Symbolic images

Designs on paper money serve as ambassadors for nation’s identity

Paper money has long served as a source of national pride, where famous citizens as well as official emblems and symbols turn up as design elements with some regularity.

Defining just what a national symbol is may not be a simple exercise. Ask an American to pick a pair of unique images representing the United States, and the bald eagle and Statue of Liberty would be high on the list.

Ask some Japanese to identify some American national symbols and many would probably name cowboys, Indians and the Wild West

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Q Acoustics 2020i


You’d be forgiven for thinking that the addition of an ‘i’ would indicate only a minor update to a product. Yet the ‘i’ added by Q Acoustics to the already accomplished 2020 speakers back in 2011 brought with it a raft of changes, from a brand new tweeter to a carbon fiber-featuring mid/bass cone, plus a revised crossover to tie it all together.

These changes were designed to put the 2020s back on top of the budget stereo speaker pile, and with two Awards now tucked into their belt it’s fair to say they worked.

The secret is the

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Word editor.

I somehow think that all the good things happening to us in the summer. When a lot of sun and heat, our protective crust diminishes, and we become more open and emotional. Summer — a meeting with friends, traveling, weddings, long walks on the beach or in the woods … Why am I? Oh, you just want as long as possible to stay in a comfortable, relaxed, enjoy the photos of brides in our magazine, and not to think about the long frosty winter and the introduction of the euro. The bride, by the way, we are dazzling («Wedding with

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Real money

Texas Court acknowledged BitCoin virtual currency for real money. This decision was passed by judge Amos Mazan as part of the proceedings fraudster Trendona Shavers.


The judicial system of America arranged otherwise, their courts are used to get to the point.

The bottom line is: Shavers committed a crime and should be punished. We can not allow such characters to seep through the holes in the bill. This could be a bad example for citizens.

The most popular in the US and Europe.

I would live in the world Trendon Shavers, who made a living by

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Graffiti notes

What makes people scribble love notes, trash politicians or go so tar as to stamp mysterious symbols on paper money?

As human beings we crave to leave a legacy, to somehow tell the rest of Earth’s residents, “I was here.”

That may be part of the motivation for people scribbling messages on Federal Reserve notes. The everyday pocket cash certainly gets around and anything out-of-the-ordinary attracts attention.

Examples of paper money with personal messages on them are often referred to as graffiti notes. Some people devote themselves to finding such notes just for the fun of it. Some like to

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NICOLE mantle (37 years) and her husband, Dean, with whom we met in the study dreamed of a safari in Africa. But they bought the house where the bathroom was in a terrible state, and it was decided that the adventure will have to wait. However, having heard stories about friends safari, the couple decided to still go to Africa — and spit on the bathroom!

It would seem to throw away money on safari instead of repairing at least unwise, but decades of research indicates an unexpected wisdom of such a decision. From the results of scientific experiments,

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Sun protection.

Want to bask in the warm gentle sunshine all summer? Then our advice will surely come in handy. We’ll show you how in the pursuit of a safe tan choose the best sunscreen for yourself and your baby.

Two types of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth’s surface — UVA and UVB. Strong «bites» radiation UVB: It causes burns. UVA radiation is less noticeable effect. From it there are no burns and redness, but it is guilty of the appearance of freckles, age spots and other signs of aging skin. Qualitative sunscreens must protect against UV rays of both species

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A fistful of dollars

Back in the day, or at least back in my day, the way to make money from your music was to send a cassette out (yes, I know I don’t look it but I am older than 35) almost at random, hope someone would sign you on the strength of it and become a superstar pop diva overnight. That’s what we did back then, but it didn’t work for me, nor did it with 99.99% of the rest of the poor sods who tried it.

Nowadays, thank the Lord, there are a stack of other ways to make money from

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If there rassredotachivanie, in other words a free education?

According to the Ministry of Education of Belarus for 2006 only from the teacher training institutions 23 cases considered alumni currently in the courts. These graduates have to pay the state for the training because they do not profit by the state for a certain job. A teacher training worth up to 18 million rubles.Ministry spokeswoman Zoya Yuzhik said:"In accordance with the position of higher education institutions, in this case, if the graduate is not listed in these funds in order volunteer 6 — month period, sent the case to the tribunal. Graduate receives orders and educational institutions, and calculation

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Poll: Why do people play casino?

Man: "Some of the people who walk into a casino wants to just relax. And usually they know how much money you can throw out there. Vacationed received epinephrine. And there is a certain section of people who rely constantly there to win. This can in principle be . For anyone missing fifty thousand to half a million and someone seems a little, and you need to play on. But those that althought win, should the brakes at a certain time. There’s also all the luck, but only a certain time. And then you start to play from the pocket

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