Unmanned aircraft will patrol the forest in Moscow

"For patrolling forests and rapid identification of fire in the forest-park zone (LPZP) Moscow will use complex with an unmanned aerial vehicle", — said on Friday, the press service of the Moscow department of natural resources and environmental protection.

Unmanned aerial vehicle aircraft type "ZALA421 — 04M" without a crew on board is intended for conducting remote viewing and positioning of objects detected at any time of the day. "Operation of the system is based on obtaining a video or photo equipment installed on the unmanned aircraft. With it is a digital video recording and providing relay

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In the village. Moscow (Moscow region). Opened two kindergartens for 380 seats

June 20 in urban settlement near Moscow Leninsky district of Moscow opened just two kindergartens: Castle in the district of Moscow — Kindergarten number 33 "Miracle Island" for 220 persons, and in the South-West district opened its doors to kindergarten "Thumbelina" with 160 seats .

Salaries and pensions residents near Moscow

The average wage grew up in the suburbs for the past five years is 1.5 times, reaching in 2011 almost 33 thousand rubles. The highest salaries — in the financial sector (on average more than 50 thousand rubles a month), the lowest — in the field of culture (about 16 thousand rubles a month).

Salary and pension residents near Moscow

© RIA Novosti Infographics

The minimum wage in Moscow in January 1, 2012 is nine thousand, an increase of almost 1.5 thousand (17%) more than in 2011. For the first time since the beginning of finkrizisa salary exceeded the minimum

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Moscow — capital of Russia (part 1)

Under the cut 78 photos

1. History and Archives Institute of State Humanitarian University (formerly Printing House)

2. Ensemble Tretyakov Passage

3. Seating yard

4. Vetoshny alley. Left — the building of GUM

5. Chapel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Stoleshnikov


7. The Tretyakov Gallery

8. Small Tolmachevsky alley. Temple of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi

9. Kadashevskaya embankment

10. Petrovka Street. Right Vysokopetrovsky Monastery Gate Church of the Intercession of the

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The opening of the route Moscow Raceway

The opening of the route Moscow Raceway will be held as part of the July 14 and 15 of the Russian stage Mirovovoy Series Renault (WSR), in which the competition will be held in classrooms Formula 3.5, Formula 2.0 and Megane Trophy. Entrance to the event is free.

Multi-function circuit corresponds to the category FIA 1T, which allows for on the track as the National Championships and Grand Prix Formula 1. Designed and built track in conjunction with the German experts. The maximum length of the Moscow Raceway is 4070 m, the project provides 26 different configurations of the

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Moscow has established a radar in northern Syria

Satellite image of the region Kesap. The white line? border between Syria (in the south) and Turkey (in the north).

This tracking station, which launched in the spring of Moscow Kesap, near the Turkish border, allows you to control the Syrian rebels in this strategic area.

For Russia it is a joint venture with its Syrian ally deployment solves two problems, according to Western sources: on the one hand, to watch out for objects of NATO on the other side of the border in Turkey, including the U.S. base in Adana, on the other hand, provides a

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Alexander Green raises the sail

June 16, 2012 at 11:00 am in Moscow on the dock of the Northern River Station and the presentation of the rite of baptism-deck river cruise ship passenger "Luxe" PV08 project for 112 seats, "Alexander Green".

Ship "Alexander Green" modernized within the adopted law last year to support the domestic shipbuilding and shipping, aimed at granting concessions to the market operators involved in the new shipbuilding and registering ships under the national flag of the Russian Federation. The ship is registered in the Russian International Register.

JSC "Moscow River Shipping" (General Director Konstantin Anisimov) implemented

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Launching the third multi-boat project MPB-14

June 19 at the Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair plant An event dedicated to be launched third multipurpose boat project MPB-14, serial number 403.

MPB-14 (Multi Purpose Boat) — a modern, powerful, cost-effective, high-speed and highly maneuverable boat, which is a fusion of contemporary design and design solutions and innovative construction techniques. Fulfilling the mandate of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") for the development of production katernogo, Moscow Shipyard in October 2011 started the construction of a series of 6 multi-purpose craft project MPB-14 on request Rosmorporta.  


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In the suburbs to build a solar power plant

On the territory of industrial and office complex in the suburbs of the company began working solar power plant installed capacity of 1.8 kW.

Major task solar station — Demonstration of the possibilities of alternative energy. With it you can demonstrate to consumers the benefits and features of the solar station network. The company’s engineers "Danfoss" also plan to conduct in-depth testing of the equipment in the "Moscow" climatic conditions.

The first observations showed that even with high cloud station produces about 350-400 watts. In particular, for the period from May 22 to May 28 was produced and issued

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In Serpukhov, Moscow region opened airfield

In the village of New-Begichevo Serpukhov, Moscow region opened a general aviation airport "New." Opening the program provided acrobatic demonstration flights on the Yak-52 and L-29, as well as the R-44 helicopter.

Aerodrome "New", located on the area of 55 hectares and has a dirt runway length of 900 meters, allowing to accept all types of aircraft of general aviation. For storage of aircraft hangars are provided. For fueling gasoline AI-95 and AI-100.

Aviation Complex "What’s New" office building with a public area, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, coffee shop.

Photo borrowed from here:http://fotografersha.livejournal.com/260972.html 

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