With the addition. Fertility in Moscow broke the record

According to city officials, the birth rate in Moscow this year, compared with 2009 increased by 16 thousand people. For example, in 2009 in Moscow hospitals appeared 116 thousand babies in 2010 — 123 thousand, in 2011 — 125 thousand. 2012 broke all records demographics: about 132 thousand newborns appeared in the families of Muscovites.

At the same mortality rates as compared to the previous years has greatly decreased. In 2009 and 2011 they were 120 thousand, in 2010 — 126 thousand, and in 2012 — 112.5 thousand people. These data allowed us to talk about the natural

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Since the beginning of the year in Moscow built 41 kindergarten

Four sites in the 1832 general education seats in operation in Moscow for the Day of the city, told reporters on August 31, the head of the Department of Construction of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev.

Preschools, construction of which was completed in August, calculated on 1380 sites.

Most of the objects introduced in the south-east of the capital: at the intersection of Pererva and Marshal Golovanov, in the MCR. 12 Mariynskoe Park (District Marino) on the street. Zelenodolskaya, ow. 9, and the two objects — in the 1st Kuryanovskoy travel, ow. 21 (building 1 and 2). In the Northern

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In London you do not want

Then I saw people wrote below pros London. Now a little about the cons. I happen to live there, too, and learn.

1) There is no central heating system, as we have. That is in the house served only cold water, and electricity. So, if you live in central London it is usually worth burzhuyka in the house, it periodically buy a gas cylinder with a dear dear Gazkom from Gazprom itself and heated. Water tap and batteries is the same. That is podbavil Gazkom, it was warm in the room, went down to wash all the water warmed

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In Moscow again went snowfall

September 26, 2013. Today in Moscow airport "Vnukovo" snowfall was the second time in a row. Last night, witnesses reported snowfall in the metro station South West.

It is reported that the snow did not lead to problems with the movement of vehicles on the Kiev highway. So many early snowfall was not the first in Moscow. On the eve of witnesses have reported a slight snowfall in the metro area south-west.

The current differs in September in the capital of abnormal weather. September 24 was a broken record precipitation amount, established in 1885. And today it was announced that

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Bad weather stopped the Russian long-distance trains

Bad weather stopped the Russian long-distance trains Weather and Climate

International train with a message from Moscow to Beijing, passing located in Central Russia section of the road, had to stand on the tracks without moving for at least 4 hours. This station is the fact that the region has established severe weather conditions, after the cold snap rails so cold and freezed the movement composition was impossible and dangerous to passengers and employees Railways.

In addition to the train "Moscow-Beijing" for similar reasons delayed the road four international flights. Basically, it stops in the Nizhny Novgorod region,

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RAS prepare research papers for India (Moscow — New Delhi)

 Photo source:i-russia.ru

Department of Science and Technology, India in January, opens in New Delhi Russian-Indian Scientific and Technological Centre.

It should help Indian scientists and businessmen who want to cooperate with Russian colleagues. Such a center is already working in Moscow and provides legal, informational, and other non-profit support Russian and Indian scientific projects. Directs both centers combined collegial body from the Russian side it is coordinated by the Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Aldoshin, the Indian — Thirumalaachar Ramasamy, the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of India.

Centre plans to develop through

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In the business center Moscow City Tower skyscraper opened Empire

Moscow. November 22. First Deputy Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin, was opened on Tuesday Imperia Tower skyscraper in the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City".

Empire Tower rises above Moscow on 60 floors, its area — 300 sq m

 Photo source:webmoskva.ru

The "Moscow City" — one of the largest business centers in the world, bringing together in one system, multiple systems, "Federation", "Tower 2000", "Capital City", "Tower on the quay", "North Tower", "Eurasia", " Mercury, "" The Terminal, "" The Empire Tower ".

Vladimir Resin cut the red ribbon together with the head of the

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In Moscow each year to breathe easier

NIiPI ecology of the city presented the results of the study, which compared the ecological situation in Moscow and other cities of the world. Photo source:metronews.ru

The list of the eight capital cities of Russia finished fourth. The purity of the air gave way to Moscow Stockholm, Paris and Prague, while ahead of Kiev, London, New York and Hong Kong.

Studies have shown that 90% of toxic emissions in the atmosphere of the capital account for transport. And in the industrial and energy sectors — the other ten. It is noted? That air pollution by carbon monoxide (main

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Launched head tanker project RST25 «Alexander Shemagin

The descent of head oil tanker project RST25 «Alexander Shemagin" being built to order of "Moscow River Shipping" (MCI) to «Nobel Shipyard» (Rybinsk), held November 15, 2011. According to the press service of "the Moscow River Shipping", the transfer of the vessel to the customer is expected at the end of April 2012, the beginning of operation — from May 2012.

Vessels of RST25 — a new type of tanker "river-sea" class with increased environmental security and automation. The project is designed "Marine Engineering Bureau" (Odessa). The self-propelled oil tanker project RST25 equipped with 6 cargo tanks

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JSC ZIL will produce buses

The company Daimler Buses (Germany) and Moscow "Likhachev Factory" came to an agreement on the joint production of buses. Remove all the questions on the future of partnership companies intend for this year, then to come to grips with the design work and the organization of the production cycle. The meeting of representatives of the two automotive giants took place in the City Hall of Moscow. It was discussed production of buses in the Russian car. There is information that the parallel guide ZIL is in talks to co-operation with the Swedish Volvo Trucks.

Photo source:truck-auto.info


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