In Moscow, opened to positive graffiti

Object "Circus" Alexei Bronze decorated facade of the house number 15 on the street. Pipe. This is the first of 150 graffiti paintings, which will appear this summer on the streets of Moscow in the summer Festival "Best city in the world". On the canvas area of about 180 square meters. m shows the tiger, bear, elephant and monkey. In the height of hovering over them fancy bird, and the rows of flags indicate that the audience — artists of circus. The painting yellow, sunny background, which diluted the gray surrounding area.

The official opening Graffiti Festival

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Moscow beautiful

Breathtaking views of the capital from the bird’s-eye view — the 25 best photographs.

Traditionally, May Day celebrations cities across our vast country transformed. As if waking from hibernation, they are painted in bright colors of the first of greenery and flowers, sunshine sheds new light on the back of buildings and reflected on shiny skyscrapers, squares and parks open their doors again and start beating fountains. Particularly beautiful at this time of Moscow, which takes a solemn parades with many foreign guests. Walks in Moscow at the time delivering a lot of fun, but the most

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Reconstructed large airport terminal Ivanovo

At the airport "Ivanovo" reconstructed large air terminal. The new hall has a capacity of 200 passengers per hour and will enable the company to become a reserve for the Moscow aviation hub.

During the reconstruction of the airport complex works on electricity, produced by assembling an automatic fire alarm system. On the forecourt lighting repaired, laid new asphalt pavement, made alterations to the building premises, installation of the entrance lobby of PVC profiles, decoration works. The airport was also purchased and installed special equipment for passenger check-in, furniture, and an automated registration system.


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Moscow — in the lead

In the production of agricultural products suburbs ranked fifth in Russia. The region in 2012, there were 480 farms. And some of them are already hit record.    During the first quarter of 2013 agricultural producers of the Moscow region produced 8 billion rubles, which is 11% more than the same period last year. This, of course, is primarily about the livestock farms. In all categories of farms produced more than 167,000 tons of milk, grown more than 75, 000 tons of livestock and poultry.

May 17, 2013, "Moscow News"

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Opening Heliport in Moscow

First Heliport for private helicopters opened on May 17 in Moscow at the international exhibition of the helicopter industry HeliRussia 2013.

Terminal and heliport are located on the roof of the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" in the west of the capital.

Heliport, open company "Russian Helicopter Systems" (PBC), with the support of JSC "Helicopters of Russia" will be able to take a few helicopters simultaneously. Currently, there are four seats. The number of sites designed for several dozen cars.

The port has a check-in desks departing and arriving passengers, screening equipment, as well as

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In Moscow, opened its first helicopter port

Today, on the roof of one of the pavilions of the Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo" opened the first Russian helicopter port with a waiting room, internet access, a bar and seating area. 

Flights over Moscow recently allowed only aircraft, and that transit and at an altitude of 8100 meters. But the port clients will benefit from the air taxi around the area. And the owners of private helicopters will be able to keep their cars there. The helicopter, if necessary, experts will examine engineers.

Of course, the heavy army Mi-26 here

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Oh my, we are still left to blame

West condemned Russia for reading the name of the head of the CIA office in Moscow

Russian security services have announced the name of CIA station chief, the head of the Moscow office of U.S. intelligence.


On the eve of the release of news of Channel special services representative said that by the end of 2011, the Federal Security Service official warned Moscow of the CIA and its headSteven Holl, that "in the event of further recruiting provocative actions against the Russian secret service, the FSB, Russia will

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FSB officers detained an American spy in Moscow

American spy Fogle Ryan Christopher detained in Moscow while trying to recruit secret agent. He was working undercover in the position of third secretary of the political department of the U.S. Embassy.

"In the night from 13 to 14 May Russian FSB counter-intelligence authorities when trying to recruit an employee of one of the Russian special services detained a career member of the U.S. CIA Fogle Christopher Ryan, working undercover in the position of third secretary of the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow" — told Interfax on Tuesday DSP FSB Russia.

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The head boat project Qatran for the Russian Navy launched

May 14 at the Moscow shipbuilding and shipyard workers launching of the head-crew onboard boat project 21770 "Qatran" (head number 092).

During the month will be mooring sea trials, after which the boat will be transferred to the Customer — Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" for the needs of the Navy of Russia. The designer of the boat was JSC "Central Marine Design Bureau" Almaz ". On the descent attended by a representative of the military office that oversees the construction of boats for the Navy.

Spiny dogfish is designed to provide and maintain the daily operations

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Technologies for monitoring the Earth’s surface

Near Moscow Center of Engineering and Technology Center "RDC" in the village of Rumyantsevo

Antenna systems software and hardware "UniScan"

The antenna system of the station’s "Alice-SC". The main applications of meteorological satellite data: Hydrometeorology and weather, agriculture, monitoring of forest fires and floods, monitoring of ice conditions and snow cover dynamics.

Receiving network and processing the Earth from space. They take data from 15 modern satellite remote sensing of the Earth from space, covering the entire territory of Russia and surrounding areas.

Communication equipment and satellite data processing equipment.


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