Elections in Mongolia has killed and wounded

According to him the election defeated the ruling People’s Democratic Party Tatar. In the Mongolian capital of the state of emergency persists.For many years, Mongolia presented as a successful example of post-communist transition — as measured Peninsula democracy between China and Russia.

More fundamental question, which had to decide parliamentary elections — how to dispose of rights to recently discovered minerals — in including Copper, gold and carbon. The opposition Democratic Party in his own election program there said that personal companies to have more rights in the acquisition of resources. A ruling party said, he wants retain municipal

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In Mongolia — color revolution?

According to local TV station, there was a pogrom in the building, a lot of the wounded, inside the blazing buildings — management representatives of the ruling party and journalists. Police used batons and tear gas, but has so far failed to bring the situation under control. President Enkhbayar Nambaryin evening announced implementation in Mongolia for four a day or emergency.At the same time as the chairman of the ruling People’s Revolutionary Party, Prime Minister of Mongolia Sanzhyyn Boyar and chairman of the opposition Democratic Party, the last Prime Minister Elbegdorj called for search "civilized solution to the situation." Opposition

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Britain in its history invaded 90 per cent of countries

As a result, a new study found that the British at different times invaded by almost 90 per cent of countries around the world.

An analysis of the history of almost 200 countries showed that only 22 of them did not survive the British Invasion.

The result of this analysis are described in a new book, "All the countries in which we have ever invaded: and only a few, to which we have not got."

Author Stuart Laycock researched all the nations of the world in alphabetical order, and studied the history of these countries in order to find

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Mongolia will "cold" experiment of the capital

Mongolia will "cold" experiment of the capital Weather and Climate

For a month in Mongolia will launch the project, which aims to address the negative impact of global warming. The experiment was funded by the government of the capital.

In Ulan Bator will place huge block of ice that will cool and humidify the city in the summer, slowly melting. Scientists hope to reduce the amount of energy consumed by air conditioning and adjust the volume of used water and water for irrigation.

During the experiment will be created artificial ice — thick ice layers in the Nordic countries through

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In the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia continues to flood

July 16, 2013. As reported by reliable sources of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, located in the northeast of China, the number of victims has spread to several kilometers flooding has reached 26 people. The flooding of vast areas was due not to stop several days of heavy rains that attacked the region in four of call.

According to statistics from the Service for flood control and drought, all of July in Inner Mongolia, the amount of rainfall greatly exceeds the norm, so that flooding is a logical consequence of the waterlogged soil. The most difficult situation is

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Mongolia will buy a few MiG-29

The Ministry of Defense of Mongolia intends to purchase from Russia four to five new MiG-29, ITAR-TASS quoted the magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology. According to the Minister of Defense of Mongolia Luvsanvandangiyya Bold, the purchase of military aircraft is planned for the end of 2011. "Procurement is part of our defense cooperation with Russia", — said the Bold made in favor of the Russian fighter selection. Currently, the Air Force does not have a Mongolian fighter MiG-29. In service with the military are eight fighter-interceptor MiG-21PFM and two training front-line MiG-21US. In the period from 1977

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Mongolia masters modern harvesters Rostsel’mash

Rostselmash starts supply to Mongolia harvesting machines VECTOR 420. First harvesters have already arrived in the republic, the station Darkhan. One of them will take part in the demonstration, which will be held in the main grain-producing region of the country.

Despite the increased interest in the current models, the most popular and widespread harvesting machine in Mongolia remains NIVA. Park harvesters country, which is about 1,000 units., Most of it consists of the harvesters. The biggest party in recent years — 40. — Carried out in 2009. In the opinion of farmers, harvesters are working fine. At the same

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In Buryatia completed road to the border with Mongolia

In Buryatia, completed construction and opened to traffic on the section of road A-340 Ulan-Ude — Kjahta — the border with Mongolia (km 205 — km. 219). This road is a priority not only for the Buryatia, but also for socio-economic development of the country. It is part of the international transport corridor China — Mongolia — Russia.

The work led Company "Ikat-Plus." On behalf of the People’s Khural of the Republic of Buryatia builders with completion of works congratulated the Speaker of the Parliament of the Buryat Matthew Gershevich. — This stretch of road has been successfully put

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AltSTU popular among foreign students

Young people come to the department of foreign students. In a technical college they will teach two years Russian language, and then can go to any other university in the desired department.

Thus, under agreements with universities in Bulgaria, Poland, Mongolia, China Technical University serves not only students, but also businessmen, civil servants and even the Russian language school, because it is the only university in the Altai region, which has a license for teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Currently, engineering students are about 500 people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India and

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During the six months WEC exported to Mongolia, more than 166 million kWh elektronergii

The Russian electricity is used in Mongolia mainly to cover peak loads and power supply in isolated border areas of the country.

In the first half of 2012 JSC «Eastern Energy Company", which is a Russian operator of electricity exports to the Far East, Mongolia has put in more than 166 million kWh of electricity, which is 89% more than the same period last year (in the first half of 2011 the volume of exports amounted to 88 million kWh). Overall, during 2011, in Mongolia exported more than 263 million kWh of electricity. In 2012, shipments will

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