Moscow government will give the old quarter of Grodno?

This quarter was built up over 100 years ago. Authorities’ plans for his "streamlining" was summoned to Last year active part of the public protests, the youth. This block is not part of the burglar got in historic buildings because the authorities plan to throw in a "brand new world" only the strong brick tower.How to build up the vacated area, the investor will decide, but the new house will not exceed three or four floors, noted sire Kunashev. According to the bureaucrat, the Moscow government chooses in other former republics of the Russian land, which it fascinating, and contributes

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Lukashenka goes to Moscow

Russian media noted that their desire to participate in it for the previously expressed leaders all states, included in Sudruzhnasts in including Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine. Some favorites States, namely leaders of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, have already flown to Moscow.The press service Russian President I was told that, except for the general meeting, Vladimir Putin will hold several bilateral and interviews with its employees. But to say whether the Russian president in the midst of the interlocutors Belarusian head of the country, refused, citing the fact that "the meeting schedule has yet to be typeset and it likely configuration."

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Amazing world. Russian Porcelain

Tvorchestvo Andrei Cherkasov unique. That is the form in which conceives and creates his works the artist today is unparalleled in contemporary art.

By Andrei Cherkasov was born in Moscow in 1957, and in 1982 graduated from the Moscow Art Institute. Surikov About 15 years working in the monumental and decorative art, creating architectural designs of buildings in Moscow, Jurmala, Tynda Yelets.


Happy occasion, and brought him to the studio fine porcelain sculpture. After a few years of work Cherkasov was able to create a unique world of

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Do not allow to FEED "Echo of Moscow" MAY 9

We call on the "Echo of Moscow" on May 9, as a sign of respect to the memory of the fallen, and to gray hairs living veterans refuse to broadcast!

Running down our history and justification of fascism should not be heard in the day on state television show The Victory Parade. All the newspapers come out with holiday stories! Because this day — a holiday!


We gather thousands of votes, and they will realize


Tourists arrive

In the first nine months of this year, Russia visited by more than 19.1 million foreign citizens, which is 12% more than the same period last year, according to the website Rostourism based on data obtained from the Federal State Statistics Service, and the Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation.


The country nationals visited 216 countries. Of the total of 7.1 million trips were made by citizens of CIS countries and 12.1 million — the residents of foreign countries.

The flow of foreigners has increased mainly due to Chinese citizens: the first 9 months

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Cheboksary trolleybus park filled with new machines Moscow trolleybus plant

Mashinopark MUP "Cheboksary trolleybus management" added trolley brand MTrZ 6223 vysokopolnogo type. The other day in the capital of the Republic received two trolley Plant OJSC "Moscow Trolleybus Plant" purchased under the program of co-financing of federal and municipal budgets. The cost of a car is 3 million 750 thousand rubles. In early February, it was another three trolleybus.

Trolleybusniki capital already operate about a dozen machines plant "MTrZ." They have proven themselves. Beauty is capacious enough, here 23 seats, all at the same time as it holds up to 111 passengers.

Currently, the new trolley

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Triumphal arch in Moscow opened after reconstruction

In Moscow unveiled an updated Arc de Triomphe. The ceremony was dedicated to the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812.

Dmitry Medvedev thanked all the experts involved in the restoration work, and expressed the hope that they will receive awards. After that, the Prime Minister spoke to the restorers. Among the participants of the conversation, and was one of the experts who dealt with the restoration of the arch in 1968. He gave the premiere of the photos of the monument at the time.

Three new kindergartens built in Podolsk

On the territory of the urban district of Podolsk three buildings of preschool educational institutions with 140 seats each. Funds for the construction of social infrastructure on land, on which the construction of housing for servicemen, were isolated by a grant from the budget of the Moscow region according to the decision of the regional government.


Three-story, cast-in brick building childcare facilities to meet modern needs. In the new kindergartens are cozy games room, music and gymnastic halls, catering department, medical center.

The area is fenced and fully landscaped, are installed on the shady canopies,

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Require Russian-made flowers!

The silence in the huge greenhouse is broken only by the sound of running conveyors. In the eyes dazzled by the diversity of colors, standing in neat rows in pots for the transparent film. In the distance, two workers in white coats distribute seedlings on the tub. No fuss, no talking. Only a "robot assistant" continuously rolled across the ceiling from one corner of the building to another.

Agrokombinat "Moscow" is located in Moscow, Moscow region, is grown flowers (and vegetables) of more than 40 years.

"We do not sell cut flowers. We want to persuade the Russians to

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Trans-Siberian Express (hotel on wheels)

Trans-Siberian Railway (Moscow — Vladivostok) — the longest train route in the world. Distance 9288 km. "Golden Eagle" is the most luxurious and expensive train in Russia. The train and the road is quite worthy of each other.

Steam locomotive removed for handouts, really lucky locomotive it 🙂 Otherwise, the tourists would be covered with soot. Express-it's just for the beauty, the train is going slowly with stops for sightseeing. "Golden Eagle" makes long stops at the most interesting points of the route where there are guided tours — in Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan-

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