The first robotic pharmacy has opened in Moscow

September 20, 2011 in Moscow has opened a new pharmacy Evalar in which the drug is ordered and delivered to the cash register is not a pharmacist, and a special robot. While in other pharmacies pharmacists alone for several minutes looking for drugs in different lockers in the new pharmacy Evalar Consis robot does it for 7 seconds.


Installation of high-tech robot has become a key element of the concept of a pharmacy in the center of Moscow "new type". Was based on the best European standards — a new approach to computation, stringent quality control,

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The first batch of chips for UEC manufactured and certified

A spokesman of "UEC" Julia Kuchkina reported that the first card in Moscow, the company will issue at the end of March 2012. Earlier it was reported that the first beneficiaries of the UEC should be employees of the Department of Information Technology, Government of Moscow and the SUE "Moscow Social Register."

Company "Mikron" gave of "Universal Card" OJSC ("UEC") ten thousand chips for universal electronic cards, told reporters Chief Designer "Mikron" Gennady KRASNIKOV.

According to him, the company has completed the certification UEC first batch of chips and prepare them for shipment to the "authorized organizations of subjects."

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The hydrogen bomb at the Kremlin




It could explode at any time, warn scientists.

Moscow in the near future threatened by serious disasters, compared with which the tragedy at the water park will seem flowers. This was warned by scientists from the Institute of Physics of the Earth. O. Schmidt RAS.

Chief Scientist

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In Moscow, the entire week will be warm and clear

During the week in the metropolitan area will be spring-like warmth and clear, the probability of precipitation appears after Wednesday. On it informs RIA Novosti referring to a specialist center weather "Phobos" on Monday, April 4.

"Muscovites waiting for warm days: day temperature of about plus 14 degrees, and at night — not less than 5 degrees with a plus sign," — told the agency. He explained that, in the coming week in the Moscow region will be supplied warm air from Europe, but in general the weather will affect the subtropical anticyclone. "The warmest day of the week

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To Moscow is a cyclone mischief in Europe

Central and north-western Russia expects climate shock. Flurry of wet sticky snow, breaks power lines, broken trees cars — this is a list of misfortunes that will bring a cyclone has done a lot of troubles in Europe. Gale completely powered Baltiysk Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg made a real storm, and now coming to Moscow. MOE has warned that residents of many Russian regions remain without electricity, and roads are not safe for drivers.

Earlier this week, the capital will be under the influence of an active cyclone, which caused a chain of natural disasters in the European countries, RIA

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Russia is going through a snow apocalypse

Moscow recently experienced a real traffic jams, when one day the city received more than 254 mm of snow. This rainfall is considered to be the January monthly norm. Due to snow, thousands of passengers were forced to spend the night in the city's leading airports, as the aircraft could not fly in such weather.

After a snowfall of some residents of the capital could not get to his car, the roads near the houses, small streets were under the impressive snow. They did not even able to get road service workers to start clearing. Of course, due to

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Passenger Electrobus LiAZ shown at an exhibition in Moscow

Bus LiAZ 6274, refillable from the wall and a high-voltage cable, was shown at the exhibition "Elektromobiliada 2013" in Moscow. This Electrobus — development of Russian engineers from Smith-Zuev. To Moscow, he drove under its own power. Producers are hoping that soon in the capital will be just that, an environmentally friendly transportation.


Watch video online RIA "News": 

Its products have demonstrated and domestic manufacturers. "AvtoVAZ" brought electric Lada Ellada, created on the basis of the car Lada Kalina. Recall that 2013 was the beginning of mass production of electric vehicles in

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Where did the nightingale?


17.05.11.Stolichnye ornithologists fear that the capital was sharply reduced the number of nightingales. This year, the observation of these singers have shown that the number is much lower than in previous years. The maximum number of nightingales were recorded in 2005 — about 2.5 thousand birds singing, and in recent years their number does not exceed 1.5 thousand in 2011, it is assumed that this figure will undergo significant changes. But before you think seriously about the reasons, it is necessary to conduct an annual census of the nightingales in Moscow. In the course has already become a tradition

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Moscow has held down the ice shell


26.12.10. Moscow highway and sidewalks turned into solid ice rink, and the stairs and does become an insurmountable obstacle. "Freezing rain" in the capital did not stop all the previous night and, as forecasters predict, rainfall will last until Monday. Public utilities for the first time over the last few years have started to re-treat footpaths reagents as gravel and sand from the ice is not saved. In the city dramatically increased the number of accidents.

Covered with a thin crust of ice, like a crystal, the trees could delight Muscovites for their beauty, but the people of an

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Parks Soviet Moscow show free movies

Since August, in the capital's parks have opened free movie theaters, where until the autumn will show a good old-fashioned drive-in. As once — in an era about which it is removed and the entire Soviet film classic. The "Movies in the Park" run "Mosgorpark" and a network of cinemas "Moscow Cinema".


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