The monitor controller Drawmer MS2.1

In sale the new active monitor controller Drawmer MS2.1 for stirrup pairs of monitors. The controller has four inputs, and it can connect up to 3 pairs of stereo monitors plus mono subwoofer, activating them at any time, in any order that is ideal for comparing options information or comparing themselves monitor.

Level controls on each channel ensures that any deviations output level of connected monitors will be compensated by providing an exact match levels between pairs of connected monitors; In addition, there are two built-in headphone amplifier and microphone for communication with the control room, all with individual level

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Georgia-Russia in a virtual reality

"A fascinating phenomenon I observed in the virtual environment Second Life September 9, 2008 Anyone who has visited the peninsula of" United Our homeland ", which is placed near the Kremlin and the shape resembles a bear, there could really see the dark bear. When approaching predator began generously let Georgian flags that when a discharge uniformly disappeared. But when you try to approach the bear began to constantly produce them in countless numbers. Creep up unnoticed animal I have not fortunate and the observed phenomenon assured that complex relationship between Georgia and Russia is currently expanding not only a

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United States began large-scale modernization of bombers B-1B

U.S. Air Force started the most ambitious modernization of bombers B-1B Lancer in the history of this aircraft, reports Defence Talk. Installation of new equipment on the aircraft is within applets SB-16 (Sustainment-Block 16). Bombers should get new information monitors, communication and control systems on-board systems. Operators whose jobs are placed in the rear B-1B, will receive 5 new high-definition color displays with the ability to display moving maps. Functional monitors will be integrated with on-board information system. In addition, operators will have real weapons QWERTY-keyboard and control systems. B-1B also receive a standard communications system Link-16, namely, station

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Opening IMAX cinema in Krasnodar

First in the South of Russia opened in IMAX cinema Cineplex "Seven Stars" chain of movie theaters "Monitor". The day before, in the "SBS Megamall" took "ajar", during which the Krasnodar journalists, bloggers and invited guests were able to see the film "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" in the format IMAX 3D.

On how prepared IMAX opening in Krasnodar, as well as plans for the future development director told a group of companies SBS Oksana Vikhrenko, Group CEO SBS Ruslan Ibragimov, CEO of cinema chain "Monitor" Rastorgouev Nicholas, director of film distribution "Monitor" Elena

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At SCC tested the device for the separation of production

In June 2013 in JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" passed the acceptance test monitor enrichment. Monitor enrichment — a device designed to monitor the enrichment of uranium hexafluoride, with characteristics superior to domestic and foreign counterparts. The uniqueness of the instrument development, LLC "GROG" lies in its ability to work on the "bayou" with uranium of different brands. The device is stable in operation and compact. The accuracy and speed of measurement allows you to create on its basis a system of continuous monitoring of uranium-235 in the separation cascade production of uranium enrichment.  

Tests were carried

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In Krasnoyarsk began producing civilian drones

The creative team of student design bureau of the Siberian Federal University earlier this year opened a Research and Production Enterprise "autonomous aerospace systems — geo-services." The company is engaged in the design and manufacture of advanced unmanned aircraft system "Delta". Already made seven unmanned aerial vehicles, three of them are in the flight readiness, four await trial. In December of this year, Krasnoyarsk Regional Fund for scientific and technical activities allocated to the enterprise grant of $ 3.5 million. These funds will be rasshiriren staff and organized mass production.

Technical Director of NPP "AWACS-Geoservis" Ivan

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In St. Petersburg, created a mobile laboratory for environmental assessment

Experts of the Energy Research Institute ONTI SPbSPU created ekologoenergeticheskuyu mobile lab that allows you to quickly get the results of the analyzes for each of the pollutants that professionals can quickly develop a plan in place to eliminate the consequences of environmental pollution, in addition, by the laboratory can also be applied to calculate environmental damage .

Lab created on the basis of car Scania, so that the whole range of analyzes can be conducted on-site environmental incident. Scientists in the autonomous life support system can continuously monitor environmental conditions.

It is assumed that, among other things, a

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On the basis of the Bashkir State University opened a Center for Space Services

On the basis of the Bashkir State University Center opened space services, the service is based on data from satellite monitoring of the Earth

This project is carried out on the basis of geographic information and web-portal technology. As the director of the Center of Shaykh Islam Kutushev, to represent the interests of the new structure in the country will Bashkir State University

"Modern space technologies give people a real opportunity with the orbital altitude online to monitor a variety of objects — bridges, power plants, industrial plants, architectural buildings, roads, — explained Shaykh Islam Kutushev. — You can use

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Downpour stopped the African mega-droughts

Strongest in decades drought in East Africa, which has brought the inhabitants of the continent to the brink of survival, the rain is over.

According to news channel 24, the most drought-affected areas of the Horn of Africa has fallen rain season is much stronger than usual. Such data are published international "Early warning of the threat of hunger," which uses satellite images to monitor changes in the weather.

In the latest survey, which was prepared by the organization, said that Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia spilled four times more than normal rainfall for this time of the

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Earthquake in Siberia will last for 2 months

The earthquake, which occurred yesterday afternoon, in the literal sense of "shocked" all Siberia. According to the Director of the Geophysical Service RAS Victor Seleznev, these shocks can occur in the immediate vicinity of the power plant.

— Yesterday, at a distance of 500 km from Novosibirsk in the Republic of Khakassia earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 points. Energy class — 14, it means — to allocate 10 to 14-degree joules of energy, which corresponds to a single bomb dropped on Hiroshima, — said Victor S.. — When the earthquake occurred, the more such a unique, followed by the

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