Triumph Speed Tripler

I’m stacking on the miles. That’s because 1) I love riding this motorcycle, and 2) I’ve had a few assignments outside Los Angeles County that I opted to ride to. Before I could shove off on my first overnight trip, I needed to reinstall my Ventura luggage system. Fine, except the L-brackets—the structural pieces that bolt to the bike’s subframe and support the rack and Mistral pack—were bent in the crash. No problem, because Ventura (www.ventura-mca. com) sells components individually, allowing me to order up new L-brackets for $174.

Back with my rack and pack, I realized something that may

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Deliveries UDC «Mistral» in Russia can disrupt the balance of power in the Far East, the Japan Defense

In the Land of the Rising Sun are concerned about the agreement between Moscow and Paris on the supply of Russian 2-amphibious assault ships (UDC) of «Mistral».   This June 2, 2013 in Singapore, said the Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera talks with his French officer Jean-Yves Le Drianom have passed «in the fields» Forum Governing military departments of the Asia-Pacific region in the so-called «Shangri-La Dialogue.»   This was told ARMS-TASS.   «This decision upsets the balance of forces in the Far East», — I. Onodera allocated.   In the current time on the French shipyard in Saint-Nazaire is

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Cold Mistral: Rogozin should be cited, not interpret.

There was a discussion about-known around the purchase of Mistral.

The question seems to be purely technical, but the conclusions drawn therefrom to swing at politics.

Question: Can the UDC Mistral operate at a temperature in the cold of minus seven Celsius? Simply put, in Russia.

If not, then who is to blame and what to do?

Oil poured on ice Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin: "It is strange that for airdrop in expeditionary operations are procured ships that are not functioning at less than seven degrees. I do not know, probably,

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France builds «Mistral» to Russia

French shipbuilding company DCNS in September 2012 will complete the second step of redesigning vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock like «Mistral» in accordance with the requirements of the Defence Ministry. As reported by Jane’s, the ship will be able to take on board Ka-Ka-29K and 52K, will receive additional energy installation and a number of other configurations. First step of designing the ship ended in April this year; DCNS modified plan came out to defend the ship. Started immediately after this second step. According to DCNS, dimensions hangars «Mistral» will be increased, so that they were able to fit deck

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Infrastructure under the «Mistral» will cost 3 billion Russian rubles

February 1, 2012 France began building the first of the 2-type warships «Mistral», which are created for the Russian Navy. In the Russian Navy first «Mistral» will under the names of «Vladivostok» and «Sevastopol». It is planned that the first amphibious assault ship (UDC) will be delivered to Russia in 2014, second in 2015. By this time have finished all the work on the construction of special Vladivostok port complex. It is clear that the first two spacecraft power projection, as they are positioned in the Ministry of Defense, will be based in the Pacific Fleet. It should be

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Navy determined with AVIAGRUPPIROVKOY FOR «Mistral»

For each of the 2-amphibious assault ships (UDC) of «Mistral» French-built aircraft will be formed by grouping 30 Ka-52K and Ka-29. This proposal is presented in the Defense Command of the Navy. This was said to «News» a source in the Russian Defense Ministry. Earlier it was planned that each helicopter will receive 16 helicopters. — Proposal for aviagruppirovke for French UDC comprising Russian Navy formed. By determine staffing levels in 30 cars for every ship — roughly equal Ka-29 and Ka-52K (both development Kamov design bureau). It will aviakryle ship and land-based. Makar will be created in such

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The main competitor of «Mistral»

«Sea ships be» — Peter spoke ruler and went across Europe to learn the skill of the ship. Russian sailors painstaking manner copied technology, knowledge and traditions of the Dutch fleet, and 100 years later they have famously walked in unknown latitudes, opening a new continent of Antarctica (751-day voyage around the globe Bellingshausen and Lazarev, 1819-1821 year). Peter was the first realistic and healthy besprintsipialnym pragmatist. Shipbuilders needs foreign technology? We get them at any cost. Necessary knowledge? Will train. Of everyone to teach Russian Mongols wits Peter chose for himself the most best teachers — the Dutch.

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Ship repair yard in Vladivostok remodel for the admission of Mistral

One hundred and seventy-eighth Shipyard, located in the regional center of Primorye will be completely modernized, RIA "Date's" the press service of the Primorsky Territory Administration. As described in the Department of Industry and Transport of the Primorsky Territory, currently preparing for the reconstruction of the plant with the proceeds of the Pacific Fleet ships 4 generations, including two helicopter landing ships, the docks of the "Mistral".

Today, the company has two dry and two floating docks that allow docking of ships pass one rank up to 195 meters. The length of the embankments of the plant is 1,470 meters,

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«Mistral» PREPARES Navy unpleasant surprises

Military-Industrial Courier. The control system of ballasting tonnage ship installed on the French «Mistral» in the Russian version is missing helicopter that could compromise their security   «On 3 French» Mistral «is installed and well proven unique integrated automatic control of all technical means a ship designed by the renowned Norwegian company« L3Marin ». She practiced on developments for large vessels that require automatic control of ballasting, «- said the deputy chief of the last Head of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Vladimir Pepeljaev supplies.   He recalled that the Russian-French agreement on the acquisition of ships «Mistral» it was

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FRANCE already transmitted RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES «Mistral»

France sends RF technology shipbuilding type «Mistral» faster pace, told reporters in Moscow on Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.   So Makar, he denied reports of some media executives and professionals who have stated that the French will give leading RF technology exclusively in the case of a contract for the construction of the third and fourth ships in Russia.   «The French give us a faster pace for the production of new technologies for the first 2-hoo» Mistral «, and already for the third and fourth» — said Serdyukov.   «If they did not give these leading

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