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Coming insurrection monkeys?

British scientists are concerned about the experiments that their colleagues around the world are on animals. During the experiments, the researchers transplanted our younger brothers, especially monkeys, human tissues and genes. This, in turn, could lead to a dangerous humanizing animals: they will have the mind like our own, and even be able to talk!

Therefore, researchers need to develop new ethical and legal rules governing such experiments. "We have to submit the matter to the public before something irreparable happens," — says geneticist at Cambridge University, Professor Martin Bobrou.

British Academy of medical scientists, as the concerns of the

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12 Monkeys Film

2035 … Monstrous, incurable virus has destroyed five billion people, or 99% of the population. The survivors are forced to live underground. Convict James Cole voluntarily dangerous journey to a time machine. He must go back in time to help scientists find the source of this terrible virus and solve the mystery of the mysterious "Twelve Monkeys" …

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UK: some monkeys are found to reproduce the makings of speech




Scientists from the British University of St. Andrew (University of St Andrews), the German Humboldt University (Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin) and the Baltimore Zoo (Baltimore Zoo) published a study that showed that some of the structures in the throat that are required for people to talk about,

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The Indian invasion Shimla monkeys

NEW DELHI, Sept 30 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. The famous Indian resort town Shimla, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is suffering from an invasion of monkeys reported Friday news agency IANS.

Monkeys get into the house, take everything that is in the refrigerator, steal food, ruin gardens, even attack people on the streets and bite them, says media.

"Six or seven years ago, the monkeys are caught and transported to the forest, but now, after their population grew in the woods, they came back," — said the agency representative of the Department of Wildlife Gulati.

Residents of

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Discovered a dangerous virus that can be transmitted from monkey to man

Scientists have identified a new virus that caused the outbreak of a deadly pneumonia among monkeys at the California Primate Research Center, and found that it can be transmitted to humans and further between people, according to an article published in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

In May 2009, the California National Primate Research Center (California National Primate Research Center — CNPRC) outbreak galloping pneumonia, accompanied by hepatitis in South American monkeys — red jumpers (Callicebus cupreus). In 23 of the 65 monkeys developed pneumonia and hepatitis, and 19 of them, despite treatment, died or were euthanized. One of the center's

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Novosibirsk zoo awaits first offspring langurs in two or three years

Novosibirsk Zoo, which was the first in Russia, decided to breed monkeys, langurs phyllophagous expects from recently imported from Tashkent, the first offspring of a pair of two-three years, told RIA Novosti head of the department of tropical animals Julia Konovalov.

According to her, two glasses clouded langur — eighteen months year-old female and male — taken from a zoo in Tashkent in the framework of exchange of animals.

Konovalov noted that the monkey was first taken to Russia.

Previously, zoos were mainly engaged in cultivation of other species of monkeys. "Who decided to diversify kind leaf-eater" — representative said,

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Chimpanzees are crazy in zoos

The authors of the study published in the journal PLoS One, point out that many chimpanzees that are in captivity, there were cases of strange behavior — for example, some monkeys inflicted self-mutilation, and other long danced on the spot, and other symptoms that occur in people with mental illness . One would assume that the reason for all the bad animal welfare, but strange behavior was observed even chimpanzees living in a very nice zoo, but wild animals always behave normally. "Deviant, that is not relevant standards of conduct was observed only in animals that are kept in

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Unenviable fate

Thousands of monkeys are on crowded farms in Laos — are sold for research in international laboratories. Such information published British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, BUAV), the agency France Presse.

According to BUAV, in 2004, Laos exported nearly 35 thousand long-tailed macaques. Appalling living conditions on farms and treatments, there used to violate internationally recognized guidelines for animal welfare.

Experts BUAV, the investigating, found dead just some monkeys in cages, while others were either depleted or have suffered from hair loss and wounds. Zoozaschitniki believe that some monkeys are not bred

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In the U.S., more details were revealed horrific experiments on monkeys

Laboratory in the U.S. has been accused of cruelty to the monkeys. Animal lovers have published a video that served as the basis for a complaint to the biomedical laboratory in Washington.

Anonymous informant who provided data and video with horrifying facts tests, drugs, and the terrible consequences of this. In addition, given the facts of torture of animals in the laboratory in Everett.

The use of animals to test new drugs and other medical purposes is legal in the U.S., but at the same time, there is a law on the protection of animals …

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A man came out of the water


According to the official version of the evolutionary origins of human, monkey, lacking food, moved from endangered forests in the savanna. This gave her upright posture and brain development.

This version is very good, when viewed in the context of Darwin's theory, but there is a fair question: why no other species of monkeys in the desert did not go? After all, they, too, had no food!

Science also can not give an explanation, where and why there were many features that distinguish us from the apes. Rather, the explanations were, but have

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