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In the suburbs to build a solar power plant

On the territory of industrial and office complex in the suburbs of the company began working solar power plant installed capacity of 1.8 kW.

Major task solar station — Demonstration of the possibilities of alternative energy. With it you can demonstrate to consumers the benefits and features of the solar station network. The company’s engineers "Danfoss" also plan to conduct in-depth testing of the equipment in the "Moscow" climatic conditions.

The first observations showed that even with high cloud station produces about 350-400 watts. In particular, for the period from May 22 to May 28 was produced and issued

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Check 5 kindergartens and schools in Moscow

June 6, 2012 Department of Civil Engineering of Moscow gave a population of 5 kindergartens, where a fully completed construction and is decorated legal documents.

First pupils take kindergartens in SAO Street Festival, possession of 32; HLW at the 15th Street Park., 31, p.1; ICJSC to Marshal Zhukov avenue, possession of 25, block 2, in the South-West on the street . General Tyuleneva vl.4 and Company — on the street. Raschupkina, 5, kv.81.

new kindergarten number 1657 on the street Gen. Tuleneva in the South-West of Moscow

Currently, the construction of kindergartens is accelerating. Targeted Investment Program Moscow provided in

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In Moscow, a third of the planned roads repaired

All work on the overhaul of roads in Moscow provided the laboratory control. By the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin saw this during an inspection for warranty repairs on Ostashkovskaya street. Now the city has repaired 7.7 million square meters of roadway — that’s 30 percent of the plan for this year.

Moscow Mayor also asked the head of the Moscow Department of Housing and Public Works Andrew Tsybina how to carry out work on the elimination of the last year of marriage, according to ITAR-TASS.

"Such objects detected over 90. By and large it is

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In Moscow, opened a design studio AvtoVAZ

Design studio "AvtoVAZ" will open in Moscow on June 7. This is "Interfax" According to the press service of the company.

The studio will be located at the Moscow office of "AvtoVAZ". Oversee its operation will design director Steve Mattin Togliatti Automobile (Steve Mattin), who previously worked on the appearance of Mercedes and Volvo.

In April 2012 it was announced that Mattin, in particular, is responsible for the design of a new crossover Togliatti production, which will be presented at the Moscow Motor Show, scheduled for August 29 — September 9, 2012.

In addition to the crossover in August,

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In Moscow, is set to launch the world’s largest block UV wastewater treatment

On Kuryanovskoy treatment plant began commissioning the world’s largest block of disinfection of treated waste water by UV irradiation. Unique equipment on May 29 praised the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

The design capacity of a UV disinfection — 3 million cubic meters per day. The installation consists of 160 workers and 10 reserve UV modules and their total capacity exceeding 3.6 MW. 6120 is used for disinfection of UV lamps.

This technology ensures that sanitary requirements for purified wastewater prior to discharge into natural water bodies. At the same time destroyed the bacteria, viruses and parasites

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TagAz certifies the new five-door S-class coupe

In early April of this year, Taganrog Automobile Plant, appealed to the Arbitration Court of the Rostov region with a claim for bankruptcy. Despite this, the company has officially announced the release of the five-door coupe, codenamed PS511. According to the Rus-auto, PS511 served as the basis for a kind of Korean car is likely to Chevrolet Lacetti. In this case, the localization of production was approximately 40%. According to the director of the plant Andrey Fradkin, the first new car will see members of the international Fair, to be held in Moscow in August of this year.

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Space Bear Lake

Quite close to Moscow, on the territory of "Bear Lake" contains many different types of antennas. Unites them is that they are all designed and created by the Special Design Bureau of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, who recently performed — 65 years. With the help of this equipment is used to manage the spacecraft in near and far space.

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EZTM presents solutions for pipe manufacturers

Machines Heavy Machinery (Moscow region). Recently put pipe hot rolling Seversky Tube Works, standard HPT — Seversky Pipe Plant, and TESA for the Royal Pipe Plant. About this magazine "Metal Supply and Sales" said Deputy Chief Designer Vladimir Poor people during exhibitions Metallurgy-Litmash, Metalworking, Pipes, Non-Ferrous Metals. In the near future — ball-rolling mill for Ukraine and mill for the production of large-diameter pipes for the Moscow government.

EZTM is this week in Moscow, cold rolling mills pipes, medium-grade, Light section, wire, detaleprokatnye, Ball-and other special machines, as well as finishing equipment and pipe coatings, cement equipment, rolls for

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Sberbank and Moscow authorities establish a joint venture for the development of ZiL

The agreement on the common organization of passenger cars and buses in the AMO "ZIL" was signed today by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Sberbank CEO German Gref. Sberbank in the project JV "MosAvtoZIL" will hold 51% and the government of Moscow — 49%.

"Of the 12 billion rubles. Invested funds will be allocated half of the Savings Bank in the form of a loan, and the other half of Burbank invest through direct participation in the capital of the company", — explained the commercial director of the Savings Bank Svetlana Sagaidak.

According to the head of Sberbank Gref,

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We — so much for the country! Polytechnic College of number 8 (Moscow)

The contest rolls on the domestic industry, companies, institutions. Special nomination — "Our response to the personnel issue."

The guys from the Moscow Polytechnic College number eight told how important working skills and work in manufacturing, such as many frames mean for the country. Despite the technical emphasis in education, they try to talk about trades and prospects of finding a job in verse. A very cute movie! We look 🙂

Photo video! Roller under the cut

Brief information:

State autonomous educational institution of secondary vocational education in

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