Moscow threatens to whether the earthquake of 5 points in the coming years

Maximum power is possible shocks in Europe and Asia. Light areas 5 points, blue 5-6, green 6-7, 7 yellow, pink, 8, 9 red and brown 9-10. The arrow shows the direction of seismic waves most often reaching up to Moscow from the Eastern Carpathians.

Recent events in Japan have resulted in a number of reports that in the coming years, major earthquakes can occur on the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka and the Caucasus. Experts do not rule out also that in the next decade tremors capacity of up to 5 points can reach and limits of Moscow. How relevant the

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Kristall distillery fined for river pollution

Distillery "Cristall" fined for river pollution in Kashira near Moscow on 45 thousand rubles, said regional prosecutor's office on Tuesday.

According to the supervisory authority of JSC "Moscow Distillery" Cristall "branch" Korystovo "into the river Mutenka industrial waste water, where the level of pollutants exceeds the permitted limit of five.

After the scan, the prosecutor's office, the factory has paid fines totaling $ 45 thousand rubles. In addition, the prosecution introduced the General Director of JSC "Moscow Distillery" Cristall "branch" Korystovo "view from the requirement to eliminate violations of environmental laws.

Hail and Rain in Moscow


29/06/2011 Moscow, CJSC, Strogino Thunder, strong winds, hail, and the incessant sound signaling machinery.



29/06/2011 Moscow, SAD Today, in the middle of the day as promised forecasters over the capital was thunderhead. From the south-east towards the south were storm clouds with thunder. To sharply increased wind rocked the trees, then the capital of a powerful shower covered. Townspeople not yet made an umbrella had to hide under trees. Downpour lasted for half an hour. During this time, some of the streets have turned into water hazards.

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MOE has not expect a repeat freezing rain in 2010

Emergency Ministry does not expect serious consequences of the expected freezing rain in Russia — at least, such as they were in 2010, told reporters Wednesday the chief National Center for monitoring and forecasting of natural and man-made disasters "Antistikhia" MOE Vladislav Bolov.

Freezing rain began in some parts of Moscow on Wednesday morning, and is expected that these sediments can go to the capital for a few hours. Previously, the power company MOESK announced that freezing rain in the Moscow region has not affected the reliability of power supply.

"The probability of freezing rain in our center is not

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In Moscow cherry blossom


7.09.11.Vsyakoe have happened in the country in Chekhov near Moscow. This summer is no more in debt — in September suddenly blossomed cherry. What happens to the tree?


— Most of these anomalies occur with plants due to the unusually warm weather in the winter, so they are confused with the natural clock.

Summer and even autumn bloom is very rare, but not unusual in this. Most often, this phenomenon is observed in nerayonirovannyh varieties of cherries and plums, which were imported from another region (mostly southern). Sometimes formed ovaries that do not have time to ripen. Summer

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In Moscow, the ground fell bus

As reported, in Moscow, Ryazan Avenue understudy, tonight there was subsidence under the bus. The incident resulted in no injuries.

"The Understudy Ryazan Avenue, near house number 45, was the private bus carrier, not a" taxi ", weighing 10 tons. Beneath it was subsidence diameter of 1.5 meters, a depth of about 70 cm, where the wheel and the bus failed," — "Interfax" a source in the complex urban economy.

Bus managed to get out of the hole on its own. Traffic on the road because of subsidence do not overlap. "To date, utilities have promptly implement the reconstruction

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The transfer of military equipment for the Victory Day parade

Mekhkolonna ceremonial march calculation made with a training ground near Moscow Alabino on Khodynka in Moscow, where will continue to run for a rehearsal of the military parade on Red Square.

Column technology has made the march route: Alabino — Minsk highway — Moscow — Leningrad Prospect — Khodynka. The average speed of the column was 35 km / h Journey time — 3 hours 20 minutes. The structure of wheeled vehicles were cars "Tiger", BTR-82A, anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 missile complexes "Iskander-M", "Topol-M", anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes "Armour-C."

Simultaneously tracked vehicles

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Climate change leads to powerful showers?

After flooding in the Kuban that every day — that the news of rain or flood. On July 11, the river turned the streets of Odessa. Although the rain over the Kuban was just a child: Gelendzhik got 300 mm of rain, and the pearl by the sea — only 20.On Friday, the 13th car to swim their way through the streets in the center of Moscow. The capital poured 48 mm of moisture — half the monthly norm. This is not a record, in July 1981 fell 62 mm.  On Saturday, after rain storm water flowed in streams

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The first phase of the reconstruction crest of the channel in Krylatskom completed

The first phase of the reconstruction crest of the channel in Krylatskom completed, the head of the Department of Construction of Moscow A.Bochkarev during the inspection of the object by the Mayor of Moscow.

Rowing channel completely ready to host the World Cup in rowing and canoeing, which will be held in Moscow in early June.

Sobyanin visited the four-storey building finishing tower, which, according to the Deputy Secretary General of the Russian Federation of rowing and canoeing N.Mordvina not only meets all the international standards, but also is the best in the world. The mayor visited the

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At Domodedovo explosion. Video


24.01.11.V hall international flights Moscow Domodedovo airport about 16:30 there was an explosion. According to preliminary data, there are victims. This writes the Life News.

According to the publication, in the airport detonated a suicide bomb.

At present we know of 10 dead. The number of wounded is difficult to call. According to some reports, the two were injured. "We asked for the possibility of more ambulances" — reported to law enforcement. At the scene, left several teams Disaster Medicine Centre.

"I just came out of the airport, there was a blast — told Life

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