"One step ahead of the rest" — The motto of Seiko and its founder Kintaro Hattori. Following this motto, Seiko, marking 100 years of watchmaking, released a limited collection Kintaro Hattori Astron GPS Solar. Watch through the built miniature GPS-module receives data on the current time and date in any of the 39 s time zone and fed by energy from the built-in solar panel. A total of 5,000 units made, all in the case of titanium with a black

PVD-coated crown and adorned with onyx. Glass with anti-reflective coating and two bracelet: alligator leather and titanium. Went on sale

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My personal motto — forward and only forward

Theodore A. Lyachin and his achievements as one of the founders of the domestic elevator industry and competent, successful head of the Russian liftoviki know and respect. But perhaps not all are as many-sided personality of this extraordinary man, as full of interesting facts and events of his active, dynamic life.

Honorary Worker of housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, the Director General of JSC «Joint-stock company» Elevator «, the President of Russian Association of Employers» National League of enterprises elevator and communal infrastructure «FA Lyachin September 7 was 70 years old, and we are pleased to

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F.Vyachorka: Half flags and leaflets to mass actions selects police

Public Editor this week — Franak Vyachorka. The morning after the 90th anniversary of the BNR it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. In 2005 graduated from the underground National Humanities Lyceum Kolas. From 2005 to 2008 he studied at the Faculty of Journalism, from the third year is February 18 2008 after a 15-day arrest for "neprelichnuyu abuse" was expelled. In the midst of numerous public commitments Franak Vyachorka — Information for mass opposition actions.Ulitenok: "How many people are willing to rally on March 25?"Vecherko: "About 20, not to be mistaken subjects — political parties, public associations … That thousands

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Youth march under the slogan Belarus to Europe

Members of the official state youth organization Youth Union meanwhile congratulated days of Valentine’s cards municipal officials, athletes and artists. Noteworthy that not so long ago the authorities did not recognize this prazdnichka and drove him to reklyamavannya means benign sex.Near the procession participants was our reporter. Next its report, recorded at 18.10 Minsk time.Love LunevaI’m on Independence Avenue, moving column of demonstrators in the street Yanka Kupala. As planned, the youth gathered and 5 hours at Freedom Square. The activists unfurled banners "Young Front"Hold white-red-white balls, so many flags.The procession began Dashkevich, who addressed the audience and said that

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Values or populism?

In the conditions of harsh authoritarian regime, the country lacks the social and political crisis, the opposition has no chance of winning, regardless of the right or the wrong strategy. But such a crisis can happen at any moment, because the opposition favorites must be ready for a sharp change in the situation. Tsigankov poses a problem: should intercept opposition slogans from Lukashenko and address social issues, or it is necessary to adhere to one’s own values and not to play populism? It seems that the production This problem a controversial problem.All depends on what goals and objectives that puts

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Give me a motto, and I become president

What is missing for the victory of democracy in Belarus? Proper use of popular universal motto! — They say "experienced analysts" who with tenacity rhino brought us that the opposition should take over from Alexander Lukashenko initiative and raise more social problems, more popular among the population. Only this will bring the victory of democracy, which, according to the semi-legendary expression Peter Kravchenko at a rally in the late ’80s, "is inevitable as death." It seems, indeed, absolutely not difficult — ask sociologists ask people to find the hottest difficulties that worry most part, to raise them to offer their

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Probable U.S. president is not allowed to Belarus

Vitaly Tsigankov discusses political scientist Vitaly SILITSKIY. Tsigankov"Favourites" primaries "in the South American state of New Hampshire became Hillary Clinton — the Democrats and John McCain — the Republicans. Favourite past elections in New Gempshyry often in American history became a candidate from their own party and, accordingly, the winner of the elections. On your views whether Hillary Clinton and John McCain is considered a winner in the presidential race? "Silitski"By the way, last twice this" rule "was violated. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did not win in New Gempshyry so it can read about the latest trends. Before

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Moscow Metro. mystery stories to watch

First subway line opened in London in 1863 and was steam-powered. By the number of passengers and traffic, metropolitan subway — the undeniable favorite midst of global capitals. About 9 million people on a week day. Far not every country can realize skhozhee.V thirties in our country has made a bet on public transport, in contrast to the U.S., where he was proclaimed the motto — every Yankee on the car. It seems to parody America, the founder and builder of the Moscow Metro Lazar Kaganovich, put forward a similar motto — every passenger on the "Myagenko" place. Over

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