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Nowadays Web is flooded with a huge number of web sites that tell of the news in the world of information technology. But almost always, such descriptions are the fruits of violent fantasies or creators, or foolish guesses in the style of "perhaps it would be particularly so." Section "Technology" Internet resource forceful.ru not read the tea leaves, and offers a truly reliable information in the field of modern technology. In this section, everyone will be able to find myself definitely useful information. It is not necessary to think that section absolutely devoted to the models of mobile devices

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The Roads of Russia

Comfort and speed of movement in the city or on a long distance is largely determined by the quality of the road surface. Potholes, potholes and cracks not only cause traffic jams and accidents, but also increase the need for an extraordinary car repair.

To make life easier motorists, Google Auto.ru Russia and co-created a public non-profit project "Roads of Russia". The main objective of the project — to provide an opportunity to assess and monitor the condition of the roads in the national average for a particular stretch of road.

The uniqueness of the created system is the

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Major mobile operators agreed to the release of SIM-cards with NFC chips


17.11.11.Mezhdunarodnaya Association of GSM (GSMA) today announced that 45 major mobile operators supported standard SIM-card with an embedded chip NFC. This was reported in the press release GSMA.

Some of the statements included Chinese China Mobile and China Unicom, which together serve about 800 million customers, as well as AT & T, Deutsche Telecom, Orange, SK Telecom, Verizon and Vodafone. Of Russian operators is listed in the MTS.

Operators are obliged to "support and promote" SIM-card with a chip NFC, and to offer its customers services that imply the use of contactless technology. GSMA for its part has developed

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Field mobile dental complex (Photo)

Field mobile dental complex PPSK-01 is designed to provide dental medical, surgical, orthopedic care both independently and as part of a functionally related group of health systems in the field. The complex may be used for: routine inspection of the mouth, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth and oral cavity, dental practitioner care dental surgical care, training in oral prosthetics, prosthetics, including clinical and laboratory steps in making the teeth and dentures (including sintered metal) Panoramic dental x-ray and maxillo-facial joints, medical first aid to the wounded.



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Sun is preparing a plasma strike on Earth: the planet will remain without electricity

If the plasma charge to the earth may go down satellites, computers, mobile phones and power lines. Photo: BBC

Powerful solar activity threatens to leave humans without communication, knocking out satellites, mobile phones and other equipment. The fact is that in the period from September 22 to 26 at the Sun was recorded strong activity, the source of which was located in the so-called "core 1302".

At the time flashes "Zone 1302" was on the edge of the world, and so most of the ejected plasma touched the earth on a tangent. Meanwhile, it was enough to cause the

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A Karelian goes mobile library

Unique complex appeared in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan through a joint project of non-profit foundation "Pushkin Library" and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The Republic of Karelia became the seventh region which was donated bibliomobil new generation.

 Photo source:karelia.ru

The first residents were able to assess bibliomobil Yarn and Pryazha region of Karelia, which were shown all the features of a mobile library, with brand-new resource for information service of the inhabitants: a collection of printed books, CDs, devices for reading electronic books, laptops, satellite platform, which allows access to the

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Earthquake in the United States, assembling news 2

Updated 08/25/11 at 12.07 GMT on timeThe U.S. continues to shake: A new earthquake in Virginia

Virginia is located in the center of the most densely populated territories of the U.S.

In the state of Virginia, there was a new earthquake. Its magnitude — 4.5 points. Information about the destruction and casualties yet — said on Thursday, 25 August, "RIA Novosti".

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake that occurred in 01.07 local time, a so-called aftershocks — Aftershocks, a kind of seismic echoes caused by previous earthquakes. The epicenter of seismic activity was located at 51 km

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German mobile field hospital — for the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation

Russian Defense going to buy from the German firm Zeppelin Mobile Infirmary. According to RIA disk imaging announcements, it was declared Acting Chief brain Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Medical Service, Anatoly Kalmyks. Purchase of the infirmary, he said, is in accordance with the programs of in the role of doctors peacekeeping missions of the United Nations.

Before deciding to purchase a hospital, the Ministry of Defence could see various options for this kind of acquisitions west of production. Mobile Infirmary of Zeppelin is meant to expand the landfill Ministry of Defense, where it will be

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Tornadoes in the United States: photo

The sky before a tornado in Salayne, Kansas.

Tornado is directed toward highway 135 near Maundridzha, Kansas.

The wreckage of mobile homes in a park in Uichitto, Kansas.

Burning wreckage of destroyed mobile homes in Uichitto.

Lightning near the town of Apache, Oklahoma.

Doctors examine the victim in the park houses in Uichitto.

The devastation caused a tornado in the area of mobile homes in the park Uichitto.

Tornado is moving to the city Salayna, Kansas.

Photographer dealing prosecution tornadoes, lightning takes pictures in front of a tornado near the town of Apache, Oklahoma.

Several truck overturned on Interstate 29

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This year will go into service Airborne 10 mobile automated systems EW «Leer-2»

TSAMTO, January 14. From 14 to 19 January on the basis of a separate special purpose regiment of the Airborne Troops (VDV), stationed in Moscow Kubinka, with experts collects electronic warfare (EW) units and Airborne. As told in the press service of the Office of disk imaging and Defense Ministry, the main purpose of the collection — improving the level of training of Prof. calculations portable automatic technical control systems, simulation and electronic jamming electronic facilities «Leer-2.» At the gathering attracted chiefs calculations and drivers operators complexes «Leer-2» 31-th separate air assault brigade, the 98th Airborne Division and special

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