Inside the Lunar lander.

The Lunar Module was the first manned spacecraft specifically built to deliver men to the Moon.

This two-stage spacecraft was built by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation to ferry two astronauts and scientific equipment to the surface of the Moon. The 6.7-metre (22-foot) tall craft had an aluminium frame with titanium fittings and was covered with layers of aluminised Kapton and aluminised Mylar to provide thermal protection against micrometeoroids.

The Apollo Command Module carried it into lunar orbit, and two of the three crew transferred to it and used the descent engine to land on the Moon. After deploying scientific

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Become a Dr.Rex power-user

The Dr.Rex is one of Reason’s unsung heroes, great for everything from backing to experimentation. Hollin Jones slices it up…

The Props have created a number of important technologies that many of us take for granted — and without which our lives would almost certainly be more fiddly. There’s ReWire, of course, the invisible protocol for streaming audio and MIDI between Reason and other DAWs, and also the REX format. ReCycle was actually one of the company’s first major software releases — a standalone application for analysing and slicing up audio loops and saving them in a format that had

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8W+8W Stereo Amplifier Module

An endless variety of stereo amplifiers arc available in the market. But the prices of good quality amplifiers, equipped with graphic equalisers etc, are not within the reach of all audio enthusiasts. The cheaper varieties are generally based on discrete transistors, and suffer from drawbacks such as uncontrolled hum, ineffective tone controls, poor bass response, thermal runaway etc. The use of interstage transformers in such circuits reduces their versatility.

This article describes the functional and constructional details of a compact and complete solid-state stereo amplifier module, which is capable of providing an output of over 8 watts into each channel.

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Prototypes of machines «Typhoon-K» from KAMAZ

«KAMAZ» in a press release on a working trip to company President Rustam Minnikhanov July 29, 2013, published a photograph taken 2-new prototype armored vehicles with 6×6 and a load capacity of 4 tons made at KAMAZ under ROC «Typhoon» by programmke «Typhoon-K» — Machine body KamAZ-63969 and KamAZ-63968 frame. As reported previously in the active order of «KAMAZ» developed and made two recognizable layout standard machines that are running tests. As a result, «KAMAZ» received the Russian Ministry of Defense contract to develop the design documentation and production in 2013 2-prototype designated machines in processed form. Experienced certain standards,

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Khrunichev Center finished the assembly of the new module Science for the ISS

Experts Khrunichev Center completed the assembly of multi-purpose laboratory module "Science" (MLM) for the International Space Station (ISS) and sent him for further tests at RSC "Energia", the press service center.

The module "Science." Photo c-tra Khrunichev

"The work on the fabrication and assembly of the flight product multifunctional laboratory module (MLM) for the International Space Station. During the night of 6 December 7 unit was sent to the RSC" Energia "for further electrical testing of onboard systems," — said in a statement.

Khrunichev Center Specialists are responsible for the operation of the module body, its propulsion system, thermal

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TransMashHolding deliver 16 locomotives to the Baltic TEM-TMH

According to the signed contracts before the end of the first quarter of 2013 TransMashHolding put Lithuanian railways and SILPORT (Estonia) 16 module shunting locomotives TEM-TMH.

Under the agreement, TransMashHolding passes teplovozokomplekty TEM TMH his partner — Vilnius locomotive depot and undergo final assembly and commissioning, after which the locomotives come to consumers. All locomotives will be equipped with diesel engines Caterpillar, the relevant environmental standard Euro IIIA.

Locomotives TEM TMH supplied to the Baltic countries since 2010. To date, 17 of these machines work on Lithuanian railways and 1 — in SILPORT.

TEM-TMH — the first in

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Transas is a modern 3D VTS module

Company "Transas" market is an improved version of the module three-dimensional visualization of the situation in the area of the system review. First demonstrated in 2008, to date feature 3D VTS significantly refined and successfully implemented in a number of projects.

This function adds a number of developments "Transas" providing transportation and navigation safety in ports and coastal areas. This product provides a full-scale three-dimensional representation of the situation in the navigation area of the VTS in real time. Visualization is performed in a separate window display modules Carrier VTS.

At its core, 3D visualization module is

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TMB-2 successfully tested

Multi Purpose Vehicle TMV-2 successfully withstood the performance tests. Opportunities traction unit cars produced by Uralvagonzavod checked under the existing depot.

Testing ground was the "Carriage Repair Company 3" in the city of Kurgan. Representatives of the "CRC-3" on the results of tests appreciated the unique unit of production Uralvagonzavod.

On a par with the shunting locomotive TMB-2 rail cars moved along the rails, platforms, tanks. This automatic couplers used both devices arranged at the front and rear portions of the module. During the test, the TMB-2 broke its own record. If the

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«Tor-M2KM» (9K331MKM) — modular air defense missile system began testing

New «Thor» came out on the tests. Anti-aircraft missile system «Tor-M2» inspect in at Kapustin Yar.   It is designed to protect the fundamental objects of the air strikes. The complex consists of 2-modules — autonomous and anti-aircraft combat with 4 guided missiles.   Combat crew — two people. To complicate the puzzle crew «Torah» NIGHT MODE spent shooting, according to the website of TV «Star».   Complex weighs 15 tons and can be mounted on at least some suitable truck as it can be deployed permanently on rooftops and even on the deck of the ship.    The composition

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Specialists of Tethys Pro tested the AUV Gavia

The main differenceAUV "Gavia"— Modular design that allows you to change the configuration and make an adjustment in accordance with the requirements of the machine operations. It is possible to add various elements or remove them depending on the task. Powered by one or two batteries. Charging a battery of 8 hours of continuous operation. On a single charge the drone can be examined carefully to 500 sq.m.

In the space of the device is oriented with built-in sensors, they determine the distance to the ground and the depth of immersion, which can reach up to 1,000

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