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Bulk Lesopovalny

Orange (white) revolution in Russia/ 19.07.2013

Power wisely defused one of the leaders of anti-state "swamp the opposition" …

Sentence to Alexey Navalnycaused a stir in the community, which was immediately divided into supporters and opponents of the decision rendered by the court. For some, the decision was purely political, others believe, in spite of the fact that Navalny took over for political reasons, have condemned him for something very real economic crime.   "Swamp" opposition immediately hurried to organize rallies in support of the convicted in major Russian cities. The intention of

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Russians are more concerned about the dominance of migrants in Russia

According to polls, 35% of respondents believe the national question — the main problem of the country …

The most serious threat to the country’s population of Russians believe Russia representatives of other nationalities, according toRBCdaily with reference to a new study polls.

Seriously concerned about the dominance of workers 35% of the respondents. Other disturbing Russians danger — the decline of culture, science, education (33%), potential environmental disasters (28%), terrorist attacks (28%), depletion of oil and gas (25%), the split within the ruling elite (24%), the extinction population due to low birth rates (23%)

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The scientific expedition of Vladivostok went to the Arctic

This is the first joint expedition of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) and Moscow State University. It is planned that the campaign will last about a month and it will be the purpose of Siberian Islands.

RIA Novosti reported. Gennady Shishkin

The vessel of the Maritime State University (MSU) Nevel "Professor Clustine" with students and teachers on board on Tuesday set sail from Vladivostok in a scientific expedition, during which the planned climate and environmental monitoring of the Northern Sea Route.

This is the first joint expedition of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) and Moscow

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In the suburbs will be built helicopter and Engineering Center

Helicopter and engineering center with total area of 40 thousand square meters. m will be built in Moscow in the second half of 2011, according to a press release published on the website of the government of Moscow region on Monday

"At present, the construction corps helicopter and engineering center with a total area of 43,300 square meters, which will house units JSC "Helicopters of Russia", Of "Helicopter Service Company", engineering offices JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil" and JSC "Kamov" and research center. Commissioning of housing planned for the second half of 2011, "- the document says.


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Moscow refinery gasoline production moved to Euro 5

At the Moscow Oil Refinery "Gazprom oil" put into operation an FCC gasoline hydrotreating and isomerization of light naphtha. This allowed the plant in 2013 to switch completely to production of gasoline 5 emission class technical regulations of the Russian Federation on the quality of motor fuels.

Light naphtha isomerization unit

Installation of light naphtha isomerization capacity of 650 thousand tons per year allows to produce high-octane gasoline components with zero sulfur, aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons. Mixing with the other components of the isomerate gasoline reduces the content of aromatics, benzene, olefins, increases their octane characteristics and

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An action to intimidate KPE

Almost every day in our country, there are positive developments. However, do not give up too old. And what a parasite voluntarily let his prey and begins to engage in producing work?

July 13th annual convention opened UNITY colleagues conducted movement "Heading truth and ezhineniya." About KPE, you can write a lot, but it’s easier to read required on the official site. Let me just say that the vast majority of stoonnikov — people voluntarily give up smoking, drinking alcohol and other drugs. Smoking and drinking alcohol in Congress traditionally prohibited. Punishment — the immediate expulsion … 

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Summer Academy at MSU supercomputer

Supercomputer technology is becoming more and more international, today in the implementation of key large-scale projects involving researchers from different countries. And even in the summer supercomputer community does not cease to work. One proof of this — the international events organized by the Russian universities for training in the field of high performance computing.

International Summer Academy supercomputer, which has already passed the second time this year on the basis of the Moscow State University. University, gave students a unique opportunity to gain knowledge on a wide range of specializations in the field

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New Russian helicopter can land on top of Mount Everest

I apologize for that zabugornom dialect but it looks like our new helicopters are only interested in aliensRussian version was found. A machine is an interesting

A prototype of the Mil Mi-38-OP transport-passenger helicopter, developed at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, is currently being tested in the Moscow Region. Designers say the helicopter‘s performance is quite unique, that it will not age. Special wear resistant composite materials are used on the helicopter‘s fuselage.

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Belgorod statistics report

According Belgorodstata on the results of January-May 2013 the index of industrial production by economic activity: "Mining and quarrying", "Manufacturing", "Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water" in the Belgorod region was 99.1%.

By the volume of shipped goods of own production and works and services on their own per capita economic activity "Mining and quarrying" (26.0 thousand) Belgorod region ranks 2nd among the regions of the Central Federal District of Moscow after (39.3 thousand . rubles), on economic activity "Manufacturing" (101.4 thousand) — 3rd place after the Kaluga (151.0 thousand) and Lipetsk (131.6 thousand) regions.

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Officials of the tender commission checks on a lie detector

Sergei Sobyanin: Two-thirds of the members of tender committees have not passed a lie detector.

"In the conduct of these activities are two-thirds of employees of tender boards were suspended. Occurred to replace them," — said Acting Mayor, stressing that in general have been laid off hundreds of employees.

Metropolitan officials will continue to check on a polygraph, told reporters Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin after a meeting of the Council on combating corruption. The mayor said that he considered such a mechanism to verify the effective and help to make all processes in

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