesmiling, but with the advantage on the side of

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S.Gaydukevich left without the diplomatic post

On a question, whether it means that the position of the Special Representative liquidated or her take another person, owed answers:"Position lost relevance. I sang on it all, done everything. Process goes. And it will continue Foreign Ministry staffers, Department of the Ministry. They will increasingly move towards the EU, according to ability.I, if you look objectively, quite a lot did get a decent score. And I’m going to stay in the process. Three a day or reverse I wrote a letter to Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, which outlined some guidance, own an indispensable role in This process . "On some websites

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Ahmadinejad: Iran, Belarus and Venesuela will greatly enhance the Non-Aligned Movement

Ahmadinejad also said that the role of Iran, Belarus and Venezuela in the Non-Aligned Movement will greatly enhance this arganizatsyyu.U turn the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry stressed that the conditions for the expansion of the Belarusian-Iranian cooperation, especially in the energy field, be prepared.Minister Martynov, who assumed the role of in the two-day summit of Tehran NAM expressed his disagreement to the statements Washington concerning the Iranian nuclear threat for applets other states and opposed the transfer of the Iranian nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council. He stressed that this question should open a discussion in the

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Be2gether: scenes instead of walls

And the organizers and the participants and guests of the festival in one voice say that the festival — not a political event, and real prazdnichek music. Politicize the event even two weeks before the beginning tried Belarusian Foreign Ministry, speaking with a particular statement.A.Zuokas: "The idea of the festival — damage the walls"One of the initiators of the festival, the last mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas drew an analogy with the concert "The Wall" famous "Pink Floyd" in Berlin:"There was this idea to get permission from the Belarusian authorities, that scene was over the border of Lithuania and Belarus.

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Maybe if educate policemen?

More than 7 thousand policemen were punished last year for various violations, including for gross appeal to citizens. This information minister Interior Vladimir Naumov.But the minister admits that rudeness is missing, law enforcement and This year often not very courteously treated with citizens. What is the reason? Maybe not enough adequately trained?"How courteous of dealing with people in the course includes training future police prof. Plus we are guided by order of the Minister of suave appeal" — explained the press officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Slepchenko.By him, if a policeman be rude about it and it

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Alkaev believes that preparing new charges Kozulin

Oleg Alkaev days are arranged in a web text records conversations Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov, the former guard and the former Kozulin "Almaz" Igor Makarov. According to Oleg ALKAYEVA from the text conversation that Vladimir Naumov before the arrest Kozulin knew that not avoid the conclusion. Tipo first "landing" Alexander Kozulin was prepared with the assistance of the case against the KGB colonel Miholapa. "From talking Naumova that Kozulin was nakavanaya bullpen. Located now in jail Miholapa, a former KGB officer. And if you listen to the recording, then it still March 14 last year, Naumov read: "Who sits in

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