Moscow and Minsk are set against their own people on the neighbors

Society The closer the presidential election in Belarus, the more are the worst quarrel between Moscow and Minsk, Western observers say.

As written in the pages of Russian English-language edition "The Moscow Times" Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics Peterson Anders Aslund, among CIS countries worst relations with Moscow — with Belarus, once its most solid ally and most authoritative (except for the Russian) state in the Europe. Both countries have recently repeated the meaningless gas war and more war on words in the media. This behavior is typical of authoritarian regimes that set up their own people against their

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New interchange on the Volokolamsk highway was opened in Moscow in full

A new transport interchange in the area of the floodplain Pavshinskoy fully opened to traffic.

The first section of the road was opened at the end of September this year. From Moscow to the side entrance of the floodplain Pavshinskoy was carried out on a new two-lane flyover.

The other day was started and three-kilometer road in the opposite direction. It is also two-way, as the first section of the road. In the same area where the Volokolamsk highway intersects with the Ring Road, the roadway extended from two to three lanes in each direction, thus managed to increase the

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A new pedestrian zone is open in the Central District of Moscow

In the Central District of Moscow has opened a new pedestrian area on the Stoleshnikov Lane — Chamberlain Lane — Kuznetsk Bridge — Rozhdestvenka street. The total length of the route is about 2 km.

During a visit to the pedestrian zone Sobyanin noted that the area has been replaced by light, the old paving stones, and the reconstructed monument Yu.Dolgorukomu Tverskaya Square. "The most important thing is that this space is freed from the machine and given to pedestrians," — said the Mayor, adding that a few months ago, this place is almost completely occupied by parked cars.

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UFO in the center of Moscow?




The reader "KP" has brought to the Editor videotape, which filmed the strange object hovering above the city. What was it?

Almost ten minutes to several times changed its shape.

In the night sky over Zamoskvorech'e shone bright yellow spot. By chance I saw it in the

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Moscow 2017. Feature film

Fi thriller, the main effect of which will unfold in a fictional, utopian future. Corporate brands captured the minds of people and have real power. They dictate their will to humanity, depriving it of illusions, making passive and dependent.

The main character begins to realize that there is something around, beyond reason. He attempts to discover the truth about a sinister conspiracy. The result is an epic battle with the hidden forces that govern the world.

Watch the movie "Moscow 2017":

Category: Feature films

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Nobody but us! Happy holidays to all who took troops Uncle Vasya!

Moscow. August 2. Interfax-AVN — Military personnel and veterans of the Airborne Troops Russia celebrate on Friday the 83rd anniversary of the formation of Airborne. 

"Airborne Command carried out extensive work on the preparation for the celebration of the 83rd anniversary of the Airborne Troops. Was drawn up a plan that reconciled with all relevant authorities and agencies, and provides a set of measures," — told reporters the Navy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Nikolai Ignatov.

He said that the celebration will begin in Moscow on Suvorov Square with the laying of wreaths at

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The lower pool Zagorskaya PSP-2 was filled to the design level

PNa Zagorskaya PSP-2, the construction of which is in the Moscow region RusHydro, completed a unique operation on analysis of temporary earthen bridge and filling the lower basin of the project of "Institute Hydroproject."

The March frosts favored the production of excavation on the implementation of which took a month. After the recess over 400,000 cubic meters of soil builders strengthened bottom with gravel and eliminated ice hummocks formed in the winter.

Now the two pools of pumped storage power plants are combined into a single circuit. Detailed analysis of the time jumpers and

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Lavrov: a compromise on the Kerch Strait real

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has once again stated that compromise between Russia and Ukraine on rassredotachivaniya Kerch Strait is real.

These statements were made during a meeting in Odessa Russian-Ukrainian subcommittee on international co-operation.

Kiev and Moscow For 15 years, seek out ways rassredotachivaniya Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait, but all rounds of negotiations to an end shortly virtually nothing.

Though experts they say that under the current Ukrainian government, whose policy is aimed at rapprochement with Russia, compromise can still be reached, but in the main is not in favor of Kiev.

Sergey Lavrov

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Springs — power and salvation

Springs — power and salvation


Modern man, caught in the grip of civilization, almost lost the ability to control their own lives.

Technogenic civilization drove it to a dead end, where almost no choice: where to live, how to eat, what to drink?

Comprising 80 percent of the water inhabitant of planet Earth for centuries dwelt near sources of life-giving water. Many springs, rivers and lakes are certainly endowed with ancient miraculous properties. However, over time the healing properties of water have become ubiquitous and only weaken the habit to the sacred sources continue to rush

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Custom staircase in Moscow. Picture story

Artist Dmitry Bochkarev modern fresco painting on the walls of the entrance of the ordinary home, outdoors Medinskaya in Moscow. With the emergence of unusual graffiti mud at the entrance was less. Pleased to come here on a tour of the residents of neighboring houses.

Residents porch help the artist to paint, and he draws upon their request, but that is close to the soul.


Vladivostok. Beauty on Ocean Avenue, 15/3. Photos

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