Moscow asks potatoes

Society The delegation of the Department of Food Resources of Moscow held in Minsk negotiations on the purchase of the Belarusian potatoes, carrots and onions.

The Russian side expressed readiness to discuss the size and timing of possible deliveries. Moscow may purchase up to 40,000 tons of potatoes, Interfax reported.

The Ministry of Agriculture reported The Belarusian is willing to contribute to food security in Moscow.

Belarus has already signed a number of major contracts for the supply of vegetables. In Tatarstan, for example, plans to put about 100 000 tons of potatoes.

According to preliminary estimates, the available resources

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Moscow could cut loans to Belarus

Society The economy of Belarus, which is now extremely lacking currency may remain without Russian loans. This was stated by the Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin. He said that Russia may restrict credit support to Belarus if the official Minsk will hinder the work of the Russian media.

Russian financiers may restrict loans to Belarus not only directly but also indirectly. The second option has become particularly relevant and specific just today when Andrew Don — one of the vice-president and chairman of the Savings Bank of Russia German Gref — said the bank began discussing the possibility of

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The new assembly plant satellites creates a Gazkom

In the establishment of an assembly of communications satellites "Yamal" and surveillance system "looks" that will appear in the suburban Schyolkovo, will invest 4.2 billion rubles. A corresponding agreement today at the MAKS-2013 was signed by the Acting Governor of the Moscow Region, Andrei Vorobyov, and representatives of JSC "Gazprom Space Systems" ("Gazkom"), "Gazprom investment project" and the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs" / "Vnesheconombank" /. 

The agreement involves the creation of new high quality jobs and increase the tax base. In addition, the Moscow region will receive additional telecommunication services

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Today in the office of Premier League football club "Rostov" amended the bid team for the season. In the main part of the youth team defender Players added to squad Russia Arthur Valikaev and rented "Spartacus" midfielder Aleksandr Pavlenko. Young squad replenished immediately with five newcomers: defenders Taymuraz Kozaeva ("Alania" Vladikavkaz), Alexei coiled ("Spartak-m" Moscow), Kirill coiled ("Saturn-m" Ramenskoye), midfielder Andrey Lyahom ("Chemist" Dzerzhinsk) and striker Dmitry Kortava ("Torpedo" Moscow). guys who know how Arthur Valikaev? * WALL *

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Recipes from the envelope

Curd yogis

I want a newspaper to share with readers interesting and effective recipe.

Heat up a gallon of milk and a little bit not boiling, pour the juice of one lemon. Quickly stir and immediately remove from heat. Cottage cheese is ready!

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The latest air defense station, which will protect Moscow, entered service

Air defense radar "all-altitude detector", "closed down" the sky is the capital city from four directions.

Four new air defense radar station "all-altitude detector" entered service Forces Aerospace Defense (ASD), it is expected that after the statement on the alert these radars "closed down" the sky of Moscow from the four directions.

Photo: Igor Rumyantsev "all-altitude detector"

"These funds allow intelligence to detect air targets, including cruise missiles at long range. Their use will allow time to detect and repel air attack enemies when necessary," — said the deputy commander of the Air Defense Forces

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The new school opened in Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region

The new school Aprelskaya Naro-Fominsk Moscow region held open house. For visitors there have been four Excursion route from an educational institution, and the guides have become her future students. Guests will appreciate the spacious rooms and modern equipment, watched demonstrations in the pool and competition in sports halls.

The building was constructed on an individual project and a modern architecture. It houses 30 modern classrooms, radio room, a multimedia language laboratory, a workshop for processing wood and metal office processing of fabrics and more.

For first-equipped games room. To carry out school-wide events provided a spacious assembly hall.

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The new school opened in the Moscow region Dolgoprudnom

A new school for 550 students began working in the district "Central" Recently the city of Moscow region.

Investment in the construction and equipment of the school exceeded 500 million rubles. The school is equipped with modern equipment and computerized — in most classrooms are installed automated of the teacher, including the interactive whiteboard, projector, a computer with Internet access and other additional equipment.

For the full development of abilities of students, except for a large gym, there's physical therapy room, playground with fitness equipment, as well as the dance studio.

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New Farm was opened in Moscow

January 16, Moscow region Schelkovskoy industrial combine "New Litvinovo" opened a farm with 220 head of cattle, thereby ensuring the growth of dairy cattle.

For this renovated barn in the village of Mishneva, purchased 70 domestic breeding cows, which are translated into a renewed space. After quarantine them translated main herd, which as a result became twice more, and by the end of the year should reach 400 goals. Updating the herd will increase milk production.

A step towards death. A step towards life 1 Series 2 Series 19. 02. 2013

Is there a suicide gene? And who is the main risk? Is it possible to instill the idea of suicide, that life is not really so bad, that in any situation really find out? Answers to these questions are trying to find the authors of the documentary, which consists of two parts — "A step towards death" and "Step toward life."

If you believe the forecasts of the World Health Organization, today from suicide kills more people than the wars and murders combined. But — why? Tragic despair, silent suffering, proud rejection. It may seem that suicide is literally

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