Heat returns to Moscow

Atmospheric front, coupled with a cold snap and rain, leaving the Capital Region. According to weather forecasts, the weekend in Moscow and the region will return a 30-degree heat, which will last until Wednesday.

Warming began on Friday. Cool morning with fog descended on Moscow at night and interfere with the airport for dinner changed warming up to +21 … 26 ° C. On Saturday night expected to be about 11 … 14 ° C during the day — up to 26 … 29 ° C. Places the air warms up +30 ° C. The same weather will be on

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Earthquakes are expected in Europe and Russia

Several earthquakes have occurred on Monday near the city of Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. As RIA "News", the next, third this morning, an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 occurred at 14:40 local time (6:40 MSK). Quake epicenter was located 11 kilometers east of Christchurch. The earthquake lies at a depth of 12.5 kilometers.

Earlier, New Zealand were reported underground tlchki magnitudes 6.0 and 5.2. As reported by "Rosbalt", the epicenter of the first earthquake was located 13 km from the second largest city in the country Christchurch. Its center lies at a depth of

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Volcanoes and earthquakes will lead to global catastrophe

Predict earthquakes in Moscow, Siberia, the Urals and the Caucasus. In Europe, the most powerful active volcanoes. According to scientists seismologists Earth approached its climax period of seismic activity that began in the 70's. He will soon be over, but it may finally bring massive destruction.

Earthquakes in the world are from the East to the West. First shook Japan and the Philippines, then a number of other Asian countries. Then the oscillations in the earth's crust under the Atlantic inherited by the stove and the small earthquakes began to suffer Europe. During the day a number

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Moscow. Old Town was much older than those previously

April 4, 1147 in chronicles for the first time mentioned name Moscow, and it was associated with a glorious naming Yuri Dolgoruky, is looking for himself in possession of an ally of Prince Svyatoslav II of Kiev.

Moscow's history is full of fun and catastrophic events. This heroic city repeatedly burned down and rebuilt anew. He became the emblem of the Russian land, the majestic soul of the country. For a pulse of life is indescribable in this ancient Russian town. Riddle of Moscow lies in its appearance. Now there are several 10-s of different views and opinions about the

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Moscow betrays Belarus

Minsk evenly losing ground, with significant blame for this lies with Moscow. EEC and the IMF agreed to support the Belarusian economy by giving loans. Thus, Belarus will receive $ 3 billion from the Eurasian Economic Community. bucks in parts. What's the price? Minsk will have to do anything for a very long time resisted, keeping the legacy of the Soviet Union — in the three years to realize (when they received three tranches) of municipal assets worth 7.5 billion dollars. bucks. In practice, this onerous conditions that put Belarus on the cross as an independent state.

Belarus forced to

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Moscow as a peacemaker?

Russian Federation tries again to become a "peacemaker", a coalition of Western countries to make peace, "rebels" and Libya. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shared his plans for negotiations between the favorite of Libya Muammar Gaddafi and members of the Libyan rebel movement. The talks were due to start on May 16-17 in Moscow, but, according to Lavrov, broke down due to technical reasons.

However, there are several issues with which Moscow has decided to become a peacemaker — really wants to end the war and assist Libya return to the world or place the states in the West?

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Moscow is acting in opposition to NATO (Asia Times online, China (Hong Kong))

Many may not know that the main phrase of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's "trust but verify" in fact — just a translation of the Russian proverb doveryai, no proveryai (text in Latin characters — approx. Lane.). Two decades after the end of the era of cool war Moscow longs to return the controversial phrase from a South American repertoire and attach it to the Russian "reset" of relations with the United States.

Punch acquired by U.S. President Barack Obama at the crotch congressional elections, WikiLeaks revelations NATO plans to protect against "possible Russian aggression," the announcement of the U.S.

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In Moscow, replacing freezing rain is ice storm

Forecasters are not encouraging. In the central regions of Russia there is a new cyclone. And not one. South atmospheric front from the Black Sea, charged huge reserves of moisture over Moscow to meet with a cold anticyclone, which is moving from the Kola Peninsula. And weather forecasts, this meeting will provide several areas of snowstorms, blizzards and lots of wet snow. How to survive another hit from the air?

The fact that all the trouble was over, it seems, was only its forerunner. People who have learned a few days ago that this freezing rain, will now have to

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Fry — Russian glory!

On the night of 3rd August 1572 the Crimean army Devlet Giray, broken down into the river near the village of Pakhra a young, hastily retreated to the south. Trying to break away from the chase, Khan put some barriers that were destroyed Russian. In Crimea returned only the sixth part of going camping 120000th army.

This battle is at its value in the same breath with such struggles as Kulikovskoe, Borodino, but it is clear it has the smallest range of people.

For a start — a song about the invasion of the Crimean Tatars in Russia in 1572

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To Moscow is a cyclone mischief in Europe

Central and north-western Russia expects climate shock. Flurry of wet sticky snow, breaks power lines, broken trees cars — this is a list of misfortunes that will bring a cyclone has done a lot of troubles in Europe. Gale completely powered Baltiysk Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg made a real storm, and now coming to Moscow. MOE has warned that residents of many Russian regions remain without electricity, and roads are not safe for drivers.

Earlier this week, the capital will be under the influence of an active cyclone, which caused a chain of natural disasters in the European countries, RIA "Novosti"

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