Muscovites waiting for warming up to plus 2 degrees at the weekend

Last weekend of 2010 will bring to Moscow completely non-winter weather — temperatures in the capital reached plus marks, according to "MK".

"Claus, which we predicted in the middle of the week, and did not come to Moscow to stay north of our area. During weather processes intervened inactive atmospheric front, which stood over a median strip of Russia and not let the temperature drop below minus 5-7 degrees," — told agentstva.Po companion to her, in the next day the Moscow region will remain under the influence of the front, but at night frosts will be able to press

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In Russia stopped Shejman

Society According to the Russian site in the Moscow region for speeding out by Russian traffic police (traffic police) arrested a jeep, which was traveling assistant to the president of Belarus at Large, a former Attorney General of Belarus Viktor Sheiman.

As thecamping, it happened in the Ruza district of the Moscow region on Sunday, August 15. Sheiman was driving his jeep "Toyota Land Kruzer" from Moscow to Minsk in Belarus highway.

80-km highway traffic police car escorted the Moscow region — said the site a law enforcement source Russia. — Thereafter machine continued to walk unaccompanied.

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Russian people are in search of historical truth

The question of the origin of the Russian people and Slavic peoples is one of the cornerstones in the history of Europe and Russia. Another chronicler Nestor in "The Tale of Bygone Years" raised the question: "Where have gone the Russian land? '. And the answer is quite right: the countdown Russian history from the mythical Japheth, Iapetus, and then after a long period of time has placed Russia on the banks of the river Danube in Noricum. And only then brought to Russia to Dnipro River and Lake Ilmen familiar from school course — Kiev-Novgorod Russia. Thus, even in

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Rain fell on Moscow with snow

Cyclone, which brought in the central region of showers and thunderstorms, is still not back. Projected to become the second Sabbath part of it, although the day before in some parts of Moscow dropped two-thirds of the monthly rainfall.

Weather surprised residents and guests of the Russian capital Friday's storm with rain, hail and snow. The wind was so strong that the trees broke and fell on cars. Streets and avenues were buried in the flow of water, the townspeople sought refuge in the subway and shops.

Traffic jams. In addition to precipitation, the share fell more

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On the charm of the European Union, the horrors of communism and river navigation

In our complex, controversial life, intertwined, at times, are completely unexpected events and the removal of something one lying, it would seem, in a distant plane, involves damage to a chain of other entities and processes.

That's what seemed to be the connection between such things as economic and industrial policy of the European Union and the ticket prices of river cruises in Russia, that is, on river boats cruising the Volga and Oka? And what could be a connection of all this with the level of unemployment in Polish, Slovak and Hungarian cities, in the present

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In Moscow on Friday is expected to 7 degrees

In the Russian capital on Friday remain cool and cloudy weather. According to forecasters in Moscow the day will be 5-7 degrees, the region is expected to 8.4 degrees Celsius. Chance of drizzling rain.

On Saturday night, October 29, in the city is expected to 2-3 degrees over the region 0 — plus 2 degrees. Afternoon in the capital will be 6-7 degrees in the field — 4-6 degrees. Precipitation is expected.

Well, you are crazy, you guys!

I pay a lot of attention Navalny. Yes.

Since Navalny phenomenon is hitherto unknown disease of our time.

Hysterical affection of the Moscow intelligentsia to this man is mysterious and has no rational roots, all causes of affection — irrational.


Well, yes, I do have personal reasons to treat Navalny negative.

How can I treat him if I was in his time period and spent it? Navalny is magically released the following after a single night behind bars morning.

In 2011, I said that I would

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In Moscow cope with the consequences of heavy rain

Last night a number of areas of Moscow collapsed strong liven.Groza walked around the south and south-west of the capital, and later came and the city center. Wind gusts reached 15 meters per second, was declared a storm warning. By midnight, the rain stopped and began to reverse the effects of communal elements. Some streets were flooded, large puddles formed on the major highways, including, on the Third Ring Road. In addition, there were outages in the suburbs, particularly in the area of the Resurrection. According to weather forecasts, on Wednesday in the capital region is possible re downpour.

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In Moscow — the strongest storm

On Thursday evening in the capital came the long-awaited rain and thunderstorm. The streets of the city center were flooded by streams of water. Public utilities warn about the threat of the collapse of advertising structures and trees. The first images of the Moscow Rain sent to "All Mobile reporter."

Traffic Police advises drivers to be extra cautious on the road and keep your distance on wet roads. BBC News also reminded how to behave during a thunderstorm. In particular, it is not recommended to be in open spaces and hiding from the rain under single trees. Meanwhile, in

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In the new year the sun disappears from the sky

Unnaturally dark in Moscow will be on the fourth day of the new year

At 9:30 am local time to begin partial solar eclipse. As "MK" in the Institute of Applied Astronomy, the first of four "planned" for 2011 eclipse will be seen shining in all the districts of Russia — from the western border to Siberia. But the deepest phase of the solar cover lunar disk is expected in the northern part of the country. Thus, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the moon will block 85% of the solar disk, as, for example, in the Urals and Novosibirsk, the

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