U.S. criticized the Belarusian authorities for detaining the other day march Euro

"European march" will be held in Minsk on October 14. • Mogilev: At night detained Dmitry Solovyov, 11.10.2007 • Brest convicted youth activist Inga Abramov, 11.10.2007 • In Minsk last detain political activists, 11.10.2007

Martyrology Liberty Arkady Sobolewski

Arkady Vladyslavovych Sobolewski, cum. 1896 sq. Smilovichi Minsk reg., Belarus, farmer, h. education., Dr. Ust-Volmskay paybalnitsy in with. -Volma Krastatskaga district of Leningrad region. 38.02.04 arrested. Convicted 38.03.25 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as a member of the surfactant to the VMN. Shot in Minsk 38.05.19 bullpen. 68.01.12 matter reconsidered by a military court BVI. The KGB-9870-c***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Once a day,

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In Minsk Delegation of the European Commission

The visit will last until October 11.Head of the Minsk office TACIS Aizsalnieks Janis said:"Mrs. Gardeman arrived in Minsk under the constant exchange of conceptions with Belarusian municipal organizations and non-governmental sector. Purpose of the visit — again reaffirm the EU’s willingness to cooperate more closely — of course, provided that the issues mentioned in the 12-pt that the EU could bring to Belarus, will be made.One of the specific points that will open a discussion and that we are very interested in is the time of opening a consulate of the European Commission in Minsk. Willingness to take such

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Week in Belarus in photo, September 30 — October 5

September 30. Gathering against cancellation of privilegesOAB in VitebskOctober 2. Businessmen strike in Minsk Outraged entrepreneurs seek out the truth For businessmen conducted operational videzdymki Head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinowski responds to questions from participants strike Alexander Kalinowski tries to close the camera lens Liberty correspondent Entrepreneurs about "parking" — now strike One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makaeu All booths in the "parking lot" is now not workingOctober 2. Entrepreneurs Slonim markets stopped workOctober 2. Businessmen strike in Vitebsk Shopping center "EVIC": virtually all closed, traders NO On the "Smolensk" emptyOctober 2. Representatives

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S.Horevskogo: Proclamation of BNR — it was a spectacle, it was carnival

Shupe: You — art critic and art historian. With your prof spectacle — here you go by today’s Minsk — or "see" you BNR?Hareuski: Certainly. Fortunately, in Minsk remained survived those buildings that were associated with the first days of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. This is the Governor’s House and the theater, and the famous "Serpukhovskaya" — the last church archeology museum, and even miraculously survived the fire station of the former Brest-Litovsk the railroad where railroad sheltered dispersed Vsebelaruskiki Congress. So someone who knows the history of BPR, and the one who knows the history of

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In Vilnius veritas in Minsk

Listen:Output book was the result of the poetry contest, which conducted the Belarusian PEN Center the centennial of the newspaper "Nasha Niva". Curators — critic Anna Kislitsyna and poet Andrei Khadanovich. Andrew Khadanovich time opening presentation creators said about the collection:"Very attractive, like me, a group not only poets, and novelists. Partially Belarusian-speaking, and those who write in Russian: Followers of the Republican contest" Century " Nasha Niva . "I think this is not the last in Minsk in Belarus and the presentation of this book. Very beautiful, like me, the choice of the creators."With 80 sent creators jury elected

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Entrepreneurs: after one day — strike a lifetime?

Participants met in Minsk strike with the head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinovsky. The meeting was held in the City Center Property.According to a member of the organizing committee of the public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise" Nikolai Romashin, organized a meeting to release the tension in the midst of entrepreneurs:"Nobody there has not made substantial. Again the same — he said, you give us suggestions, and we will consider. These proposals have already been written a thousand. Switching to these" Chupa "(private unitary enterprise. — AD) is simply not thought out. bureaucrats Just very hunt

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In Minsk 15-day arrest activists sentenced three civilians

Businessman Leonid Novitsky held under Article 17 Part 1 — rough language in the address of peace officers. The arbitrator held that the penalty will not be enough and condemned Nowicki 15 days of arrest. 15 days were also Borodko Dmitry and Svetlana Gorokhovik. Svetlana — a student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Applied arithmetic BSU.All three were arrested yesterday. L.Navitski just served 10 days in jail. At his home during the search seized 96 EU flags and T-shirts and blue bandanas.• detained in Minsk regional activists ", 1.10.2007

Guest Night of Freedom — Ioannina Pushkin

The theme of "Night of research" — frisky spread slot machines and clubs in Minsk including in residential areas. Some players utter often they win.In addition story about the dangers of the Minsk authorities to demolish the memorial cross to the place of mass executions in Loshitsa that in Minsk, a report on the school year in the underground Humanities Lyceum Kolas, the message about the difficulties in the preparation of poetry festival "word order", an interview with another winner contest "Win the book" Freedom "Dmitry Nestsyarkovym from Lida.In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes begin the story of the creation of

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Evening September 29, 1957 in Minsk naglyadalasya aurora

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in a letter published in 1927 the Red Army, "We-smokers peramenniki 5th Company 191st Regiment, investigated how toxic effect of tobacco on human health and how to fight … We need to smoke a long time, many years and not including damage to health do not get anything. We will ensure that we will not burn, destroy your health. And invite all fellow Red Army to adopt our example. Comrades, study toxic effect of tobacco and lead the fight to him. NOT tobacco will host over us, and we’re working on tobacco. "In 1957, "Reddish change" writes about

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