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Moscow Refinery commissioned a new wastewater treatment plant

Moscow Oil Refinery "Gazprom oil" has completed the construction of mechanical treatment plants (ISO) and closed-end revamp of bitumen production.


Investment in the construction of sewage treatment plants were 3.6 billion rubles, including 1.1 billion rubles will go to the decommissioning of the old treatment plant during 2013. Construction work for the ISO conducted in the fourth quarter of 2010.MOS capacity of 6.7 million cubic meters a year will allow the Moscow refinery to reduce emissions by 97%.

Plant for the production of bitumen capacity of 1.7 million tons per year can produce several grades of bitumen at

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Moscow was among the ten most economically influential cities in the world

Rating of Moscow increased by one point, and in 2012. it ranked 20 th in total points, following Shanghai. These data are contained in the fifth edition of the Review "Cities of Opportunity 2012", published by PwC in conjunction with the organization Partnership for New York City. This release presents a comparative analysis of 27 cities in the world that are financial, commercial and cultural centers.

In the category of "economic impact" Moscow was in the top ten and finished eighth. In terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth has shown good results Moscow city attracts significant

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In Moscow, opened the VII Festival of Science

Moscow hosted the grand opening of the Festival of Science on the basis of MSU.

Science Festival held in Moscow in the Russian Festival, which takes place throughout the year in all regions of the country. It is designed for a broad audience. The main purpose of such a large-scale scientific holiday — to popularize basic knowledge, to cultivate young people’s interest to the research finding, tell us what are the prospects it opens the modern man, as well as provide new opportunities for the development and growth of young scientists. Moscow Festival of Science was the

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Moscow Searchlight plant celebrated its 80th anniversary

2012 — the anniversary for the undisputed leader in the manufacture of power supply systems for the domestic defense industry — Moscow floodlight factory. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that despite the bankruptcy during the difficult period of market reforms, he managed to not only survive, but also to develop into a modern enterprise.

Moscow Searchlight plant originated in a time when the industry of Soviet Russia at the stage of its development could not provide all the needs of a growing economy. Production spotlights was no exception: for marine and military purposes was used by imports, which

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Journey to Moscow

In Bratislava, the park held a family celebration "Journey to Moscow"

On the territory of the Bratislava Park on September 3 experts of the center GBU ETSSO was organized for families with children has become a traditional event "Journey to Moscow." Devoted to the City Day and the Year of Russian history, this festival was held under the city program "Playground" — a pilot project developed sotsialnoreabilitatsionnym center "Otradnoe" and implemented in several districts of the city.

The families were given a specialist manufacture of workpiece center of flowers, paper lanterns to decorate the site area. Before the "journey" children

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In Kostroma, hosted a forum, The Historical and Cultural Heritage

October 5, Kostroma, under the auspices of the Federation Council, the IV Parliamentary Forum "Historical and cultural heritage of Russia", organized by the Federation Council and the Administration of Kostroma Region.

It brought together representatives of federal and regional authorities, culture and art, famous scientists of the Altai Republic, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Voronezh, Orenburg, Moscow region, Moscow.

Details —


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MOR has opened a new training center

Today, the president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin and the chief of the Moscow Railway Vladimir Moldaver took part in the presentation of the Training Center of technical training drivers and assistants locomotive engineers at the Moscow Railway.

In order to improve the system of technical training and the level of technical knowledge locomotive crews to ensure reliable operation of technical equipment, implementation of operational work, improve traffic safety on MOR established technical training center master and his assistant with a new modern approaches to learning.

After seeing the center, Vladimir Yakunin said that the Moscow railway have a

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Laid 3 situational ship projects 3050 and 3050.1, and 1 commissioned

In late September and early October at Moscow,Samus Annunciation and shipyards laid situational judgment projects 3050 and 3050.1. Just Moscow Shipyard head handed to the customer situational vessel of 3050.


At the site "Shipbuilding Plant. October Revolution ", Blagoveshchensk (general subcontractor Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair plant" (JSC "Moscow Shipyard") October 1, 2012 the solemn laying of the keel of the vessel situational PPP Project 3050.1 class "P 1.2 (led20)", serial number 241 (for Shipbuilding Plant. October Revolution building number 11).

Ship is being built under the State contract

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The Comprehensive District textile workers. Social protection.

Order of the Government of Moscow № 1979-RP of 21 September 2010 set up a public autonomous institution of the City of Moscow "Moscow Research Center for Rehabilitation of the Disabled as a result of cerebral palsy," the Department of Social Protection of the City of Moscow, 08 February 2010. — Received the state registration of the Center.

The center is located in a 2-storey building with a total area of 1,962.3 square meters residential development in the neighborhood area of textile (SEAD).

In 2010 to 2011. overhauled and created barrier-free space provided equipment.

With the participation

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The World Day of Peace

The World Day of Peace.

21 September 2012. at 15:00.

At Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill near the monument to the anti-Hitler coalition held a solemn meeting and the ceremony of laying a wreath at the monument to the soldiers of countries — allies of the anti-Hitler coalition in commemoration of the International Day of Peace. Present were:

Director of the UN Information Centre in Moscow AS GORELIK, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, the veterans of UN peacekeeping missions, the delegates of the public,

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