From the banks of the swollen Mississippi River to evacuate people

June 5, 2013. In the Mississippi River due to continuing rains the water level started to rise sharply. This has caused a dam break in the U.S. state of Missouri and forced the few villages in 29 km north of the city of St. Louis to resort to evacuate 43 homes.

At the same time, the second dam, located 14 km upstream from the town of West Alton near a nuclear power plant, to send experts to check the integrity of the structure. Delete the next breakthrough is necessary, because it can have very serious consequences for both the

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Flooding in the state of Missouri in the United States: two dead

August 9, 2013. Heavy rains have caused flooding in the U.S. state of Missouri. On the night of 7 to 8 August there fell more than 250 mm of rain. In addition to Missouri, the threat of flooding is also declared in Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. And in Tennessee evacuated a residential complex. According to weather forecasts, weekend downpours will continue, which can only worsen the situation in the region.

Source: RT

11.04.12. U.S.: 14,000 marine fish in the Missouri River


April 11. Representatives of Environmental Protection are trying to determine what killed about 14,000 fish species in the river in Missouri.

The Department of Environment Missouri reports that fish kills occurred on the river Brench Flat (Flat Branch), near the confluence of the Hinkson Creek (Hinkson Creek) in Colombia. The agency notes that the reason for the mass plague has not been determined and more information will be after the Ministry of Natural Resources will conduct tests on the river.

Have been speculating on the effect that after the fire on April 1, which destroyed the auto parts store

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Giant hail and tornadoes in the state of Ohio. Video. Photo


27.05.11.V U.S. continues deadly spring — the weather has decided to break into pieces now Ohio. Storms, heavy rain and giant hailstones — such terrible weather cocktail fell on the region, said citing In Ohio, hail the size of a hen's egg. A few people, and lots of cars damaged by impact nepogody.Svoevremennoe warning of the approach of a tornado gave time for many people to take refuge in podvalah.Informatsiya of casualties or damage yet specified.

After seeing the video, you can really imagine the weather.

Recall, last Sunday in Joplin, Missouri, as a result of

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The strongest tornado in the U.S.




24.05.11.Za day death toll after a tornado in Missouri has nearly doubled — there were already killed 116 people. In the town of Joplin tornado devastated the band of approximately one kilometer wide and six miles long. 400 people received injuries of varying severity. Destroyed thousands of homes and municipal buildings. Much of the city remains without electricity. After the invasion of the elements sought medical treatment over a thousand people. Under the rubble of collapsed buildings are people. Seven people have been pulled out. Meteorologists warn that in the next few days

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On the Missouri River broke through a dam. Video


6.06.11.Vlasti the U.S. state of Iowa conducted emergency evacuation of the shores of the Missouri River in connection with the discovery dam. The situation is aggravated by the fact that during the last month of the river is higher than normal for a few meters. Authorities urged volunteers to help rescue workers laid sandbags to protect the area from the water coming. Complete the evacuation of the population expected to occur within 24 hours of a state of emergency. It is, above all, the people whose homes are located in the area between the city of Hamburg and

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Victims of tornadoes in the U.S. were 13 people

As a result of tornadoes in the central United States, at last count, killed at least 13 people, reports on Wednesday channel NBC.

We have previously reported one killed.

The greatest number of lives claimed element in the town of Harrisburg (Illinois). Here tornado victims were 10 people, dozens of homes destroyed. Three more people were killed in Missouri, where the storm hit the parking house trailers, RIA "Novosti".

Forecasters warn that Wednesday night storms and possible tornadoes are expected in the Tennessee River Valley and in the southern spurs of the mountain range of the Appalachian

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Americans do not save from nuclear disaster

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant flooded waters of the Missouri, but U.S. officials insist that there is no danger of a radiation leak ..In Nebraska, where a severe floods, June 27, elements destroyed fences nuclear power "Fort Calhoun."

According to local officials, the water penetrated into the turbine hall NPP "Fort Calhoun", located 30 km from the city of Omaha has a population of 410 thousand people.

NPP staff with emergency services during the week trying to prevent the penetration of water from the Missouri River to the power station.

Earlier, the Associated Press published an aerial plant, which is

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The water level in the Missouri River continues to rise

The water level in the Missouri River continues to rise. On Sunday, Nebraska authorities warned residents about the possible effects of water coming to the local nuclear power plant, located in the southeast of the state.On Saturday night in Holt and Atchison counties water broke through a dam, flooding some farmland, numerous homes and buildings. At the same time every hour hole in the dam continues to rise, say engineers, and water threatens to flood the park and recreation area located in Big Lake 125 kilometers from a major metropolis — Kansas City (Missouri). Currently, due to flooding, the authorities

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Missouri River Flooding: Latest News


This is called the "Great Flood of 2011" at the bottom of the Ohio and Mississippi Valley. Heavy rains and melting large amounts of snow have led to significant excess of the level of water in the upper Missouri River basin, from the northern Rockies to the northern Great PlainsMontana Flooding near Hardin, downed telephone equipment. Full service was restored Monday. Roundup town has retained much of the flood waters, and the Musselshell River level is not reduced, officials said Road closures cut the city from all directions. The National Guard was sent to Crowe after a

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