Electricity supply in Moscow — a policy of increasing the reliability of

Delivering a speech at a meeting of the Moscow government

January 20, Deputy Head of the Moscow MTU

Employees of the Moscow MTU Technical supervision is carried out not only to supervise and control the construction of power supply facilities, and are often active participants in the construction, helping to place before the commissioning of facilities, to address issues related to ensuring the reliability and safety of construction projects and eventually by issuing a permit for their operation.

Analysis of work for 2006-2008 shows electro-growth in 2008, during which only electrical killed 14 people. Provided, however, in the Concept of

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To develop ultrashort sport.

Work on the amateur radio ultrashort waves, since the summer of 1955, has become much livelier. In the air there and began work on a regular basis, but with a long delay, the radio station of the Central Radio Club DOSAAF — UAZKBG; during the summer actively conducted communication ukavisty Moscow region: 064,004 (of Babushkin, the operator Korshunov), 064,010 (Reutov, Shish operator). Daily were also broadcast radio UAZAR (Dmitrov village) and 077,516 (village Usovo). Often you could hear the work stations 077 510 (operated by soldiers), 077 509 (operator Gorodetsky) and 064,002 (operator Nekrasov). But the revival that has occurred

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Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and a second category for all breeds of hunting dogs following comrades who have graduated from courses for dog handlers in 1961: JF Shishkov (Barnaul), GA Podyachevo (Vladivostok), GA Budylenko A. B. Geytsa, LM Kostyukova, RM Lobacheva AA Rovnina (Irkutsk), GV Osadchaya (Krasnoyarsk), AM Veselov (Kemerovo), VM Sergeev (Barrow ), JF Alekseev (Omsk), Grigoryev AT (Orenburg), AG Dultseva, PF Tarhaneevu (Sverdlovsk), IV Kudryasheva (Ulan-Ude)

AF Reshetnikov (Ufa), IA Teterin (Khabarovsk), BP Fedorov (Chelyabinsk).

Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and the second category of the following comrades prepared by


Irrigation of gardens in the Moscow region

Fruit growers, working in Moscow and in the adjacent areas, making sure that irrigation of gardens — a very necessary measure. But it has not yet received proper distribution.

The Moscow region is a zone of an unreliable moistening. In the study it was found that wet years as much and dry. For example, in 27 years (1936-1963) was a very dry year 4, dry — 8, medium moist — 7, wet — very wet 4 — 4 years. Maximum rainfall — 682 mm — fell in 1947, the minimum — 371 — 1938.

But even more unevenly distributed rainfall

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New maps and guides

Three new versions of the guest card in Moscow released a company WowMoscow & Moscow Pass in September 2013.

An updated map of Moscow Pass during the term of its action gives the user the right to a one-time visit 13 museums, bus tours Moscow City Sightseeing (ticket valid for 24 hours), a river cruise on the yachts flotilla «Radisson Royal» (daily flights). In addition, the card offers discounts in more than 100 restaurants, 14 tours and cooking class of traditional Russian cuisine, as well as bicycle rental and car rental, hotel accommodation and other necessary and interesting tourist

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Not far from Moscow

Recently in the press there are articles in which the authors argue that growing cities are a major cause of impoverishment ohotfauny. Is it so?

Last year, this writer had a chance to meet one of the hunting dawns three weeks after the opening of the summer-autumn hunting. It was a cool September morning, and in the autumn a long roll off the meadow fluffy carpet of fog. Somehow I do not believe that in this period, when the flight of northern ducks has not started yet, partly local shoot, and the rest is kept strong places and rarely

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MOSCOW — to grow flowers — blooming

Flower on the palm and around the blue of a cloudless sky …

In this symbol, there is probably an exaggeration. Moscow is considered one of the cleanest capitals in the world. It has become customary fishermen with fishing rods in the capital’s embankments, parks and gardens, full of flowers and greenery. For each Muscovite today have an average of forty-five square meters of green space, more than double the accepted norms. But Moscow is not only the center of science, art and culture, but also the largest industrial center. No one was surprised that nature coexists peacefully with

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Moscow of my childhood.

I lived on Plyushchikha, near Baksheeva Vasily Nikolaevich, who was with us at the Art School in memory of 1905 consultant. Russian painter, academician of painting, he studied with Valentin Serov, M. Nesterova, Alexander Arkhipov, K. Korovin, was friends with many famous artists.

Due to this circumstance, the school’s authority and instructed me to patronage of the famous master. This commission is often allowed to visit the house at Vasily Nikolayevich, to see his work and the work given to him by fellow artists who were covered all the walls of his small apartment. Old artist really loved his

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Specials Moscow

To sell tours to the capital profitable and promising for travel agencies. «Tourist Industry» to discuss topical theme with the leaders of the two operating companies among the leaders in the field of domestic tourism.

Increasing tourist attractiveness of Moscow’s apparent growth in tourist traffic in the capital, according to our statistics, considerable. I think now the main task — to increase the number of return tourists, the development of interest in Moscow among the different categories of clients of travel agencies. While the majority of tour operators prevail school groups. Parents want to show the children the Russian

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The plans of the Moscow underground to continue the reconstruction of the subway as usual

East lobby station «Revolution Square» Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro, closed on December 8 last year, will be opened after reconstruction and replacement of the escalators at the end of 2009.

— At the end of the year will open the lobby, and in September the start to the finish of the lobby at the same time starting the installation of escalators, — said the deputy director of the reconstruction of JSC «Metroinzhrekonstruktsiya» Alexander Logatchev. — Being redevelopment premises and repairs and restoration, that is, putting in order of finishing.

Entrance Hall station — object of cultural heritage.

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