New housing CDB Civil Aviation opened in Moscow

In the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation in the north-west of Moscow earned a new therapeutic housing.

Ten-therapeutic housing is designed for 520 patients. Each berth is equipped with an intercom connection with the post of a nurse and a visual alarm. Over 70% of physicians with the highest qualification category. CDB is involved in the urban program of compulsory health insurance.  Sergei Sobyanin, Acting Mayor of Moscow:— Good thing he works mainly for Muscovites. 80% of the troops who served there — are former employees of aviation, retirees and current employees. 80% — are Muscovites. I

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The new Mi-38 flew from Kazan to Moscow

The second prototype (OP-2) of the new middle civilian passenger transport helicopter Mi-38 made its first long-distance flight. Mi-38 took off from Kazan, where the enterprise is located produced by OAO "Kazan Helicopter Plant", traveled more than 800 kilometers and arrived in Moscow to continue the test program at JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. ML Mile ", which is the developer of the helicopter. Flights from Kazan to Moscow also became part of the test and test new helicopter, according to experts manufacturer, has been successful. Earlier in the process of testing was done 29 races and 16 land-based

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New developments MZ Tonar

May 30 LTD MH "Tonar" took part in the College of Agriculture Ministry, visiting the Moscow region on the technology of fodder.

The plant has been presented two advanced design used in animal husbandry, it is:

— Dump Trailers Tipper MT2 to transport silage and green mass

— Semi Livestock Thonar-98261-date modification.


Presented by the "Tonar" model aroused the interest of the outgoing board of both the farmers and by the heads of district departments of agriculture.

In the College was attended by Deputy Chairman of

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Company Registration Company in Serpukhov

One of the small towns not far from Moscow is a city of Serpukhov. This is a very active city, with a large population, despite the fact that the area of the city itself is not so great.

So, it is well known that in the city there are 147 enterprises. Some of them are large, others smaller. Know 33 major enterprises in Serpukhov.

Suppose you are a young entrepreneur who is full of energy and desire to achieve something in the industry. Perhaps you are interested in registration of OOO in Serpukhov. Emphasize — you think and move in

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Echo of Moscow: the Union with Belarus — a laughing stock

Society Despite pazharavybuhovae position, the Russian media did not forget about the Belarusian subjects. On Friday, readers offered another piece antilukashenkovskih materials.

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta" published analytical material on the basis of a study Gallup: every fifth citizen of Belarus is ready to leave it forever. According to this indicator, the nominal ally Russia beats even troubled Kyrgyzstan. Thus, concludes the edition, the Belarusians have dispelled the myth of his "blossoming." According to the newspaper, for many in Russia such sentiments seem strange: in the eyes of most Russians, Belarus looks a country very attractive for life — stable, with

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New roads and interchanges in Moscow (photo)

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

The other day I was taken aback by the question: what are the new roads and interchanges have been built in our capital city for the last time? When driving, I mostly enjoyed only a new departure with Novokurkino on the Ring Road. Fast guglenie showed that it was opened several new roads, and, quite necessary and important. At the weekend I rode a little in Moscow and looked to these new objects.

I deliberately did not bring a focus to their merits or demerits — in order to evaluate them,

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Abrahamic religions — the scientific view of the origin of religions

1. Abrahamic religions — three religions, the first of which — Judaism — is not recognized as among the world's religions, as professed by only one people (religious and social community), but that it had a decisive influence on the formation of other Abrahamic religions, and the entire western (Atlantic) civilization. The other two Abrahamic religions — Christianity and Islam — are considered the world's religions.

The basic principle underlying the Abrahamic religions — the creation of a personal God of the world out of nothing (ex nihilo). Nothing Abrahamic religions (Greek for? On) does not have anything to manifestatsionistskomu

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Preparing to collect groups Kosmopoisk




10-12 September 2004 d.Protasovo near the Moscow region will gather near Moscow regional groups within the association "Kosmopoisk." The campground will be divided into one hundred meters from the place of the "classic" UFO landing, which took place here in May 1990 (the latest research "Kosmopoisk" held

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News Skolkovo

The Open University Skolkovo begins selecting the first students In March and April, students, postgraduates and young scientists from six partner universities of Moscow Skolkovo (HSE, MIPT, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, MISA, Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State University) Will have a unique opportunity to become the first students of the Open University Skolkovo (OpUS). OpUS — part of the ecosystem innovation center "Skolkovo": the source of students for the future Skolkovo University (Masters and PhD students), the source of interns to partner companies Skolkovo source projects for business incubators. OpUS is not an educational institution does not issue certificates

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Summer. The aliens have intensified




Ufologist claim: in the summer months, likely to see a UFO than in other seasons. Nights in temperate latitudes become clearer, people are increasingly looking to the sky to admire the stars, and there is now this! Although summer is on the wane, for a meeting with

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