West Nile virus for the year killed 286 Americans

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), West Nile virus (West Nile virus) in the past, killing 286 people. This is a record since the start keeping statistics in 1999.

"In total, we recorded 5,674 cases of infection Nile virus — said Lyle Peterson, one of the leading doctors CDC. — Only two states — Alaska and Hawaii, the virus is detected. Infection control is one of our top priorities. "

The first case of West Nile virus in North America, physicians recorded in New York City 13 years ago. Presumably, the infection had been imported

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The mystery of black village




Tourists have discovered a mysterious place, pick up the Arkhangelsk pobrakonerit hinterland. Astray in a remote area Mezenski (400 kilometers from Arkhangelsk), the day after they saw walk behind the trunks of woodland village. But the joy of hope, to be fed cakes and organize a bathhouse,

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Mote kill livestock in Kursk region


8.05.12.Esche in early April Veterinary Office Kursk sent letters to district stations to combat animal diseases, which were given instructions for the purchase of medicines in cases of animals affected by midges. Alas, as of May 5, there are 345 cases of animal from biting midges, 17 of them died.

According to the experts the regional department veterinary mass flight of midges in the region is usually in May and lasts 7-10 days. Then attack mosquitoes is declining. But this spring was no exception: because of the warm weather mosquitoes came earlier than usual, and in large quantities. The

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Voronezh attacking midges and mosquitoes. Video


21.05.12.Anomalnaya heat became the cause of a huge number of gnats and mosquitoes. Before going out on the street — complete outfit.

People spend in the garden for a few hours, but also in masks and costumes. Midges attacking villagers even in the midday heat, and at night they are joined by swarms of mosquitoes.

Tatiana Golovitskaya, a resident of Dedovochka: "In the house we leave it. Mazhemsya different these. A home plate, and bubbles, and spirals. All buy, ignite. " To save livestock — plant fires. Yards and barns filled with acrid smoke. But insects are retreating

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2.05.12.Na Kherson inexplicably killed fish and insects


2.05.12.V Hola Prystan near the lakes garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz", resting over the weekend opened beach season.

The water temperature in these shallow lakes on the route Skadovskaya was above 20 degrees. Adults and children of the garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz" happy hours frolicking in the water.

However, before this, had to clear the shoals of thousands of dead carp and perch. The entire surface of the lake for several days covering the dead fish. Basically — it fries, no more than 5 cm impression that landed in the lake lightning and suddenly destroyed all the inhabitants.

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After the floods in Australia fell unusual hot snow

Flooding that occurred recently in the south-eastern part of Australia, forced thousands of residents to leave their homes and evacuate the period of threat. When the inhabitants of the province of South Wales have returned to their towns and villages, they did not recognize the scenery. Everything was white, as in the winter. On closer examination revealed that the lawns and parks covered with snow-white linen solid web. Biologists immediately give an explanation. The fact that the water is not only saved people. Hordes of spiders, instinctively, moved inland, to protect themselves from the water. This happens often, but the

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Of midges in Tambov killed livestock



2.06.12.V late April and early May in Tambov in smallholdings was registered mass death of livestock.

Total killed 79 goals. Most of all fallen animals Pichaevskom area — 20 goals. Head of the Department of Veterinary E. Prilepsky believes that it is caused by the attack on the cows midges, which is bound into the eyes, nostrils and ears of animals. It emits toxic saliva that causes the deadly infectious disease.

This year, more than ever, it is noted the rapid proliferation of mosquitoes. This is due to turbulent and abnormally hot spring. In the lowlands still

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In Lithuania there is an invasion of mosquitoes

Lithuania is suffering from the onslaught of mosquitoes. This year, its destruction of the State Reserve Fund had not been funded.

BelTA reported in Lithuania, biting midges, attacking people and animals, deliberately destroyed during the decade.

Particularly affected by the mosquito resort town of Druskininkai. According to the mayor of the city Richardas Malinauskas, because this year is not allocated funds to fight the bugs, the result of long-term programs to combat it may come to naught, and the population of mosquitoes can be reborn.

The Ministry of Environment of Lithuania stated that this year there is

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CPS warns of dengue situation in Bolivia

Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow warns of the adverse epidemiology of dengue fever in parts of Bolivia (South America), said on Friday the official website of Ministry.

According to the management, unfavorable epidemiological situation in such departments as Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando, La Paz, Cochabamba and Tarija.

"A person infected (dengue) by the bite of infected mosquitoes genera Aedes, Anopheles and Kuleks. Incubation period — from three to 14 days. Disease occurs in the classic and hemorrhagic forms. Onset of acute, in a severe fever, headache, pain in muscles and joints , pyrexia up to 40-41 degrees Celsius, abdominal pain, nausea and

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Armenia fought against mosquitoes and birds destroyed

Spraying to eradicate mosquitoes in the valley Arp led to the destruction of several species of birds. This was in a conversation with "EcoLur" said high school biology teacher community Gndevaz Vayots Dzor region of Armenia Mkhitar Arshakyan.

According to him, during the 12-13 years of spraying was discontinued due to the gorge which again could hear the birds singing, "But a year ago, spraying pesticides by aircraft was resumed, and the birds began to disappear — died because of chemicals and lack of food" .

In 2010, the media reported that the regional administration of Vayots Dzor allocated

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