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Alexander Vershinin

It seems that the situation in Ultima Online a little stub lysed. Sorry users stopped shouting that the game is impossible, as its defenders stopped offering offenders diapers and Klerasil. I calmed down and the team Origin, ceasing to release new patches each day. In the online Bagdad all is quiet.

Behold, it was necessary to know the beginning, has already been discussed earlier (see. # 2’98). Many things change from patch to patch, but the essence of the game remains the same, so the current focus on things descriptive hints — such as the characteristics bipdeop’ov. In

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Man — ape experiments continue?


In 1978, a well-known geneticist Academician NP Dubinin during a trip to the U.S., his American colleague told me that they have conducted experiments on breeding hybrid of a man with a monkey and a positive result have to wait long. The scandal broke out in the late 80s, when the domain of the European press was the information about the experiments conducted in the United States. At the initiative of the French president in Paris was even assembled a national committee on bioethics, his decision prohibiting a three year research work on

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Sea monster … or not?



For example, I hope it's just an illusion, or I would not swim in the sea. However, the original owner claims it is a monster who was thrown into the sea at the nearby beach. Discovery Channel also claimed that unbelievable sea creatures live in deep water, and that we are not aware of their existence. This is probably one representative … but I doubt it. Decide for yourself.


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Is there a monster in Loch Ness?

Perhaps there is no better known in the world of monster than Nessie of Loch Ness in Scotland. The first mention of this unknown animal was obtained as early as 565 AD Since there are many references, witness statements, photos, which show something like animal with a long neck and two humps. On the lake for many years under investigation and the search for the unknown occupant. Around this creature created many secrets, legends and stories.

Still, scientists are inclined to believe that the Loch Ness monster — no more

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Monster of Icelandic legends

Icelandic farmer incredibly managed to shoot the monster that looks like a giant worm that crawled across the frozen surface of Lake Lagarfljot.

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The most interesting is that the locals is not a bit surprised that fact. In this lake before seen a monster resembling a snake.

Among Icelanders long is a legend about how the monster appeared

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In the South Urals are looking unseen beast


27.05.11.Zagadochnoe incident shocked Kopeysk. At night, at two sites in the private sector were killed, more than 60 rabbits. Since cells disrupted loop torn steel bars. Pet owners claim that wielded unprecedented beast. According to descriptions like Chupacabra. Scientific evidence of its existence there, but the legend of the monster go to America, Ukraine, and now the South Urals. Neighbors and Glukhovo Lobyni wondering what kind of animal made a brutal massacre on their sites. Unknown animal choked about 60 rabbits. In one of the families miraculously survived a couple of young and female with the male, the second

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Erich von Daniken — Stone monsters. Online

This transfer Erich von Daniken will tell you about the parade cannibals about the dolmens in South America, the Temple without stories about pictures, riddles in stone, of the steam-robots…

Watch Erich von Daniken — Stone Monsters

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The younger sister of the monster Nessie

In a couple of hours' drive from Loch Ness, in the high edge of Highland, framed by green mov ¬ cold, covered with heather and rare pine thickets, extends the deepest lake in Scotland — Loch Morar.


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It is in its crystal clear waters inhabited by "little sister" Nessie —

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Canadian Loch Ness monster captured on video

November 13, 2011 22:22

In the Canadian province of British Columbia living relative of the Loch Ness monster. At least, are sure of the locals who noticed the mysterious creature in Lake Okanagan.

Canadian Richard Hulse showed the world images in which, in his opinion, is depicted bathing the 12-meter Canadian cousin Nessie, reported IA "Rosbalt". An unexplained phenomenon is similar to a simple ripple on the water, but residents claim that the ripples can not be in a location of the lake and have the strange elongated. So all felt that this large contours and darker sea creature, or

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At the bottom there are the remains of the Yakut lake monster

February 2, 2013 15:07

By Lake Labynkyr. Photo by Vladimir Medvedev.

Russian scientist Dmitry Schiller sank to the bottom of the Yakut Labynkyr Lake — one of the coldest in the world, according to RBC. Intrepid explorer managed to videotape, and collect samples of vegetation. In addition, using telezonda scientists made an interesting discovery — at the bottom of the lake were found fragments of the jaw bone of a large animal. For more information on this discovery, the expedition promised to tell later.

In the Russian Geographical Society hopes that the immersion gets into Guinness Book of

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