In the Krasnoyarsk Territory has launched production on growing silkworms

In the wilds of Siberia, in the village without water and electricity, which is not on the map, farmers discover exotic business — growing silkworms.

For nearly 10 years wife of chromic engaged insect breeding, by which silk is obtained excellent quality. First on the prospects of sericulture wife learned in the 1990s, then the pair lived and worked in Vladivostok flower business. After many years of chromic moved to Siberia, where he decided to implement a long-held dream. Alexander KHROMOV "Then subspecies have already gone silkworm" Polessky TUSAR ", which were grown in Belarus on birch

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Voracious moth destroys chestnuts


21.07.11.Edinstvennoe tree in Kramatorsk, yellowing and falling in the middle of the summer — the horse chestnut. Kramatorchan many this has not just surprised and shocked.

This phenomenon is repeated for the third year in a row. Some kramatorchane believe that the reason is the heat, while others believe that the blame for radiation, it is the consequences of Chernobyl.

However, according to experts, the main reason for drying chestnuts — the activity of chestnut leaf-mining moth.

With a significant defeat leaves mine eaten at the Chestnut Tree begins summer leaf fall. Trees with damaged leaves and, especially,

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Gypsy moth caterpillars in the forests of the Tyumen region


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Tyumen. July 11. Interfax-Ural — Tyumen Oblast authorities concerned increased spread in the forests of the region of gypsy moth caterpillars.

"Lesions are registered in several areas of the region — Berdyuzhskom, Armizonskoe, Aromashevskom, Golyshmanovo" — said the agency "Interfax-Ural", the representative of the regional department of forest complex on Monday.

According to him, at present, the total area of forest affected by gypsy moth, is 22.5 hectares. He added that the area of damage due to insect activity will only increase.

Source: Interfax-Ural

The forests of the Southern Urals attacks gypsy moth. Video


31.05.11.Vsego week Chelyabinsk region can not be counted several thousand acres of green space. The forests of the Southern Urals attacks gypsy moth. Control pests out foresters. What are the chances of winning the specialists with a reduced budget when many millions of voracious insects are not going to give up?

While in the neighboring forest areas killed by the fire, in the southern Urals, another killer — the gypsy moth. This is also a natural disaster, and, just as the fire mercilessly into the trees. In Forestry section by section treated area. Today, all of the

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Caterpillar plague in Sevastopol. Photo


22.08.11.Kak informed agency e-Crimea entomologist of the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine Marina Kolomeets, white moth females lay eggs on the underside of leaves, on average 400-600 eggs in a clutch.

Caterpillars in the week beginning to emerge from the eggs and nests. These jacks are usually composed of 3-5 leaves, which eats a caterpillar. "When the leaves end, pests begin to unravel. They eat almost around the clock. Caterpillars clutches of 8-10 eggs can completely destroy the leaves on the tree for the month "- explained M. Kolomeets.

White moth caterpillar feeds on

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Lipetsk region could be left without harvest



22.05.12.V Lipetsk region ugrozoy.Polya crop under attack hordes webworm.

As reported by the Department of Agriculture, the last time the invasion of pest moths in the region was noted in 1975.

Moth multiplies rapidly in the dry and hot weather, and if in the near future and will not become cold rain, pests can destroy the entire crop. Now to combat moth use pesticides, which, compared to last season, has already spent twice as much. And while some of the positive results of early to say.

A rise in the number and mass outbreaks of

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Caterpillars destroyed about 10 hectares of cherry in Tomsk


Photo from: Tomsk Review

TOMSK, June 20 — RIA Novosti, Yulia Sokolova. Dry and hot weather, the steady this summer in the Tomsk region, caused by the high activity of bird-cherry ermine moth caterpillars have already destroyed cherry bushes along the 12 km coastline of the Black River (a suburb of Tomsk), told RIA Novosti on Monday state inspector of the Regional Office of Rosselkhoznadzor Natalia Shaydulin.

Bird cherry ermine moth (Yponomeuta evonymella) — a small butterfly with a wingspan of up to 26 millimeters. Front wings insect silver-white with five longitudinal rows of black dots, gray hind

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Blocked the tracks in Slavyanka


15.07.11.V earlier this week in separate neighborhoods Slavyanki could observe unusual sight of the animal, the newspaper "Khasan News". Small flocks of sparrows hopped on roadways, greedily pecking something there. Mining was so attractive that by nature timid bird snatched it almost under the wheels of cars, risking his own life.

It was found that urban birds attracted mass procession of black caterpillars with some, but they led to, crawling across the road. Black caterpillars, not pubescent, measuring about 30 mm.

Especially a lot of these pests can be seen on the outskirts of town or near neokoshennyh

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Winter moth harm vegetables in Ryazan region


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21.07.11. "Help! Help! Harvest of the invasion of caterpillars die "- so shout rudnevtsy already took up shovels to dig ahead of parasites and surviving tubers. — It was not just potatoes and carrots — complains Galina Plechikova, which brought the ravenous creatures Doctors' Rosselhoztsentra. " It confirmed that it — winter moth.

How to deal with it, the editorial staff was asked to speak rayonki A. Mironov, chief agronomist Pronsky rayotdela branch FSI "Rosselhoztsentr." — In Pronsk district in areas of the private sector did note a strong first generation of caterpillars harmfulness polyphagous

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In the forests of Buryatia quarantined by Siberian moth


20.01.11. 13th January, the government of Buryatia has adopted a resolution which quarantine by silkworms in the woods a few areas of the country

It is a Siberian moth infested areas Khorinsk, Kizhinginsky, Bichursky, Dzhida, Selenge, Zakamensky, Mukhorshibirskiy areas where was detected and the gypsy moth. He was also found in the forests Kurumkansk district.

Just a quarantine zone fell more than 380-thousand hectares of forests, the press service of Rosselkhoznadzor in Buryatia.

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