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Cat burglar forced to surrender to police


The robber, on account of which already had several convictions, decided to continue his criminal career. But his plan was foiled cat, to intimidate would-be thief to death. A resident of Benesti, located in Romania, managed to visit places not so remote, but the lesson did not go for the future — a repeat offender continued to systematically violate the law. In one of the serene spring day in 31-year-old Marius Ionescu, strolling down the street, spotted a house that is very interested ushlogo robber.

The man began to follow the inhabitants of the property

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In Dnovskoms raging blood-sucking monster

November 4, 2012 4:48

In Dnovskom's raging blood-sucking monster.

It turns out that two weeks ago, a local resident Armen Barkhudaryan, woke up this morning, I saw not the usual eye picture — rabbit in a cage, and the fragment of a horror movie.

All of its 18 rabbits October morning in the garden lay flat folded to one another.

— I went and looked — said Armen — they were dead. Called a neighbor invited him to take rabbits and feed it to the dogs. But when he began to butcher the carcasses of dead animals, it

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Loch Ness monster again photographed

August 4, 2012 18:05

Mysterious inhabitant of the depths of Loch Ness again "lit up" in front of the camera. Military experts have recognized that the picture shows a "living thing."


In the UK, published another photo of the famous Loch Ness monster. Snapshot of a strange object over the curved surface of the lake belongs to the owner dinghy George Edwards, writes The Sun.

According to Edwards, a mysterious creature was moving slowly through the water to the castle Urquhart — places not seen Nessie. Ten minutes later a man was watching "monster", after which

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In the sky — flying man

December 18, 2011 23:57

Batman does not happen only in the movies, sometimes creepy like creature with wings instead of arms is quite possible to find, in my seaside taiga

Batman does not happen only in the movies, sometimes creepy like creature with wings instead of arms is quite possible to find, in my seaside taiga. With the so-called "flying man" Primorye met another famous traveler and explorer Vladimir Arsenyev. About the meeting, he said: "My dog trailed behind. On the trail, I saw a bear track, very similar to the human one.

Alma bristled and growled, and

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Aliens disguised as humans

March 19, 2012 14:28

Perhaps you have met people in the appearance or behavior which were attended by something strange. And do not you come to my mind that they are aliens from another world? But ufologists, for example, put forward the following hypothesis. According to them, next to us may be being "masked" by ordinary people, but they are not.

Thus, in the early 1990s, many people in the UK visited the mysterious strangers, posing as members of non-governmental organizations for the protection of children. But in fact, they had to these institutions in any way. Children were sometimes

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Werewolves: Code of the Beast

February 11, 2012 16:12

In 1977, the U.S. news channels showed footage that shocked the whole country. Amateur camera captures the strange beast, unlike any one of the animal world. The monster came running out of the woods and attacked the man who was sitting in the car and shot the event on film. The recording was interrupted when the monster undershot operator throat … Werewolves — actual or stories about them — a kind of myths that have arisen on the basis of rare genetic mutations? A change may be worth toko temperatru body and …

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Lair of Bigfoot found in the U.S.

January 16, 2013 17:49

In the south-western U.S. state of Arizona in the forest was found the den, hidden branches of trees and grass. Presumably, this is the lair of the legendary Bigfoot or Yeti.

Photo: EPA

Researcher and expert on the study of Bigfoot Mitch Waite and his wife found out and videotaped allegedly abandoned lair of the Yeti. The small entrance to the den, leaving the ground, was found in the Tonto National Forest, in the valley of Mogollon, which stretches for 320 km south of Arizona. Presumably this is the lair of the legendary humanoid

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Ogopogo managed to shoot a video camera?

November 26, 2011 19:50

Okanagan — one of the largest lakes in Canada. It is, in fact, the residue of an ancient glacial lake, retreated about 10 millennia ago. But know this body of water, not only because it is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the province of British Columbia. In Okagane believe the local Indians, lives Ogopogo — "relative" Loch Ness monster.

What is the monster Ogopopo — no one really knows. They say that it resembles a hefty log greenish-brown color. According to one legend, once upon a time unknown

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Monster Milky Way. Online

With the outbreak of a massive supernova occurs one of the most mysterious phenomenon — black holeBlack holes have been … More recently the brainchild of science fiction writers, who in his writings described the terrible features of these cosmic monsters — the absorption of matter and energy. Not even light can escape their grip of! Today, scientists all over the world solve very difficult task — to prove the existence of black holes in the universe. How many of them? Where are they located? One of the unique experiments should answer the question —

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Werewolves of Burma

October 31, 2011 16:33

A Harold M. Young served for many years in the government of Burma (Myanmar since 2010) in the period when it was ruled by the British (mid-twentieth century), and had to work in the countryside, surrounded by Shan and Lahu tribes. It is from the Highlanders Young tavah first heard and then saw them — these mountain werewolves terrorizing the Lahu people, living in the jungle on the border between the northern part of Thailand and Burma.

When Burma's political turmoil began, Young had to leave. Gathering few belongings, but with a lot of baggage of

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