Ball horror




"Evening Moscow", 16.03.2004, Moscow, n48, p.4

Author: Natalia Leskov

_ * He suffered from Moscow Olga Ponizova Fryazevo * _

Pensioner Olga Ponizova from Moscow Fryazevo never in the newspapers did not address: felt his modest lady does not particularly notable. A change of heart after the

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Presented the first Russian electrobuses

Pre-production samples of the city electric buses, along with other models of long-term transport on display in the capital. In the next year a new type of production vehicles will take to the streets of Moscow.


Low-floor Electrobus large class of Engels soon begin to gradually replace traditional bus routes in the capital, where there is no catenary trolley

We are talking about buses built "around" the advanced lithium-ion batteries of the Novosibirsk "Liotech. "On the first such project for Novosibirsk and about the company's Web site commented in detail. Parachuted Today in the

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On what we stand?

Author: Nikolai Golovkin

15% of the territory of Moscow geologists consider the potentially dangerous area. It is an objective reality that the city has to constantly fight. Says the chief researcher at the Institute of Earth Physics, Professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Andrei Nikonov

— Andrey, according to numerous media reports might give the impression that the dips in Moscow — a phenomenon unknown before the Muscovites … — It is not. The newspaper "Moscow News" in 1871, reported that a minister of one of the cathedrals of the Kremlin for 37 years counted ten cases of

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Five people were killed and breathed hydrogen sulfide


2.07.11.Tragediya occurred in the cottage village Novoivanovskoye, near Krasnogorsk near Moscow. Sewerage well become a trap for five residents.

— It happened on Thursday around 22.30, — said the "KP" UK representative of the Moscow region Russia Irina Gumennaya. — Found that 45-year-old local resident, without the participation of specialists descended to the bottom of the sewer pit to a depth of four meters for troubleshooting. But inside the accumulated gas. Man became ill. To help him turns trying to come spouse and three nearby villagers. But they are also inhaled gas. As a result, four people were killed

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Human rights organization For Human Rights was evicted from office in the center of Moscow

Text:Russia Today

Moscow authorities have stated that human rights expired lease, and asked them to leave. However, staff movements have refused to comply. As a result, the building was required to release a group of riot police. The opposition has already announced raider attacks.


It became known that the Moscow authorities intend to evict the building of a human rights organization in the Small Kislovsky Lane in connection with the termination of the lease. However, the leader of the movement "For Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev said the illegality of these actions, after

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Unknown poison the water in the creek to the south-east of Moscow


MOSCOW, May 16. In Moscow seek attackers poison the water in the creek to the south-east stolitsy.Kak write "Novye Izvestia", on Saturday, May 14, police and emergency department of Moscow State University received a signal from the residents of the street Khokhlovka complaining about the strong smell of naphthalene, which was felt in their apartments. The police arrived at the site of the incident, found the source of noxious fumes.

In the river Pauper (known also under the name "Khokhlovskiy creek") water flowed brown, smelling of mothballs. "Specialists MOE water samples. Most likely, an unknown poison poured into the

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Nearly 10 years in the WTO — and was founded in Moscow WTA

Nervous not watch 🙂

At the 1998 Conference in Japan, it was decided to establish an international coordinating body of toilet culture and infrastructure, and already in 2001 in Singapore was officially announced the creation of the World Toilet Organization (WTO)

In Moscow, discussed its charter and, on the eve of graduation from the Moscow summit, Jack Sim Duck publicly announced the formation of BTA.

BTA was finally formed in 2007. Property and equipment at its cozdanie were isolated from the treasury of South Korea, what is the main merit of the head of

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Piranhas in the Moscow River. Photo


29.08.11.Globalnoe warming — not a myth invented by environmentalists, that drank the global bubble, but the most that neither is a fact. How else to explain the emergence of piranhas in the Moscow River?

Until yesterday, I myself thought that the rumors of killer fish ponds in the capital — cheap stuffing yellow press, but Saturday's trophy father forced to move the rest of hair on the top of my head.

Uncle Tahir, a fierce fan of fishing (otherwise how else can you explain the fish in this dump?), The bait fished very real South American piranha in

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Why go back to Moscow, those who have long lived abroad

The Village spoke with six citizens who had once left the country, but then returned on their own initiative — about why western Moscow disorder better stability.

The desire to dump appears in many — when once again got nasty in ZhEKe, giving up on the subway or told that the new president will be old president. Polls show that dream to emigrate from Russia is not less than 20%, and it seems absolutely everyone who has the opportunity to go to work or study in the U.S. or Europe, do not miss your chance. But

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