The last inhabitants of Earth

People concerned about the fate of our planet, is usually counted the years remaining until the «extinction of the Sun,» which, according to scientists, is expected in about 5 billion years. Few people think about the fact that our star before his death will have time to warm up so that its heat will destroy all life on the surface of the earth long before this fateful moment, and only its inhabitants remain bacterial thermophiles can live and reproduce at temperatures above a hundred degrees Celsius. And humanity will likely be forced to seek refuge on other planets, or

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«Moments of Joy».

I am absolutely immaterial people. I do not know how to save money, will never know how much I have in my purse, and often falls because of this mess: I can dial into the store a mountain of products and find that in your pocket just a couple of lats.

I am on television cooking program (she is on vacation), and many recipes that do on-screen with your guests, repeat at home for the family. To please the home — the real happiness. We try to make each other surprises, without hesitation, how much to spend. More happiness

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125 Years of the Kodak Moment

Sitting atop of my desk is a beautiful Kodak Colorama. Untouched since purchase it stands more as a collector’s item than a physical camera body. In its heyday the Colorama, amongst other big shooters such as the Instamatic and Brownie, revolutionised photography for the Average Jo and introduced the craft to the mainstream at a snippet of the price of professional bodies that used to require some muscle to shift around. The name George Eastman has become synonymous with photography to everyone from high school drop outs to imaging extraordinaires, and in one form or another we have all come

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Damascus acquires new MiGs

Our homeland will put the government of Bashar Assad modern fighters Moscow is the Syrian delegation. In the midst of discussion with the management of RF issues — supply weapons to Syria. Correspondents weekly «MIC» report to: CEO RAC «MiG» Sergei Korotkov told reporters in Lukhovitsy that refers to the purchase of more than 10 fighters MiG-29M/M2 functional, and our party will satisfy the request of the official Damascus.                                                              

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In Lukhovitsy presented the new MiG-35

In June 2013 Russian company «MiG» must sign a contract with the Ministry of Defence to supply new features of the MiG-35. For three years scheduled for release almost 30 such aircraft. New company is ready to fight funny day and NIGHT MODE immediately hunt down up to 30 targets and 6 storm of them. Recently the MiG-35 is presented in Lukhovitsy near Moscow. New multi-purpose fighter, the MiG-35 was taxiing to the runway. Small run, luxury takeoff and descent for a small climb — «loop», «barrel», aerobatics. Behind the wheel — CEO of «MiG» Sergey Korotkov, second pilot —

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SERBIA stopped buying Su-30 fighters

Our homeland and Serbia stopped negotiations on supplying Balkan country of functional Su-30 fighters. This in an interview to RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Alexander Mikheev. According to him, negotiations on supplying warplanes conducted a little earlier, but that Serbia «had difficulties with financing.» Meanwhile, in the current time is in Belarusian Baranavichi party of 18 Su-30K fighters returned India on the system «trade-in» in exchange for more advanced Su-30MKI. According to Mikheyev, the currently being consulted on the modernization of fighters and supplying them to Ethiopia. Details of negotiations Mikheev did not elaborate. He also did not

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«,» has calculated the most popular combat aircraft

The strategy of combat is now more space given to fighter aircraft, with «shoulders» which lays down the establishment of no-fly zones, suppression of enemy air defense and maintenance of ships and aircraft. For this reason the fraction of aircraft in the world trade instrument is almost 50 percent. «,» calculated fighters were armed in the world, and made the top 5 most of favorite aircraft. The main task that should do the fighters for a long time including the protection of ground targets from enemy aircraft, the conquest of the air, support the military and civilian aircraft and aviation

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The first serial ship MiG-29K/KUB for the Russian Defense Ministry began flight tests

Company «MiG» started flight tests of serial ship MiG-29K/KUB produced on municipal defense order. First flight of the prototype of the MiG-29KUB held in January 2007. Production aircraft for the first time flew in March 2008. Since 2009 JSC «RAC» MiG «delivers MiG-29K/KUB Indian Navy, reported RIA Novosti. Head of Flight Operations, chief test pilot Mike Belyayev said that during the tests the first MiG-29KUB built for the Defence Ministry, «virtually all of the updated system to function in accordance with the technical requirements.» General Director of JSC «RAC» MiG «Sergei Korotkov said that a successful start test production aircraft

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Airbase WEST «Khotilovo» on combat duty pair of upgraded MiG-31BM

TSAMTO November 7. Western military airbase neighborhood «Khotilovo» (Tver region.) On alert air defense intercede couple modernized interceptor MiG-31BM, AviaPort.Ru reports quoting the press release WEST. Interceptors will be involved in the planned flight aviation group «Khotilovo» and combat duty air defense air borders of Russian Federation. Until the end of this year at the air base also will be a modern training facility UGC-31BM created for training of young pilots on this type of aircraft. The simulator simulates a hundred percent and cabin management system modernized fighter, and allows pilots to work on the ground takeoff, landing, maneuvering in

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MiG-29K/KUB — new version shipborne fighter created for the aircraft carrier «Vikramaditya»

Official transfer of the aircraft carrier customer accomplished on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The distinguishing feature of «Vikramaditya» — His winged arms. Specifically developed for the aircraft carrier ship the latest version MiG-29K/KUB.   According to its characteristics, this plane was on today one of the best carrier-based fighters in the world. The main strike force at least some floating airfield — its carrier-based component. «Vikramaditya» has on board some of the best naval fighter of our time — single MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB double.   They are able to firmly defend your own ship and deliver a crushing blow to

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