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Bicycles are in demand

MOSCOW, June 1 — RIA Novosti. Muscovites have already managed to "disassemble" a bike in the first half of the opening hours of bike rental, the deputy mayor, the head of the Department of Transportation and Development of road infrastructure Maxim Liksutov 

On Saturday, Sergei Sobyanin with Liksutovym and head of the Department of Culture visited Gorky Park, where they opened the first BICYCLE. Sobyanin talked with cyclists and asked how they assess the measures taken by the authorities for the development of cycling in the city.

Cyclists welcomed

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In Moscow, a new form of public transport

Starting from June 1, 2013, in Moscow officially start work the first city bike rental points. The project was implemented by the government of the capital and the Bank of Moscow. 

On the first day of opening the first 50 points, over time their number will be increased to 114. To date purchased thousand bikes, and all of them will be 1.7 thousand.

To use the new service, you must register on the site and have a bank card, which is needed in order that in the event of default

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JSC Central PPK signed a contract to buy four electric superior.

On Wednesday, May 29, the press service of the Moscow Department of Transportation reports the contract between JSC "Central Suburban Passenger Company" and JSC "Demikhovsky engineering plant" for the purchase of four modern electric superior ÝÄ4Ì production.

The document was signed by CEO Michael chrome and CEO of "DMZ" Oleg Pavlov, and recently approved by the Board of Directors of the Central Suburban Passenger Company. The transaction price is 1.6 billion rubles, which the company will contribute from its own budget.   

As said Mikhail Khromov, "procured trains will be the first in a

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Moscow has increased the number of grants in education

Grants to the best schools in the capital in 2013 will be twice as much.

Rating schools in the capital, on the basis of which has been two years in Moscow, grants are awarded to the best mayor, was recognized quality assessment scale. Until now, there were 85 such grants, and yesterday at a meeting of the Moscow government decided to double the number — up to 170.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin / WP

But their size and reduced by half. As a result, 20 schools will now be able to get 7.5 million rubles, 50

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In the center of Moscow, the festival of Open the street

Pedestrian zones in the city center took place Festival "open streets". On the platform, "Imaginarium" in Chamberlain lane citizens could watch the performances of street artists and circus performers. In Stoleshnikovom turned "Velvet": music bands played classical and jazz music, and passing by the townspeople started dancing. "Summer" by Gogol Boulevard in conjunction with the museum to them. Submitted Scriabin street and ethno music experiments. "Beetles" in Lavrushensky became a place for real rock, and "Area" in the Kuznetsk bridge — for the hip-hop bitksinga, skaters and cyclists.

The aim of the festival — the formation of

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In Moscow, began reconstruction MKMZHD

Small Ring of Moscow Railway / MKMZHD / after reconstruction, which will be completed by the end of 2015, will annually carry about 280 million passengers. This was announced today by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin during the inspection of progress on MKMZHD. The mayor rode the train from station to station presnya Cherkizovo.

"In Moscow, begins a new big building. Rail ring for the first time will be used for urban transportation. MKMZHD built along the new main way to" make "ground station, which will go with regularity in 5 minutes," — said Sobyanin. 

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500 million passengers Domodedovo Airport

May 21, 2013 at Moscow‘s Domodedovo airport was a momentous event — the number has reached 500 million air travelers have chosen Domodedovo all the time it works! Automatic systems have recorded half-billion passenger airport at 14:05 Moscow time.

"Hero of the day" became a German citizen, Mr. Christophe Mardt, departing flights by Air Berlin Moscow-Munich. Upon learning the news, he shared his impressions with the media: "I have a Russian joint business with a Russian partner, fly to Moscow every two weeks, this time had to fly from Moscow to Munich four days ago, but

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In Moscow, opened to positive graffiti

Object "Circus" Alexei Bronze decorated facade of the house number 15 on the street. Pipe. This is the first of 150 graffiti paintings, which will appear this summer on the streets of Moscow in the summer Festival "Best city in the world". On the canvas area of about 180 square meters. m shows the tiger, bear, elephant and monkey. In the height of hovering over them fancy bird, and the rows of flags indicate that the audience — artists of circus. The painting yellow, sunny background, which diluted the gray surrounding area.

The official opening Graffiti Festival

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Moscow beautiful

Breathtaking views of the capital from the bird’s-eye view — the 25 best photographs.

Traditionally, May Day celebrations cities across our vast country transformed. As if waking from hibernation, they are painted in bright colors of the first of greenery and flowers, sunshine sheds new light on the back of buildings and reflected on shiny skyscrapers, squares and parks open their doors again and start beating fountains. Particularly beautiful at this time of Moscow, which takes a solemn parades with many foreign guests. Walks in Moscow at the time delivering a lot of fun, but the most

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In the north of Moscow has opened a new printing complex

Publisher of "The News" experienced "rebirth" with the opening of a new, digital, printing complex in the industrial area north of Moscow is not. This opinion was expressed by the Director General of Erastus Galumov at the ceremony. "This is a new step in the development of the" News "- the birth, the birth of another publisher. And we have the understanding that it will be many, many years," — he said. The Director-General stressed that such output is complete print production to Pushkin Square, "where it could develop."

In turn, managing director of President Vladimir Kozhin

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