As the United States went to war in 1917, it was immediately understood that methods of moving men and materiel was of paramount concern. Never before in the history of the United States had it mobilised the number of men and equipment to a foreign shore as it did in 1917-18. New (and finicky) automobiles and trucks were used to convey everything from men, field equipment, supplies, kitchens and the wounded once in theatre. But a heavy reliance on the tried and true method of animal-drawn carts that were smaller, lighter, more robust and dependable also proved prudent. All types

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The Messenes Model

In the heart of Staffordshire’s Cannock Chase lies a tangible reminder of the area’s use as a ^ training ground in the First World War. For there, hidden for generations, lies a scale model of the Belgian town of Messines, the scene of the great British offensive in June 1917. Lee Dent and Richard Pursehouse reveal the story behind the model and the recent investigative excavations.

Take a look at any map of Great Britain, locate the county of Staffordshire and you will find Cannock Chase clearly marked. Surrounding this area you will find the towns and villages of Stafford,

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The Colt Model 1903

The approach to what we now call a «carry gun» was much different a generation ago. In those halcyon days, most folks tucked a neat little break-action revolver in their waistband or dropped a slim semi-auto in their pocket and went about their business. No one thought this was a menace to civil society. Such practices didn’t evoke mass hysteria in the media, nor were they considered dangerous by anyone, except crooks.

The choice of defensive calibers was also much different then. It was determined not only by the petite size of the typical handgun, but also because high-powered antibiotics

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T-55. Bruno Carsuzaa converts the 1:16 Hooben T-55A

Not wanting to confine myself to the WWII period, I was looking for an original modern subject. Unfortunately, modern tank kits in the 1:16 scale are very few, so when I saw the first photographs of the T55-A kit from the Chinese brand HOOBEN, I did not hesitate. This tank, thanks to its exceptional longevity makes it possible to model a vast number of versions from many different conflicts. Eventually I decided to model the Iraqi Enigma version because of its futuristic shape, its rarity and for the pleasure of making the additional armour from scratch. After several weeks of

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Sonus Faber Elipsa Red


При создании Sonus Faber Elipsa Red применены технологии и материалы, использующиеся в производстве музыкальных инструментов. Да и сама акустика выглядит как необычный струнный инструмент.

ТЕКСТ Максим Наумов

Полное имя данной модели вполне итальянское: Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa Red Violin. Sonus Faber — это, несомненно, фамилия, обозначающая древний итальянский род, из которого происходит акустика. Elipsa Red Violin — имя собственное, причем само название Elipsa характеризует профиль корпуса, а два последних слова обозначают тип отделки (красное дерево, покрытое специальным лаком, использующимся обычно при изготовлении скрипок). Ну и, наконец, Cremona — это что-то вроде отчества, обозначает принадлежность акустики к одноименной серии.

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Runner-up BY A NOSE

During the Bedford production run, which continued until the 1980s, some 551,866 TKs were built, but close on its heels, with more than 520,000 coming off the production line, was the Bedford T J Perhaps even more remarkable was the fact that production of the T J actually outlasted the company which had developed the model, and later versions were still being produced in the 1990s many years after the demise of Bedford itself. The designs and tooling were picked up by AWD and Marshall, and these two companies, which continued to produce the T J for the expert market,

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Pushing Boundaries

MIT sets out to prove its unconventional airliner delivers the benefits promised

Aircraft all look the same these days because the traditional tube-and-wing shape works well, both technically and operationally. To convince manufacturers to change direction would take a compelling demonstration of the benefits of a different approach.

A team led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a stir in 2010 when it unveiled an unconventional «double-bubble» airliner concept, claiming it could reduce fuel burn by 49% relative to today’s Boeing 737-800 without resorting to any advanced technology, and by a whopping 70% if it incorporated all the exotic

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Prorab 4212

Классическая по своим функциям модель оснащена всем необходимым для решения традиционных задач. Мощности 510-ваттного электромотора достаточно для пропилов в древесине (до 65 мм) и её производных, стали (до 8 мм), цветных металлах, пластике. Электронная компонента представлена системой регулировки частоты ходов — их выбирают в интервале от 500 до 3000 в минуту. Во время эксплуатации нередко требуется устанавливать баланс между скоростью пиления и его качеством. Для этих целей используют маятниковый ход. Предусмотрено четыре ступени, включая нулевую.

Рукоятка лобзика снабжена мягкой накладкой — минимальное, но не лишнее удобство. В задней части модели размещён патрубок — к нему подсоединяют пылесос, если работа сопряжена

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Morel Sopran


Флагманская модель Morel Fat Lady является, без сомнения, самой яркой и запоминающейся акустикой в линейке компании. Morel Sopran стоит дешевле, но во многом схожа с легендарной «толстушкой».

ТЕКСТ Максим Наумов

Внешний вид у модели Sopran действительно эффектный и запоминающийся. В обводах корпуса, фактически не имеющего ни единого квадратного сантиметра плоской поверхности, легко угадываются фирменные черты старшей модели. Корпус изготовлен из композитного материала, включающего в себя карбон и стекловолокно. В сочетании со сложной формой это обеспечило исключительную прочность и жесткость корпуса. Характерной особенностью конструкции является отсутствие какого-либо внутреннего заполнения и использование линейного фазоинвертора на СЧ-секции. Таким образом, по мнению

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Shanghai’s current metabolism manufactures a city of uneven pockets, in which glass skyscrapers overlook rooftop shanties and dusty building plots overturn low-rise back streets. The area around the recently opened Rockbund Art Museum, near the north strip of the Huangpu River, witnesses this patchwork urbanism.

Leading up to the museum’s entrance, a 165m-long scroll hangs, tracing a half-real, half-imagined panorama. Traditional in form, the scroll, Analogical City Made in Shanghai, announces the exhibition and visualises the prevalent paradigm of old as a backdrop to new.

Model Home is a display of a work – and a city – in progress.


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