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The Distraction Monkey

Don’t let him get to you

SOME PILOTS ARE METHODICAL and thorough when doing a preflight inspection. Some are not.

And some, like me, find it difficult to stay focused and are always feeling the urge to get the preflight over with and get into the air. It’s like a monkey on your back. He appears when I’m first moving the airplane out of the hangar, jabbering away and urging me to just hurry up and get flying.

Usually, he confines himself to, “There’s never anything wrong with that,” or “Look! Everybody else is gonna take off now.” Although I’ve

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Midlife crisis in monkeys

Psychologist Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh, explores the mood gorillas

What determines the psychological wellbeing of orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees?

Weiss: First of all ages. This change can be represented as a curve in the form of the letter U. The peak falls on the youth drop — in the middle age, and then re — growth. By the time the period of emotional downturn coincides with the so-called «midlife crisis» in humans.

How did you set it? After all, monkeys do not go to a shrink …

The findings are based on observations zookeeper Australia, Japan

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Man — ape experiments continue?


In 1978, a well-known geneticist Academician NP Dubinin during a trip to the U.S., his American colleague told me that they have conducted experiments on breeding hybrid of a man with a monkey and a positive result have to wait long. The scandal broke out in the late 80s, when the domain of the European press was the information about the experiments conducted in the United States. At the initiative of the French president in Paris was even assembled a national committee on bioethics, his decision prohibiting a three year research work on

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Chimpanzee testicles rejuvenate human


In the early twentieth century, the world was mired in the first passion for remaking rights. The results were soon to appear: Russian, French and Austrian clean-Ravens Steinach to rejuvenate spent hundreds of monkey testicular transplants people. But in the 1940s, for ethical reasons, these experiments have been banned.

Fixed idea "we can not wait for the mercy of nature, take them from her — our task" (breeder Ivan Michuryn) wrongly associated only with the new Soviet government. In the same piggy bank is "Heart of a Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov (especially the eponymous film), which is

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Shocking astrological predictions for the year 2004




Next year, we expect you four eclipses — 19.04, 4.05, 14.10 and 28.10, which is usually fatal impact on the fate of the inhabitants of our land. However, not all — some are lucky, and for them the eclipse will pass unnoticed … The year 2004 will

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Monkey Special Forces scared Yankees

The Afghan Taliban have used a secret weapon — an armed group of macaques and baboons The Chinese government's information website on the British language People's Daily Online published an article on the use of Afghan Taliban trained monkeys to fight the South American servicemen. It is reported that in the Taliban army created a special unit of macaques and baboons, which local residents are caught in the tropical undergrowth and sell Taliban. Young primates are sent on a secret base for the training course, during which the technique is applied punishments and rewards (bananas and sticks). Monkeys and

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Drunkenness we inherited from animal ancestors

So consider the American geneticists have studied the genomes of humans and monkeys — modern and fossil. Ape, according to scientists, is addicted to alcohol for the first time 10 million years ago.

You need to choose and buy a funeral wreaths? Then, to get the mourning wreaths on the site you will be able

This occurred when the monkeys came down from the trees to the ground — apparently in search of food. In fossil apes that lived in that period, for the first time appears the enzyme that

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The origin of the AIDS virus

Where there was virus Human immunodeficiency is still not completely clear, although the history of the epidemic has been studied quite well. It is known that the disease came from somewhere in the African jungle, but until recently stayed in the wilds of Africa, all of the studies. At this, the initial, phase concentrated efforts of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Beatrice Hahn and George Shaw.

At first there were monkeys … and not only do they

The generally accepted view is that AIDS originated among the chimpanzees. A few decades ago, the disease spread

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Geometry NAZCA: Probing location? (Part 5)

And now a few examples of how the search was made of high-power stations in the final stage of the ones who did it all. Among the images of Nazca researchers identify the type of pictures that are conventionally referred to as "whips". This is — a very narrow triangles or "road", to one end of which is attached a thin winding or zigzagopodobnaya line. "Whips" are usually linked with symbolic images, but they were later deposited. Consider a few examples of such structures.


Example 1. Drawing of a typical

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Survivor Season 2: Lost watch online

Who is fighting for the survival of our heroes have in Malaysia. They need to survive on a desert peninsula in the South China Sea 41 day — no food, matches, tools, guns. They are 20 and 55 are selected from thousands of volunteers. Now they have two families — elephants and monkeys. They will survive, relying only on their own — to get food and water to protect themselves from the elements, poisonous snakes, insects and other neighbors in the jungle. Every third day or they can expect a test, in which the fate of the protective totem.

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