Victorian Mirror and Shelf.

Try decking your hails with this striking pear of period pieces. The fanciful fretwork has enough presence to provide a focal point for any entry way. And with the aid of our new pattern insert, we offer you full-sized patterns for several fretwork, design options.

Let’s Start with the Mirror.

1. From 3/4″- thick stock, rip and crosscut two frame stiles and two frame rails to rough dimensions of 1 3/4×31″ and 1 3/4×20″, respectively. (We selected Honduras mahogany.) Next, rip and crosscut two molding stiles to 1 1/8×32″ and two molding rails to 1 1/8×21″. Now, resaw last two

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Reflex 300mm f/6.3 MF Macro £279

Affordable 300mm catadioptric (gla ss and mirror) lens for Micro-Four

First impressions of Tokina’s Reflex 300mm f/6.3 are very good. The lens has a simple design that devotes the majority of its all-metal barrel to a generous manual focusing ring with object distances marked in both metres and feet. There are no other switches or controls of any sort. Focusing is a little stiff, and a more prominent grip would doubtless make rotation easier, but the movement feels very smooth.

Most lenses provide about 90° of rotation on the manual focusing ring but Tokina’s

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The Knights of the Round Table would have appreciated this periscope to look over walls or around corners as an invaluable secret weapon when defending their castles.

It is advisable to buy your mirrors before starting any woodwork in case you can’t obtain the exact size that I have used. I found that small mirror tiles were ideal for the job. Within reason, the tube can be as long as you like.

1. Your first job. once you have chosen your mirrors, is to cut out the two corner blocks on which they must be mounted.

Take a length of

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Mirror image

For landscape architect Scott Shrader, designing a property’s exterior layout begins not outside, but inside the home. «My initial priority is to survey the residence’s interior style; this includes elements such as the floors, walls, colors and textures,» says Shrader, who adds that this crucial review paves the way for a flawless transition to the outdoors. The featured compound’s exterior spaces evoke that unwavering connection Shrader invariably strives for. Mirroring an interior layout distinguished by muted hues and a «simplistic elegance,» the exterior design presents a corresponding palette of natural tones and a clean selection of plantings and hardscape materials.

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You have not seen themselves in the mirror

By the nature of my work, I am dealing with mirrors, what he wrote in Ira, 8, 75. And every time I think: is it possible to extract more from them something interesting artist, biologist, physicist, astronomer? Imagine, sometimes unlucky. Shard mirror — a good, smooth, not very elongated, is closer to a circle or square, across centimeter or two — position in front of the house so that the sunbeam of bliss came from the street through the window at the bright wall shaded areas (for example through the open north window , while other windows should be

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All About… Cassegrain


The Schmidt-Cassegrain is one of the most popular telescopes for the more serious amateur astronomer.

The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, as the name suggests, is a hybrid. It is the merging of two designs of telescope by a German optician (Schmidt) and a French optician (Cassegrain). To get a proper understanding of how the telescope works, it is best to have a look at the original designs from which it grew.

The Schmidt telescope, sometimes called the Schmidt camera, was designed in 1930 by Bernhard Schmidt to produce a wide, flat field of view. A photographic film was placed at the

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All About…Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes.

There are many types of telescope designs available to the amateur astronomer. Here is an explanation of a type now in common use…

As the name suggests, the Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope is a hybrid or compound design of instrument which uses both lenses and mirrors. At first glance a ‘Mak’, as this type of telescope is often affectionately known, can look very much like its cousin, the Schmidt-Cassegrain. There are, however, some important differences.

Both Maksutov and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes use a spherical primary mirror. However, because a spherical mirror does not bring all the light rays that reflect from it to

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«Laser Sight» Archimedes

Majestic ancient scientist Archimedes, who lived two centuries before Christ, to this day delights the world own wisdom and foresight. Greek scholar, who owns the famous exclamation «Eureka!» That opens the fundamental laws of physics, built a celestial globe for astronomical observations, for the first time measured the diameter of the sun and calculated the circumference of the Earth, who formulated the law of hydrostatics, laid the foundations of arithmetic and algebra, also made a lot of clever inventions , is known to everyone. Known and its rewards in military affairs. For example, he designed the successful implementation of

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These handles stick everything!


14.10.03, the


Unlike other oldtimers, attracting only metal objects, from Kiev Lidia Jankowska able to "stick" to his marble, plastic, glass and wood.

At a meeting with Lydia Jankowski I was going to seriously. Took from her husband discouraged iron "Tefal", which he intended to iron a shirt. I thought —

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Capitally renovated trolley park Kirov


It turns out that takes place in my town some municipal program for urban passenger transport. In the framework of this year Kirov trolleybus park (CTS) added 16 new machines, and upgraded from 8 available. New trolleys — Bashkir Trolleybus production plant. And they are very good. Just now writes:

According to the general director of "Kirov transportation company" Sergey Shulaeva, a new public transport has a padded lounges, seats Vandalism protection, GPS-navigators, phone prompts, electronic scoreboard. Also, all the "horned" adapted for the disabled.

As one of the drivers, who is preparing

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