Until Friday, Gazprom will not comment on disk imaging payment for gas

Now evening official dealer Russian concern "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said, "Freedom", which until Friday "Gazprom" will not comment on the situation with the transfer of funds from Belarus. "There is a certain time, on August 10, when we say — all translated means or not," — identified Kupriyanov. Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov also not clear digits calls: "I do not have numbers. Prokopovych read yesterday — it all amounts."Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika believes that there is no need to focus on clear figures:"This is a purely technical transfer of funds. There are very thin and clear estimates.

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Motivation — The stimulus, thereby ensuring that the rights of purpose and direction. The word "motivation" and "emotion" come from the same Latin root: movere (move). Indeed, motivation — This is what drives us somewhere.

In general, the motivation — it's not a straightforward process on a "hit — and earned." This is a very complex circuit processes, which can be identified elements and relationships between them. And the most important for understanding the motivation — that of communication. A simple example: a student can study hard and get excellent grades for the sake of parents were satisfied

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The border states of mind

Borderline mental disorders are at the boundaries between health and disease states. This is a — non-specific ill effects. Neurotic disorders, which define the border states, part of the structure of various diseases — mental, physical, neurological, and are expressed in the whole complex disorders neurotic level. It may be irritability, fatigue, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autonomic dysfunction.

Among the apparent causes of the disease include a person experienced a variety of psychological conflict — whether domestic or with the environment. Often there are deeper reasons — biological predugotovlennost, genetically predetermined character traits. Some time ago, in Russia there was

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Secrets of effective management of the company and staff

Most of the companies that pay attention to the effective development of their own business are well aware of the need to introduce a system of personnel motivation. The fact is that, having no motivation, even highly qualified employees in the presence of a well developed information system, do not share the company's objectives, the improvement is not helping business. They have no incentive to work for the organization, in addition, also the staff may not be accurate landmarks in the works that would indicate to what is necessary to strive for.

Very often in the management literature

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