Opening Heliport in Moscow

First Heliport for private helicopters opened on May 17 in Moscow at the international exhibition of the helicopter industry HeliRussia 2013.

Terminal and heliport are located on the roof of the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" in the west of the capital.

Heliport, open company "Russian Helicopter Systems" (PBC), with the support of JSC "Helicopters of Russia" will be able to take a few helicopters simultaneously. Currently, there are four seats. The number of sites designed for several dozen cars.


The port has a check-in desks departing and arriving passengers, screening equipment,

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The opening of the route Moscow Raceway

The opening of the route Moscow Raceway will be held as part of the July 14 and 15 of the Russian stage Mirovovoy Series Renault (WSR), in which the competition will be held in classrooms Formula 3.5, Formula 2.0 and Megane Trophy. Entrance to the event is free.

Multi-function circuit corresponds to the category FIA 1T, which allows for on the track as the National Championships and Grand Prix Formula 1. Designed and built track in conjunction with the German experts. The maximum length of the Moscow Raceway is 4070 m, the project provides 26 different configurations of the

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The opening movement of the new highway in the suburbs

August 8, on the eve of the Day of the builder, in Zhukovsky near Moscow hosted a ceremony of the opening of the new section of highway from highway M-5 "Ural". The bulk of construction work as soon as possible is made by specialists of "bridge builders" and a subsidiary of the association — the company "RosMonolit."


Congratulations and thanks to the builders expressed deputy chairman of the Moscow region, Dmitry Pestov, head of the city district Zhukovsky Andrew Voytyuk, representatives of the customer and general contractor — Head of

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Open the largest tennis club in Moscow with 10 courts under one roof

On the territory of South-East of Moscow (Ryazan Avenue, 4) has opened and actively funcktsioniruet "Tennis Park" — one of the largest tennis clubs in Moscow.

An area of 6000 m2 located 10 indoor courts coated hard. This allows the number of courts tournaments both local and national level. We train youth teams of Russia. Our special pride — Tennis school, created with the support of Tennis Federation of Russia. The school tennis engaged more than 300 children and adults. The school has only Professional coaches — Candidates and master of sports.Tennis Park has paid much

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A new container terminal in the Moscow region

In the Moscow region have commissioned a new container terminal — LLC "Container Terminal Orekhovo-'. Terminal capacity of 2.3 million TEU, a design capacity — 120 TEU per year, reported the press service of the operating company.

At the moment, only completed the first phase of the project. The present paper introduces a container platform number 1, 2 hectares, the capacity of 1,300 TEU, sockets for connection of refrigerated containers 60., Front discharge of 1100 m (one-time processing of SAR 71 USD), handling equipment — 2 reachstacker carrying capacity of 45 tons, 2 front stacker for empty containers. Construction of

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The raid on Constanta

In the famous raid squadron Russian Black Sea Fleet on 26 June 1941, the Romanian port city of Constanta, assumed the role of leader-destroyers "Moscow" and "Kharkiv".

By the beginning of the war the Black Sea fleet on the number of warships significantly superior naval forces of Germany's allies — Romania and Bulgaria. It includes ships of all classes were: 1 battleship, 5 cruisers, 3 favorite, 13 destroyers, 4 gunboats, 12 frigates, 15 minesweepers, 21 small hunter, 81 torpedo boat, 44 submarines.

Opposing the Romanian Black Sea Fleet Russian Navy destroyers numbered 4, 3 destroyers, one submarine and

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A new Medical Center of Moscow State University

New MSU Medical Center put into operation. It is a complex of buildings raznoetazhnyh from 3 to 9 floors with a total area of 52.8 thousand square meters. meters, connected by transitions.

The center provides 9-story hospital with 300 beds in the intensive care unit, surgical, therapeutic, cardiology offices, 5-story diagnostic and treatment unit, 3-storey operating theater, laboratory building.

Moscow State University Medical Center will be the first Russian university clinic. It will contain almost all the specialties of modern medicine — both therapeutic and surgical. Medical research and education center

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Opened Summer School School League, RUSNANO


June 27, Penza began its work in summer school project "School League RUSNANO." More than 130 students from across the country gathered in the Penza region to get additional education in the natural sciences and the foundations of nanotechnology.

During the school organized on the basis of children's camp "asterisk", planned to hold a series of educational activities — lectures, seminars, workshops, role play, intellectual competitions for students and teachers.

The Corporation Nanograde — This is the most difficult, but at the same time fascinating part of the Summer School. Participants exit (residents of different

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Moscow is a huge city of the size of an egg

Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow Region has issued a storm warning in Moscow on Friday to 20.00, and in some parts of the city it hails.

"Up to 20.00 in the capital expected strong winds with gusts up to 15 m / s and beyond", — told the Met Office.

According to "Gazety.Ru" in the city center is hail and heavy rain. Some hailstones, reports "Interfax", reach the size of quail eggs. Simultaneously with hail in the capital storm began.

Interfax Herald

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Which rejected a bribe of 45 million rubles Moscow traffic cop encourage Prize

MOSCOW, March 29 — RIA Novosti.Refused the bribe of 45 million rubles Moscow traffic police officer will encourage gratitude and 100 thousand rubles, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the press service of the Interior Ministry of around Moscow.

It became known yesterday that police have detained a man in Moscow, which, according to law enforcement, offered a high-ranking employee of the Metropolitan Traffic Police for 45 million rubles illegally legalize a large shipment of trucks. A police officer reported the tempting offer superior. On Wednesday, in an attempt to transfer 100 thousand rubles a suspect was arrested.

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