In Siberia, there were two mini-earthquakes


* 08/16/11 * August 15, 2011, seismologists recorded tremors in Buryatia and Tuva.

As "Uralinformbyuro" in the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region, a magnitude 3.4 earthquake occurred at 7:30 am Moscow time in the Buryat village Kichera in the northern part of Lake Baikal.

At 14.02 Moscow time Baikal seismic station recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 in Tuva — 100 kilometers from the village Orlik. Destruction and victims.

As the director of the Geophysical Service of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Seleznev, in the next two

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According to the program People’s Garage opened in Moscow for over 60 car parks


"In the east of Moscow was commissioned a five-story parking garage, designed for 350 cars," — said in a statement.

It clarifies that the parking garage is located at: Small Kupavna transportation, possession of 16, building 4.

"Today, thanks to the program" People's Garage "opened in Moscow on 21039 62 parking spaces," — said the press service.

In Moscow the new tram rolled capsule

February 27, 2012

Today in Moscow tram drove a new generation — a brilliant, cast capsule, more like a monorail train than usual Russian trams. The French firm Alstom together with "TMH" has developed a new model, the presentation of which took place at the depot Bauman.Tram, said portal mreporter, with wide doors, modern design, available facilities for people with disabilities.The presentation came the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin. He rode the tram and told that Russia planned to produce a modern and comfortable trams and old obsolete and outdated, so they need to be replaced.Sobyanin said that "Moscow

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In Moscow, early made a plan in the rain

Rain, which is lacking in the summer, are now abundant. During the 13 days of September in Moscow had the monthly rainfall — exactly 65 mm. The main contribution made by heavy rains over the weekend. Only for Sunday, September 11, fell 35 mm — more than half of the monthly rainfall. The night before the Moscow region crossed the warm front associated with the Atlantic cyclone — the former hurricane "Kate." He shared the temperate and sub-tropical air. Received a significant temperature contrasts. In the area of the front was heightened moderate rain, which brought up the missing

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Environmentalists predict the death of 50 thousand hectares of forest near Moscow

Last year's heat wave has led to the massive proliferation of dangerous forest bark beetles. In the suburbs hit by harmful insects for 20 hectares. According to the pessimistic forecasts of environmentalists, in the coming months to be destroyed 50,000 hectares of forest, write "News".

According to the latest expert evaluation FSI "Roslesozaschita" fall 2010 attack bark beetle has undergone every tenth tree forest near Moscow. Hardest-hit area and planting Schelkovskogo Rublevki. According to the head of the press center "Roslesozaschity" Valery Yakovlev, this year, "the expected massive outbreak of bark beetles to desiccation and death of

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Needles central Russia kills woodworm

Bark beetles have destroyed about 12,000 hectares of spruce forests in central Russia, the deputy director of FSI "Russian Center for Forest Protection" Vasily Aces.

"The final results did not let down, but for today's date in the Moscow region, about 10,000 hectares of affected bark beetle in the whole of the European part — about 12 hectares.'s A lot" — RIA Novosti said the Aces on the sidelines of the conference on the protective planting in RF.

According to the source, the spread of a dangerous pest observed in several regions of the Central Federal District — Bryansk, Kaluga,

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From the vicinity of the capital began to fly bee


Photo from:

17.07.11.Podmoskovnye bumblebees fly in all directions. Several hundred hives this spring and summer suddenly emptied.

— Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and other areas adjacent to the capital remain without bees — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" president of the Union of Beekeepers Russia Arnold Butov. — The concept of "honey from the suburbs" may soon go into proshloe.Chto happened to insects?

The main reason, according to beekeepers — mass housing neighborhoods of the capital. Where there were forests and grasslands, now — luxury villa communities.

— Productive flying bee — for her to find nectar and brought to the

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Zemeletryaseniya expect New York, Moscow and Rome

Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred in the center of the north-west of Richmond, Virginia. It captures much of Washington, DC, and was felt even far from the epicenter — in the north in the state of Rhode Island and New York, the site of "Newspaper Week."

The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.7 miles deep. Attempts have been felt in the White House and on the East Coast, and as far south as Chapel Hill, and in the Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol. All the people in these areas have been evacuated.

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Geomagnetic anomaly or dry and prolonged storm, lightning over Moscow. Night of 13-14 August 2011.

Across the sky strange glow, as if thunder and lightning every few seconds. Outbreaks sometimes yellow and reddish. No thunder, no rain, no wind, the sky overcast.

Began around 23.00 ended at about 04.00 d Never seen!Videos uploaded by user zveroboyfotog. This phenomenon has been observed in different parts of Moscow:Uploaded MEGABOS86 Strange lightning in Shchelkovo highway

Uploaded bobermaniac1 According to one lightning every 15 seconds from the comfort of home! Moscow, south, facing southeast.

Uploaded inflex56 That is such a thing out of the window (Moscow). The area Kapotnya were strong lightning, with no

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Earthquake in Transcarpathia

The earthquake occurred in the morning of August 10 near Beregovo Transcarpathian region. Tremors reached 3.4 on the Richter scale, According to regional management Mininsterstva emergencies.

According to preliminary reports, the victims and the affected population, the destruction of buildings and structures have been recorded.

In Emergency Situations Ministry reminded that Transcarpathia belongs to seismically dangerous areas. Over the past year, the region recorded two earthquakes with a vibration amplitude 1.3 on the Richter scale.

Recall Previously, scientists have warned that Moscow may suffer from high-rise buildings of seismic waves from the Carpathian Mountains. "It's not clear

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