Journalists learned anomalous Moscow: Fractures, haunted house and Bermuda crossroads

November 5, 2011 17:53

Enthusiasts of the "Moscow Ghostbusters" have arranged for the journalists of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" tour of the mystical "attractions" of the capital. As it turned out, in Moscow, many anomalous zones.

Thus, the Crimean bridge is not accidentally called "suicide bridge." Many visitors to the city and the Muscovites themselves often walk in this place and take pictures. Meanwhile, there are frequent suicide. "It's a historical place of heredity, — the" hunter "Vyacheslav Klimov, pointing to the right bank of the river. — Here a couple of hundred years ago was a backwater, where the

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A strange flash in the Moscow sky: crews at a loss

October 7, 2011 16:30

Photo from

The crews of six passenger jets seen in the sky near Moscow burning object, like a shell. Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said that the means of control of the airspace available to the Russian Defense Ministry, did not record any anomalies in the Moscow region.

According to "Interfax" in the traffic services Moscow airports, at 19:40 on October 6 near the town of Gagarin, the crew of "Boeing-737-500", flying on the route Novosibirsk — Moscow, reported that he observed a flash in the dying shell at an altitude of about

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Moscow says the abnormally high pressure

Moscow says the abnormally high pressure. According to the Met Office, the capital, descending from the Arctic anticyclone, which contributed to increased pressure on the entire territory of European Russia, today and in the coming days will be moved to the north-eastern regions of the Central Federal District. Moscow region would be close to the center, which will retain a very high pressure. Today it will increase up to 1019 MB, which is 20 units higher than normal. In the following days, the growth of atmospheric pressure will continue to the end of the week will have its value

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Trains in the new Moscow

The authorities in Moscow are going to be established in the "new Moscow" rail, which will soon be launched high-speed trains, accelerates to 160 km / h

In the future, that the movement of trains will run at intervals of six to seven minutes, without interfering with the movement of other trains. Appropriate agreement on the construction of railway lines signed by Moscow railway. According to the "new Moscow" soon it will be convenient to travel, as well as to go on tour to the Czech Republic, England, or another favorite country.

Of course, the general scheme of a

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In Moscow, the ground fell bus

As reported, in Moscow, Ryazan Avenue understudy, tonight there was subsidence under the bus. The incident resulted in no injuries.

"The Understudy Ryazan Avenue, near house number 45, was the private bus carrier, not a" taxi ", weighing 10 tons. Beneath it was subsidence diameter of 1.5 meters, a depth of about 70 cm, where the wheel and the bus failed," — "Interfax" a source in the complex urban economy.

Bus managed to get out of the hole on its own. Traffic on the road because of subsidence do not overlap. "To date, utilities have promptly

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Earth's magnetic field has finally stabilized after a three-day storm

Magnetic storms for 28-30 September 2011

The Earth's magnetosphere finally stabilized after three days of the storm, causing a major splash in a few years solar activity. Increased activity of the Sun began September 22, 2011 with the precursor — flash the maximum points "X", recorded in the northern hemisphere of our star about 15 pm Moscow time, and with a major release of the masses, who had gone to the side of the Sun-Earth line. This burst of energy at the time reassured the Sun — in the next 24 hours there were "only" seven outbreaks of classes

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Arhiv.Chelyabinsk time closer to Moscow


18.02.11.V Chelyabinsk started talking seriously about a change of time zone. Possibility of a small "jump" in time — from MSK +2 GMT +1 — consider the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region Governor Mikhail Yurevich and presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko.

In the coming days, they received a request from the Public Council for Entrepreneurship at the Legislative Assembly. As the proponents of the initiative, in March 2011, residents of the Urals will be one hour closer to Moscow completely painless. Proponents of convergence stress that it will greatly facilitate communication with the

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Freezing rain in China


1.01.11.V Chinese New Year's Day was marked by bad weather in multiple regions. About two thousand passengers stranded in Lhasa (the administrative center of the Tibet Autonomous Region): Because of a dust storm 12 flights were canceled.

Dust that is driving strong wind enveloped the entire North-West China, will move ITAR-TASS. Most flights canceled today in Chongqing and Chengdu (Sichuan Province).

And in the Southwest China, most recently — in Moscow and Moscow region, hit freezing rain. At the airport, Guiyang (Guizhou provincial capital) because they delayed 36 flights. In the 27 counties and cities in the province of

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Freezing in the Moscow region

In the first half of the week the weather in the central regions of European Russia will be determined by the influence of an anticyclone. The mass of air that circulates in this atmospheric vortex is cold enough. On Monday, in the afternoon the thermometer hardly will exceed 15 degrees. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the air will gradually warm up. However, at night and in the early morning hours with variable cloudiness will be the most intense cooling of the lower atmosphere. According to weather forecasts, the night September 6 and 7 in the Moscow region are not excluded freezing

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In Moscow snowfall broke 13,000 trees

In Moscow, from the beginning of snow fell around 13 thousand trees and large branches, "Interfax" referring to the press-secretary of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Works of Igor Pergamenshchikov.

According Pergamenshchikov because of snow and ice continued branches and trees continue to fall. In this regard the utility of Moscow urged the citizens to be cautious. It is noted that most of the fallen trees and branches were sawn and removed.

In addition, as noted by Igor Pergamenshchikov, from the beginning of the winter season was removed and disposed of about 7 million cubic meters of snow,

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