Explosion over Moscow was a natural phenomenon


7.10.11.Spetsialisty Gosavianadzor found that the light flash, which pilots took over the dying shell was complicated refraction.

The Commission opened an investigation Rostransnadzor incomprehensible light phenomenon, seen a few kilometers away from the capital, after six straight commanders airliners reported burning in the sky object.

— We are carefully studying the information, reported the crews of aircraft dispatchers capital — told Life News in the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport. — At the moment, the exact output that saw pilots, no.

Not far from Mozhaisk about 19.30 on October 6 crews saw at the height of 10,000 meters

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In Moscow Zoo chestnuts bloom


File photo from the website: forumdacha.ru

16.09.11.Redkoe visitors can observe the phenomenon of the Moscow zoo — chestnut bloom in September. Tree already defoliation, and next to a ripe fruit blossomed flowers, the press service of the zoo. Surprisingly, of all chestnut trees at the zoo, and there are many, only one tree blossom — the enclosure of wildebeest on the old site, said the zoo. It invited all comers to see the flowering tree.

Source: Radio "is Moscow"

Storm during a snowfall, Muscovites saw a rare natural phenomenon

Very rare natural phenomenon could watch today from Moscow. Lightning strikes during a snowfall — this does not happen every winter. Center reports FOBOS, at midday Moscow was in the zone of active atmospheric front. And he brought with him a wide range of weather conditions.

It all began in the winter — with snow storm and rain will end, forecasters promise. At around 13 o'clock in the sky over the capital have even a thunderstorm. Some citizens saw lightning and heard thunder. Reports of this can be seen in the blogs. "Thunderstorm, guys, I have just

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Prayer snake god

January 23, 2013 3:03

In the metropolitan area was once highly respected reptiles.

In the coming year the Snake "sacred capital" of Russia should become a forgotten ancient village, located a few hundred kilometers from Moscow — after all the places have been chosen by our ancestors for temple snake god.

There is a danger of habit confusing, so let's just be clear: we are not talking about "women" and the "man" title. So Shatura with the famous Power Plant "Get out of the brackets," and all we pay attention to the location of a half dozen miles from

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Eyewitnesses reported freezing rain in some parts of Moscow and Moscow region

© RIA Novosti. Alexey Kudenko

Eyewitnesses reported "freezing rain" in a number of areas in and around Moscow, drivers say icy roads.

"Freezing rain" — a rare natural phenomenon for Russia due to the large difference in air temperatures at altitude and near the surface of the Earth. According to meteorologists, the nature of education sleet distinctive. First, in the atmosphere with positive temperature form raindrops. Before reaching the Earth (at the surface where the temperature is negative), the drops become translucent balls of ice, inside of which is water. Getting on the trees, the

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From the vicinity of the capital began to fly bee


Photo from: Flamber.ru

17.07.11.Podmoskovnye bumblebees fly in all directions. Several hundred hives this spring and summer suddenly emptied.

— Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and other areas adjacent to the capital remain without bees — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" president of the Union of Beekeepers Russia Arnold Butov. — The concept of "honey from the suburbs" may soon go into proshloe.Chto happened to insects?

The main reason, according to beekeepers — mass housing neighborhoods of the capital. Where there were forests and grasslands, now — luxury villa communities.

— Productive flying bee — for her to find nectar and brought to the

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Notes Ghostbusters

November 24, 2011 22:23

Vyacheslav Klimov and Ilya Sagliani than a year hunting for anomalies.

Someone collects stamps, someone — teddy bears, some — Impressionist masterpieces of Russian XIX century …

— I collect poltergeists — says I am 49-year-old Vyacheslav Klimov and trying to keep my impending otvisnut jaw, adds: — But, of course, not just a bike, as proven facts cases.

— And a lot of you have these?

— From 1996 until just three.

— And you can all see it? ..

Collector poltergeists

We are in a traffic jam at the Ryazan highway on

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Moscow collects first record corn crop

This year, in the suburbs of southern assembled high yield crops — maize grain.

The management of JSC Plemzavod "Barybino" Domodedovo urban district, the largest agricultural enterprise, Moscow region, has decided to no longer buy expensive goods in the south. Experiment on the cultivation of maize grain was carried out for about three years.

 Photo source:7saw.ru

As a result, in the harvest of 2011, JSC Plemzavod "Barybino" with an area of 400 hectares harvested 4,070 tons of maize. Yield of the crop in bunker weight was 101.7 kg / ha.

Green corn for silage with an

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Moscow is developing agri-tourism

In Shakhovskoi district of Moscow region starts recreational agro-tourist complex (APC) "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" full cycle with the European level of quality and service to receive Russian and foreign tourists. For the first time in addition to the standard domestic agro rural tourism will likely include such promising areas as business tourism, event and corporate tourism, tourism related to training, gastronomic tourism. In addition, the CCA "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" will expand existing production certified according to international standards of environmentally friendly natural dairy, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable and grocery products with its own distribution system. On the basis of

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Moscow — in the lead

In the production of agricultural products suburbs ranked fifth in Russia. The region in 2012, there were 480 farms. And some of them are already hit record.    During the first quarter of 2013 agricultural producers of the Moscow region produced 8 billion rubles, which is 11% more than the same period last year. This, of course, is primarily about the livestock farms. In all categories of farms produced more than 167,000 tons of milk, grown more than 75, 000 tons of livestock and poultry.

May 17, 2013, "Moscow News"

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