The commander of NATO: Russia — a source of instability

U.S. Army Gen. Philip Breedlove said that due to a pause in the "reset" of relations between the U.S. and Russia Moscow will remain the "main source of instability in the region", the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News. Breedlove Obama to be approved by the Allied Commander Europe and commence duties when the U.S. Senate approves his candidacy.

In his speech in the Senate, the general also said that attempts to improve relations with Moscow while suspended, but that they should be renewed. Moreover, he said the need moving towards each other to resolve the disagreement. "It’s

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In Moscow, opened the new Dynamo Stadium at the old place

April 13, 2013 at 12:00 in Moscow officially opened the new Palace of Sports "Dinamo". Center was built three years. It is equipped with the most modern equipment. For visitors opened the 50-meter pool, and halls for all kinds of sports.

There will be training wrestlers, fencers, football players, basketball players and other athletes. The center also has an outdoor area for sports in the summer.

Withthe Events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Society "Dinamo" and is a landmark for the sport community and all the inhabitants of the capital. 

Among the guests at the

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Modernization of the SS Paveletskaya in Moscow

Ltd. "Vympelsetstroy" (GC "Vympel") has won the tender for the execution of reconstruction works of the fourth stage of the SS "Paveletskaya", located in the south of Moscow. Customer — "Moscow United Electric Grid."

As part of the reconstruction is planned to replace 220 kV line breakers, installation of a second bus system power transformers, the organization of communication channels. Cost of the work will be almost 100 million rubles.

According to the General Director of "Vympelsetstroy" Alexander Zaharikova, "currently performed work on the development of technical documentation, and a project for the production of

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At a gala MSSZ launching passenger ship Brest

April 9 at the Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair plant a ceremonial launching of the first passenger ship "Brest" to Lake Seliger.

Customer ship acted FSUE "NPTSAP" to them. Academician NA Pilyugina branch "Plant" Zvezda ". The company works in the field of missile and space activity. Official part of the event was opened MSSZ Commercial Director — Boris Novosel Fedotovich, he noted that the draft passenger vessel "Brest" was developed by the design office of JSC "Moscow Shipyard" on the basis of the already well-proven project "Pilgrim." For this project have been built and are granted passenger

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Moscow population exceeded 12 million people

There is every reason to believe that the March 2013 population Moscow already exceeded 12 million people.

According Rosstat on January 1, 2013 population of the capital was 11,978,000 people. Up to 12 million 22 thousand is not enough. In 2012 the city’s population (according to the same Federal State Statistics Service) has increased by 123,000 people (including 17.2 thous natural increase, and 105.8 thousand — net migration), That is more than 10 thousand a month[1]. While maintaining the momentum of growth the population of Moscow in the first half of March 2013 was to exceed 12

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Domodedovo airport at dawn

Happened to me the other day to visit early in the morning at the airport Domodedovo. This time there were no celebrations, no departure in a press tour, and had a modest photo shoot, which lasts three hours, but flown as five minutes. And all because this time the camera angle was not quite normal.


 The holy of holies Airport — tower, she’s a control tower, she’s KDP. We were allowed to go here for a few minutes, subject to the absolute silence and invisibility.

The work does not stop for a minute, despite

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New Fence Company, opens a new shop for powder coating


April 1, 2013 a ceremonial launch of the new plant for powder coating of the "New-fence."

The new workshop is designed to address several important industrial problems of "new-fence" and will not only stain the entire production of the company, but also to accept applications for powder paint of any metal from other customers. 

The new shop has been running one of the largest ovens on painting in Moscow and Moscow region, which has impressive specifications. It will help paint products, the size of which can vary up to 7 meters in length and

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At the Moscow Shipyard took another Launching situational ship

Project 3050

April 5 at the Moscow shipbuilding and shipyard took another Launching situational vessel of 3050 Class PPP "P 1.2" serial number 213, under construction under the State contract for the construction of the project: "Upgrade service fleet" for the FBI "GBUVPiS Volga" (Nizhny Novgorod).

According to the custom of the Sea "godmother" Queen Mary purchasing manager of JSC "Moscow Shipyard" smashed a bottle of champagne on board the ship.

A series of 27 modern situational vessels being built for the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport for businesses serving the inland waterways.

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Furniture Factory «NEXTFORM» on «the Moscow International

furniture showroom "

Furniture Factory «NEXTFORM» announces its plans to participate in the largest international exhibition "Moscow International Furniture Salon / MIFS / Rooms Moscow», which will be held from 21 to 25 May 2013. Exhibition was organized by the IEC "Crocus Expo" and "MEDIA GLOBE" in partnership with the «Koelnmesse».

"Moscow International Furniture Show" — the most important event in the life of companies engaged in the production of cabinet and upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, interior, equipment for the furniture industry and more. Each year, participation in the exhibition is the leading representatives of the furniture

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Planet Center WHC opens in Moscow

Photo: The Russian Newspaper

In November 2011 it was decided to grant "KVN" the building of the former Moscow theater "Havana". This gift was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Club.


The best teams leasers act in Moscow. In the district of Marina Grove open house tonight KVN. Russian President arrived there. The head of state came to the center along with the students and teachers of the Baltic Federal University, which met earlier in the day.

Here today — a concert in which the act seven teams with the

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