News events in Belarus: 3 — 10 September

September 4 will judge the 2-Malady — Salihorsk activist Ivan Shyla and Nesvizh activist Anastasia Azarko. According to article 193 of the Criminal Code, which previously had been convicted favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich — for his role in an unregistered organization."The regime has failed to stifle the" Young Front "in the center, in Minsk, and at the moment is trying to show his strength in the regions — in Soligorsk Nyasvizh in Baranovichi where it will be Sept. 10 Tribunal too. To really try to show their strength recently address and preferences, and the other day, "European march" — says

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Russian Government for the previously approved the issuance of credit to Belarus

According to Kudrin, the final decision will be made by the government in the form of amendments to the budget. At the moment the consideration of the criterion of the loan, including the loan amount. The Minister did not specify in what time frame can be taken decision.Of days in an interview on "Freedom" economist Alexander Chubrik said about the importance of Russian loan Belarus:"If these funds to invest in energy, then of course, that the economic impact will be more than some few percent, which must be to pay on the loan. This is the first and smallest argument

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IVM — an alternative to infertility

Back in 1935, American scientists Pincus and Entsmann proved that human oocytes recovered from the follicle, it may take all of the processes to mature outside the body of a woman. In 1965, the pioneer of in vitro fertilization (IVF), Edwards studied the possibility of a human egg maturation, fertilization and the ability to form viable embryos in the laboratory.

After more than twenty years after the birth of the first child "test-tube" there is an alternative to standard IVF — IVM method («In Vitro Maturation» translated to English means "ripening or maturation outside the body").

The questions

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New procedure for acquiring currency while ordinary people will not touch

Official dealer of the State Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that abstract concerns only entrepreneurs who wished Belarus would buy the currency to take her abroad and already there to start a business."Take it to a currency exchange or on the interbank market for Belarusian rubles he had not allowed. In other words, we are in the interests of the country reduce pressure on the money market, so we wish, that investments were in the country rather than abroad. Because after the entry into force of this annotation to waste their money on the projects can be cash proceeds and after

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Press Review: Monastery with presidential suite

Newspaper "Nasha Niva"Offers readers an exclusive material Sergei Hareuski under" Monastery with presidential suite. " The creator says that he got into the hands mysterious redevelopment project St. Joseph’s Church. In Last year Minsk authorities reincarnation monument XVII — XVIII ctagoddyav hotel complex had spent billion four hundred million rubles. For over 15 years the faithful pray that Catholics returned church, selected in 1863. The hotel has 84 rooms designed, parking and swimming pool. On the fifth floor — a presidential suite. "Rabies is the real estate market" — in an article under the headline journalist Tatyana Snitko examines the

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Utility bills have risen more than promised Lukashenko

Belarusians got back the week so called utility bills for January. Compared with the previous month, the amount increased by more than 10 bucks. Economist says, the last head of the city department of housing and communal services of Ivan Antashkevich. Antashkevich: "I have a difference of rent 27 thousand. This is more than 10 bucks. Clearly, authorities not fulfill promises — given the overall financial situation in the country, which was compounded by 5 billion dollars compared with 2006th. This is approximately 40 percent of the country’s budget. And then, what’s happening at the moment with utility services, then

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Autukhovich works driver

It continues the tradition of his office cab, he had to enter into. Find a job he owed under the terms of leniency.Do Autukhovich configuration in the labor room: on the wall appeared artistic composition with white-red-white flag and emblem of "The Chase". He reports that the current time is the driver, however, does not carry passengers. Funds have not yet received, but will be three thousand rubles."Under the guise of" "Nika-taxi" at the moment goes 31 machine — more than was once his own. All machines his former phone number — "22222." However, steel cab save reads Avtukhovich.Avtukhovich"Now is

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Flooding in southern Mozambique has affected 55,000 people

January 22, 2013. In Mozambique, rescuers evacuated more 50 thousand people due to heavy floods in the south of the country.

Authorities ask people to move to more safe places. According to their calculations, the disaster has affected 55 million man.

Recall that in February last year, the victims of the floods in Mozambique began 40 man. At least 120 million people in this southern African country suffered.

Floods in practically all regions of the state caused by a strong storm. The natural disaster has destroyed hundreds of buildings. More 56 thousand man homeless.

Mozambique regularly is at the mercy

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Watch the span of a meteorite in 2012 DA14 January 15, 2013

Watch the span of a meteorite in 2012 DA14 January 15, 2013

Well, that went well meteorite 2012 DA14 , that is good . But the residents of Chelyabinsk left with the impression that he is still down to earth, but not in the evening and in the morning, even when sleeping people swept away the shock wave from the bed, sprinkling the face and body caused by broken glass. Chelyabinsk meteorite , or rather the consequences of its explosion injured more than 1,200 people, as well as brought a loss of more than 1

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School: Facts and Figures

So, interesting facts and figures that characterize the modern school.

Public or private?

In Russia now, according to statistics, about 70,000 schools, with an enrollment of 20 million children. Coverage of general education in the Russian Federation is still, in spite of everything, one of the highest in the world and accounts for 81% of the population between the ages of 7 and 17 years inclusive. However, the total number of pupils in day schools by 2008-2010 will be reduced in comparison with 1999 by 30%. This situation is due to the reduction of fertility in Russia in the

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