To accelerate the pace of development of the village radio service.

The Soviet people greeted his native XX Congress of the Communist Party as a great historic event in the life of our country. Nationwide socialist competition, which developed in the country after the XX Congress of the Communist Party, promoted a new upsurge of the entire national economy, labor productivity growth, early implementation of the state plan.

Meet its socialist obligations radio service workers came to the XX Congress of the Communist Party with great achievements in the radio service of the collective farm village. In implementing the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Central

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Going beyond

For over 30 years, Debatosh Sengupta has been a photographer for the Government of India. In his entire career, he has covered some of the most iconic images of our times including the historic Presidential inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994. He has extensively photographed the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi from the day he assumed office in 1984 till the completion of his tenure in 1989.

Debatosh has also travelled with the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and documented her visits within the country and abroad.

A Sheer Chance

Not many know this, but Debatosh’s first love was theatre

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Hope eliminated female role

Announcing the decision, the referee Igor Mil’to listed violations of the law on the part of women’s party: namely, "Hope" has no legal address, far not all communities and branches registered in mandatory regional structures, the party engaged in activities outside of the area of Belarus. Specifically trip to Chernihiv, where last year in December passed a constituent assembly "Union of the Left parties" with the role of representatives of the "Hope" by Lena Eskova views, and was the main prerequisite for the closing party:"Referee Supreme Court Sovereign Bobkov stopped thing about the complaint founders of the "Union of the

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Movement For Freedom is suing the Ministry of Justice

Referee Valery Samolyuk will consider the complaint, signed by Yuri Hubarevich of Birch, Alex Kavalets from Minsk and Andrew Kusyalchuk of Grodno. They and other founders of the organization require the abolition of the Ministry of Justice decision, as they believe that it is "baseless, unlawful and violates the legitimate rights and interests of citizens." Alexei Kavalets states that the complaint they provide numerous examples bespadstavnastsi negative decision of the Ministry:"Totally tricky wordplay. And less. Nor are there those violations, those Fri, through which can be would not register a company. For example, they write in your charter says that

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Ministry of Justice insists on the Elimination of Hope

Her ministry official Alexander Kharitonov said that the ministry as before insisting on the elimination of "Hope." The reason for this, according to Chariton are multiple gross violations of the law.Chapter "Hope" Lena Eskova stated that it could not agree to such accusations and led a number of arguments that support its position.Referee I.Milto entrusted with the ministry to consider the claim to the party ladies, asked the parties to submit additional documents. After their investigation, and he set a date for the trial • "Hope" does not lose hope to overcome in a dispute with the Ministry of Justice,

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Liquidated Belarusian Ecological Party greenish

During the meeting Supreme Court Chairman made a statement BEZ Nicholas Kartashow in which he had no objection to the claim of Justice and asked to hear the case without the party’s representatives.Earlier Radio Liberty said that the Justice Department has given written warnings to several other parties.Lawyer Vladimir Labkovich Justice political calls, and oh so he comments on these intentions:"It turns out that the Ministry of Justice issued an order to prepare for parliamentary elections. And this training is that it will be very zachyshchatstsa political field.Now came the turn of the suspension, as it came out against the

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Greenish party can eliminate

According to the Ministry of Justice of his suit to liquidate the party based on the fact that the quantitative composition of the party a little less than allowed by the law — 1000. According to information submitted to the Ministry of the party, the number of members is 582 people. The Ministry also stressed that the party had not been made Minsk municipal and regional structures in most regions of the country. Now the concern about the fate of their own organization expressed Chairman of the Belarusian women’s party "Nadzeja" Lena Eskova. July 20 party representatives were instructed to

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PKB has no right to use their accounts

Referee of the Supreme Court decided St.Michael Anna: Party can not be made from any activities not counting the one, that "aimed at correcting defects and deficiencies identified in the Department of Justice lawsuit." Namely, the PCB is not allowed use their accounts BEAC box office.

Sergei Kalyakin: "The court’s decision does not change the activity of members of the PCB"

Managing Party Sergei Kalyakin, commenting on the decision of the Supreme Court, said: "This decision in no way alter the activity of the people belonging to the PCB having a hard stance civilians who put their strength, skill, knowledge

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PKB activity may be suspended

Ministry asks to stop the party’s activities, which considers itself the political opposition. Current legislation allows for such a possibility of up to 6 months. Ministry of Justice blames PCB systematic violation of the law. First — Party’s role in the development of the Union of Left parties, whose founding congress was held outside Belarus (Chernigov), also supply the Ministry "wrong disk imaging on personal strength of the party". Help. PKB — "The Party of Communists Belarusian" created in 1991. Favourite Party Sergei Kalyakin was managing the election headquarters of former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. • "Alliance of leftist forces"

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FLIGHT TEST PROGRAM DEVELOPS multipurpose fighter Su-30cm for the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation

At the airport of Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC «Company» Irkut » (Comes in the «United Aircraft Company») last flight tests multipurpose Su-30cm developed JSC «Sukhoi» and created the Department of Defense Russian Federation. September 21 Su-30cm made the first flight. Now, September 25 flight tests joined the second fighter. The flight lasted 1 hour 40 minutes and passed without comment. Plane flown by test pilots of «Sukhoi»: — Crew commander — Sergey Kostin, test pilot 1st class; — navigator — Malovechko Pavel, honored navigator RF test. Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm is forthcoming development of the family of

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